Experience the Happiness, Bliss and Inner Peace through the Science of Pure Real-Self and Relative-Self

May 01, 2016

The most important internal body organ is ‘ego’. What is ‘ego’ ? What is the function of ‘ego’ ? and where it is located in body.

‘Ego’ in its essence is blind. It sees with the eyes of the intellect ! Intellect rules over everything but the ‘ego’ takes all credits and shows off as if it is his power. 

The location of the gross or material ‘ego’ is at the back, below the waist, where the elders pat the young’s to congratulate them.

The function of ‘ego’ is to taste the pleasure of being the ‘doer‘, though it may not have done anything and yet it believes that ‘I did it !’ That is ‘ego’.

Really speaking ego only gets illusion of enjoying or sufferings. Yet, it continuously takes pride or agony of enjoying or suffering as per the prevailing circumstances. Therefore, Holistic Scientist termed ‘ego’ as
‘Pratishthit Aatma’.

If we observe minutely, ‘ego’ is not the real doer
(karta)-enjoyer (bhokta), because an action takes place when innumerable scientific circumstantial evidences get together simultaneously. Even in the process of enjoying-suffering, it is the external sense organ which enjoys or suffers first of a particular action. Thereafter mind or reflective consciousness enjoys it at subtle level and ego asserts it ‘I enjoyed or suffered’.

Let us take one simple example of preparing ‘One cup of Tea’. To prepare ‘One Cup of Tea’ one needs ingredients like sugar, milk, tea, masalas, gas stove, match box and tea maker (He/She). On analyzing further it will be revealed that the ingredients too need innumerable scientific circumstances to come into the existence. When all the circumstances are favourable, a tea maker can prepare ‘one cup of tea.’ In such circumstances, if a tea maker says, ‘I prepared it’, a tea seller says ‘I sold it’, and the person who enjoys drinking tea, says ‘I enjoyed it’ is nothing but an ‘ego’.

Let us take some more examples.

Do all of us have independent power to defecate or urinate? Holstic Scientist says ‘No’. Nobody has independent power to defecate or urinate. This can be better understood when it gets stuck and has to take medicines for regulating the same.

Can we attend Satsang or Marriage Reception or other social gatherings as per our wish? The answer is ‘yes’ if the circumstances are favourable elsewhere not. i.e. Good health, transportation especially in foreign countries, if one is doing the job then leave permission and other factors if permits then one can attend the Satsang or Social gathering. In such circumstances, to speak I attended the Satsang or a Social gathering is nothing but ‘egoism’.

In short, ‘ego’ is not the real ‘doer-enjoyer’. Really speaking the ‘ego’ only gets illusion of ‘enjoying-suffering’ due to ignorance of the ‘Pure-Self’. The pleasure or displeasure comes in the gross form by the external sense organs which are at subtle level of the mind.

Ego is the false projection of the sense of being the doer and enjoyer-sufferer. Really speaking physical sense organs and subtle sense organs follows their own predicate nature and uttering ‘I did’ is just relative or transient or momentary. Therefore, enjoying-suffering, happiness-misery, peace-restlessness etc., which come across in one’s present life, is by virtue of its worldly existence in the past births, where ego has asserted by uttering ‘I did’. Here ‘I’ being only a circumstantial evidence. Further, that which prompts one to perform a deed is
Uday-Karma - a happening on the maturity of deeds. If this principle is taken in its right perception, can almost help in attaining liberation !!

It is ego, asserting itself in the presence of ‘Self’ that does
‘Karma’. Therefore, it is ego that makes one bound by karma because egoism entertains it when karma (deed) is being exhausted or discharged at the right time with other evidences aiding the nature.

In the society, often worries are seen or expressed by the person in day to day life. Why ? Because people think that they have to manage their family, they have to do a job, they are to look after the education of children, they are to take care of the health of themselves as well as of family members and so on. When the same is not accomplished efficiently and effectively, worries are seen or expressed on their face.

Therefore Holstic Scientist termed ‘Worrying as egoism’, because ‘I do’, ‘I do’, is ignorance.

The below mentioned example will give a clear idea.

On birth of a new born, nature provides milk to child’s mother’s for his breast feeding. Isn’t it ? Nature does it at a right time or not ? Is there any need to worry how the infant will get its food ?

