From an early age, Kaviraj was interested in music and arts. He used to accompany his father to the temple and eagerly learned the meaning of devotional songs. He also spent countless hours in the museum and drew sketches.

He had no interest in academics and failed his final year school examination. Subsequently, he made his living by teaching music and playing harmonium with local artists. Although he was self-taught, he was well versed in music and he could play any tune.

He was always interested in spiritual matters. His quest was to find an answer to the eternal question, ”Who am I?”.  Another question that puzzled him was the whereabouts of Mahatma Gandhi’s soul. This question arose when he heard Shree Rajnish say that Mahatma Gandhi’s soul was wandering because there was no mother capable of giving birth to him.

At the age of 35 years, he came in touch with a simple house holder named A.M. Patel, a contractor by profession. His Holiness Shri A.M.Patel was enlightened in 1958 and was a self-realized and experienced holistic scientist (Gyani Purush). Kaviraj posed the question about Gandhi to him. He got the response that instead of worrying about Gandhi he should be concerned about his own self-discovery. Kaviraj responded that he did not know much about life or spirituality but only knew how to sing. On 17 May 1969, he was initiated by the Gyani Purush. After the initiation, he was able to gain understanding of holistic science through discussions with the Gyani Purush. He began writing pads (hyms) based on these discussions. He has written and composed more than one thousand pads.