by Amit Patel | Oct 04, 2015

    It is the egoism that dies and it is egoism that is reborn. And Pure Soul is the Absolute Consciousness, Absolute Knowledge and Bliss.

    An Ego desirous of freedom from worldly sufferings and resultant cycles of birth and seeks purification through the path of Self-Realization. Holistic Science is an exception to the rule of nature for Self-Realization. It happens but-naturally and transcends the normal process of Self-Realization that is ancient to Indian history. More importantly, with the absence of Tirthankaras (the absolute living masters) over the past 2540 years, Holistic Science provides a real and variable alternative means for Self-Realization, when the normal paths of ritualistic doer-ship based on renunciation and penance have become dormant under the mighty influence of Kaliyuga. It is a time that appears cyclically during which, living beings as a whole and human beings in particular face dire circumstances at an ever increasing pace. The most evident feature of Kaliyuga is the de-synchronization of the unity of Mind, Speech and Body, which happens to be the most essential factors and a fundamental requirements for spiritual progress in any religion. A religion as a science is eternal and must manifest itself to its Real end at all times. In this context Holistic Science is a ‘Step-less’ path towards Self-Liberation.

    A true religion is an ultimate Science for which the end-result is permanent happiness. However, the Science remains dormant without a true living scientist. The Holistic Science of Vitrag Vignan was reveled through the fully Enlightened Soul Sri Ambala Muljibhai Patel (1908-1988), popularly known as ‘Dada Bhagwan’. He always said that what you are looking at is A.M. Patel and ‘Dada Bhagwan’ is the one who has manifested with. In the context of today’s time, Mr. A.M. Patel was the ‘Holistic Scientist’. This exceptionally unique Science enables one to remain completely detached even while administering to ones worldly responsibilities.

    Prior to A.M. Patel, this Science was revealed only once by Lord Rishabhdev (the First Tirthankara, also known as Adinath) to his son, King Bharat. The need for Holistic Science was unique to King Bharat. Even though King Bharat was the crown prince to the kingdom, yet he was desirous of complete liberation. While the remaining ninety-eight sons followed the normal process of undertaking sainthood to Nirvana, Lord Rishabhdev made the exception for King Bharat to follow Holistic Science without giving up kingdom and household – worldly life. Simply stated, by virtue of this Holistic Science, as a Science of exception enabled King Bharat to remain completely detached even while administering his worldly responsibilities and he attained Nirvana in the same life.

    In its true sense, Holistic Science is not a Religion. Rather, it is a direct path to Self-Realization resulting from the divine grace (Krupa) of a living Enlightened Person, An Aatma Gayni Purush (one who has experienced the state of total separation from his Body- hereafter used to represent the assembly of mind, speech and body). Such Self-Realization is Scientific because once initiated, it is perpetually self-active and definitely ends in absolute freedom – total independence. The aspirant is continuously guided by the inner divine light ‘Pragya’ that opens as the outcome of this Self-Realization.

    The basis of this Holistic Science is the clear line of demarcation between the attributes of the Pure Soul [Self] and the Body [Non-Self], which can only be drawn by a fully Enlightened Person.

    In today’s suffocating atmosphere and confounding environment, the nectar of Holistic Science flowed to quench the thirst of the compounding worthy and genuine spiritual aspirants. In order to regain that pristine harmony in human life and to revive the forgotten ideals of human unity and universal brotherhood amidst overt differences, it was necessary to emphasize and prove that man is not a mere physical entity, rather through Self-Realization he recognizes himself as a spiritual being whose ultimate goal is perfect and ever-lasting happiness in this life and thereafter also.

    For Sri Ambalal Patel, the revelation of the Absolute Truth and the unfolding of the Holistic Science happened in the month of July 1958 while sitting on a bench on platform no. 3 of the crowded Railway Station of Surat in Gujarat, India. In this historic moment, with the absolute manifestation of the Pure Soul in its infinite knowing and seeing power, the mysteries of the whole Universe lay bare before him; besides for Him, having known the secret Holistic Science of Nature as to how the world operates; what is life? What is death? How is one reborn? What is the purpose of human life? What is freedom? How can one attain Nirvana? Etc…the Ego of doer-ship was gone.  He declared that this experience encompasses a detailed answer to every possible question, query, puzzle and dilemma of life and living. This finally culminated into a very divine AIM of his life…

    “Presently, the light of pure and holistic science of human life is obscured. Today, I am the only fully enlightened person in Vitrag Vignan. I am ready to answer all relevant questions from anyone in the entire world. I am ready to answer and explain to the 6 billion people of this world; but one who is in quest of answers has to meet me.

