The three types of body

Sep 25, 2017
The first type is the physical body that we all know about and which can be seen by all. One take picture of this body part which also experiences the effect of the five senses. Another part of the physical body is the one which cannot be seen which the doctor’s, scientists, see through cells seen in laboratory through a microscope. This part is seen through any instrument inside the physical body. Today we have electron microscope, MRI, CT scan and other instruments which helps us to look inside the physical body whose impressions can be obtained.

Second body type is the subtle body which some people call energy body or vitality body. This body is the one which keeps the physical body going and is also known as the power house energy.  It aides in the metabolism of the body. This is detected by electrocardiogram, electromyogram, and electroencephalogram which can be seen in graphs also by measuring electro voltages. There are other means to study and one of them is with aura photography. This is the subtle part of the energy body. There are other tools also which the scientists are deeply involved in studying and doing research of the physical and subtle part of the body.

Indian yogis and rishis studied the energy chakras in the subtle part of the body. They determined that inside the body there are 7 centers in which the energy is concentrated. When there is imbalance in these centers, then problems occur in the body. Initially it was difficulty in understanding them since it was their inner research but now with the aura photography it can easily be understood that here are 7 places of concentration of the energy.

We believe that the disease that we get are based on some parts getting out of its place or getting germs in the physical body as the doctors inform us and laboratory tests are conducted. Those who understand the subtle part of the body understand that even though we talk about physical body, the problem starts in the imbalance in the energy body and then it will come into the physical body. This has been see in the aura body photographs that tumor occurs in the energy body and then it comes into the physical body. That is the reason that the rishis concentrated on the energy body and harmony of the energy with their inner research.

People have reached up to this stage of understanding.

Beyond this the Holistic Scientist says that there is a third part in the physical body know as ‘causal body’. This can only be seen by the Absolutes Thirthankars (Vitrags) and the Holistic Scientist (Gyani Purush). Science has not reached to that point yet.

The first two body parts are called meta-physical. There are lots of research on going in this area like thinking, effects of thoughts. They have determined that thoughts are physical entity. Other research is on the words. So, there is curiosity as to what all these are and how they really function which is still evading mankind since they cannot reach the causal body. Causal body is the one which can only be seen through the inner light which the Absolutes and Holistic Scientist have.

The Vitrags explained to us why there are disturbances in the energy body.
What the subtlest of the subtle molecules we have brought with us are the cause of it which is commonly known as discharge Karmas. The scientists are asking what is the relationship between the subtle and the physical body with the Karmas? The Vitrags say that when there is discharge Karma is ready to give the fruits of the past seeds, the karmas atoms and molecules influences the energy body and the physical body. Karmas are the embodiment of the atoms and molecules in which there is a mechanical or physical energy or non-live live energy vehicle.

Vitrags have showed to us how the causal body is generated.
This only happens in the human embodiment where it is an inherent belief that ‘I am’ the name bearer and I am the ‘doer’. This belief can only be changed by a Gyani Purush by making one understand who one is.

As long as there is a belief that I am the name bearer and the doer, there is a wire connection with the live Soul. In addition to the three bodies, there is another entity which is the Pure Soul and all work is done due to its presence only. As long as that wire connection is there and the two bodies (physical and subtle) which are doing the function of discharge karma then, simultaneously a causal body is being generated. This is based on the wishes (bhave). These wishes that the causal body which is being generated for the move to the next life.

As long as the causal body is joined with the Pure Soul, it will always get the energy body and till then it has to get another body to discharge which is based on Scientific Circumstantial Evidences.

If someone wants to be liberated, he or she needs to understand the formation and discharge of the causal body. How one get make a causal body with the wishes or reactions (bhave satta) or even how to stop it. Here is where the science of the Holistic Scientist is applied that as long as I am the name bearer, the effect that means physical body cannot be changed and the subtle body will not be able to change that easily but based on the Bhave Satta one can definitely influence the new causal body. If one gets to know who one is through the grace of a Gyani Purush one will be able to stop the causal body.

The Holistic Scientist is saying that with our physical and subtle body we are not living in harmony with nature. E.g. We are willing to eat ice cream at mid night. Our system has become unnatural life and living and due to that there is an effect on our body vitality and platform for diseases.

Other part which the world has not been able to understand is that whatever is going in our inner mechanism (mind, intellect, reflective conscious and ego) and if there is positivity, positive attitudes and harmony, then the disease can be cured and on the other hand if there is negativity, stress and lack of harmony, that is a ground for getting diseases. It is very important to assess what goes in the inner mechanism of ours. If I am harboring negative opinions about others, I am harboring revenge from the past, and the Western world is trying to resolve how to be freed from such thoughts and how to forgive and get fee from the diseases. The subtle science given by the Vitrags and their external benefits we can understand this now. The Holistic Inner Science is totally a positive science which takes care of the old diseases and does not allow formation of the new diseases thru the body, mind and inner mechanism.

-  Dr. Shaileshanandji, a practitioner and expert of Holistic Inner Science, a visiting faculty at  Holistic Science Charitable Research Foundation