The food we eat, gets easily digested. Who digest it ? Who separates it as a blood and excreta ? These are natural processes. Isn’t it ?

Once the answers to above questions are revealed, worries will disappear ! Elsewhere if one feels strongly that he/she manages big show, naturally worries will take charge on their heads.

The world exist because of egoism and also because of this, the soul comes into the bondage of any of the following four forms. (1) Human form, (2) Animal/Plant form,
(3) Angel form, and (4) Hellish form. Actually speaking, ‘I’ the soul is neither born nor does it die, but it’s the egoism in different form that is born.

The method to identify ‘ego’ is very simple. If the ego is influenced by the ‘Greed’, ‘Pride’, ‘Infatuation’, ‘Love’ or ‘Lust’  then it is called ‘Greed Blinded’
(Lobhandh), ‘Pride Blinded’ (Manandh). ‘Infatuation Blinded’ (Mohandh), ‘Love Blinded’ (Premandh) and ‘Lust Blinded’ (Vishayandh) respectively.

Thus, the world environment is not the cause of misery and bondage but only a fallacy of belief.

The ‘Enlightened-Being’ says that the first basic wrong belief that ‘I am Dr. J. P. Amin’, is the greatest form of egoism. The whole world exists on this foundation. To solve this puzzle, Holstic Scientist gave two view points to resolve this puzzle. (1) By relative view point I am name bearer and (2) By real view point ‘I am the Pure-Self’.

Therefore, to think that I am the body (Ego-self) is egoism, Consciousness of Self-identity is ego but to believe that ‘I am the Pure-Self’ after being initiated by an ‘Enlightened-Being’, is not egoism. Therefore, the world is not binding rather the egoism of doer-ship is the cause of bondage.

To superimpose on to oneself what one is not, is egoism. To get rid of it, one shall strive for a living ‘Enlightened-Being’ who by His divine grace, fractures wrong belief and set a right belief at a time. Once, it is realized that who am I and who am I not ?  remaining worldly activities will be carried out without the ownership of being a doer.

Elsewhere, one has to face all the consequences if one believes ‘I am the doer’. One who is devoid of ego will never suffer the result of doer ship. It happens as per the Natural Law.

Egoism mainly exists in the following two forms: Charge Egoism and Discharge Egoism.

(1) Charge Egoism :
Sajiva Egoism: It means egoism in the form of doer ship and suffering as detailed out in earlier paragraphs. It becomes the root cause of new bondage of Karma. It is based on ignorance of the ‘Pure-Self’.

(2) Passive Discharge Egoism
: Nirjiva Egoism, It means the ego starts performing the remaining worldly duties after the perpetual ‘Pure-Self’ is realized by the divine grace of an ‘Enlightened-Being’ without ownership of being a doer.

The action or duties that are being performed after initiation does not become the cause of bondage as he/she is now the ‘knower-seer’ of the action or duties being performed.

One has to be cautious that he/she does not get involved in the activity at such instances. However, due to any reason if one gets involved in the activity and forgets at time that he/she is the ‘knower-seer’, he/she is not the actual doer, then an Enlightened Being has given remedy of
‘alochana, pratikraman and pratyakhyan’. By doing heartily, ‘alochana, pratikraman and pratyakhan’, as per dictates of an ‘Enlightened-Being’ one can come back and discharge his/her duties as per the five simple dictates of an ‘Enlightened-Being’. See the Kindness of an ‘Enlightened-Being’ bestowed on the aspirant of true seeker of liberation.

Holstic Scientist :
‘Ego’ and ‘True-Self’ cannot co-exist. A person with ego will never get liberated. In other words without ‘Self-Realization’ ‘ego’ can never die as well as can be humble. Having the humblest ego implies performing worldly affairs with a belief ‘I am humbler than all other living creatures’ in the world, which leads to Ultimate Liberation !

An ‘Enlightened-Being’ have eradicated all the false, ignorant beliefs and experiences perfect bliss in all the worldly circumstances of life. Had the world been capable of giving sorrow, then it would have given misery to an ‘Enlightened-Being’ also but as He is ‘Knower-Seer’ of the all the happenings, He experiences ‘Perfect Bliss’.