    In fact, I am thinking to assemble one day the interested scientists of the entire world! Then I will reveal the real facts concerning questions such as:

    1. What is this composed of?
    2. What is mind?
    3. How does mind get born?
    4.  What is intelligence?
    5.  What is Pure Soul?
    6. How does the world operate?So this is a comprehensive science, which if it reaches people, it would be highly beneficial and helpful to them.

    If we are able to illuminate the path of those scientists, they would convert their knowledge in their lexicons, then it would be available to each and every person. It is my idea that this science has to be made available to everyone in every nook and corner of this world; everyone in the world has to feel happiness and peace. This is my intention, my idea and the thrust of my inner force.”

    From 1962 onwards, four years after the enlightenment in Surat, he dedicated the rest of his life to the spiritual uplifting of people everywhere through the same Holistic Science. During the course of time, he traveled all over the world with the goal of removing man’s ignorance about his true ‘Self’ identity i.e. Pure Soul (Shuddh-aatma) and for the fulfillment of his Divine aim. He wanted to share with them the ineffable joy of Self-Realization and the experience of Real Freedom in the lifetime. He explained that ignorance about one’s own true ‘Self’ identity was the root cause of puzzles, dilemma and suffering in life. His own life became a Public Trust with only one goal: The spiritual welfare of Mankind- with no strings attached (Jagatkalyan).

    Dada (as He was lovingly and popularly known) used to share his spiritual experience during his religious dialogues (satsangs) in the form of answers to questions being put by the people, relating to spiritual inquires as well as to the day-to-day problems of life. These people are the living testimony pf the depth, accuracy and appeal of Dada’s answers on all matters. The answers are unique and never to be found recorded in any of our traditional scriptures. However, they totally adhered to the fundamental principles of the Omniscience found in these scriptures. These very words have been tape-recorded, video shot and have been condensed in the form of tapes and printed Aptavnis (Accent of the Enlightened One). These are regarded as authentic words of the divine experience of the revealed knowledge.

    Dada departed from the body of Sri Ambalal on January 2
    nd, 1988. However tis path will continue as long as there is a Living Holistic Scientist, a fully Enlightened Self-Realized person. The state of Pure Self cannot be achieved by one’s own self-efforts but can only be graced by such an enlightened person. Sri Kanubhai Kantilal Patel (popularly known as HDH Sri Kanudadaji) is the present living Aatma Gyani Purush, lovingly known as ‘Kanudadaji’ who is now presenting this Holistic Science – Vitrag Vignan to the worthy aspirants of the world around.

    From the book – An Introduction to Holistic Science (Akram Vignan – Vitrag Vignan) as Revealed by Dada Bhagwan, published by Holistic Science Research Center, Kamrej, Surat, India.


  • Science of Food and Diet

    by Amit Patel | Oct 04, 2015

    There has been always questions as to why we eat, what we should eat, how much you should eat and importantly how should you eat. It has been said that what and how one eats food and water, it has effect on mind, body and speech. It is very interesting that water plays a big part in speech.

    How Much Should You Eat?
    Do we eat to live or live to eat? Since we eat to it is very important for to know the science of food since it has a bearing on how we be living. In fact, it is very important to understand what and how much one needs to eat. It is said that we should do everything in normality which also includes normality in food. This will vary from person to person since each one has own beliefs which guide in the execution of the tasks.

    Normality according to the Holistic Scientist is that since stomach is small one should eat  such that stomach after eating the stomach should have 50% food + 25%  water + 25% air.

    What should we eat?
    Holistic scientist says that we should be eating food that encompasses six tastes which are provided in the following table and their sources.

    Common Sources

    Fruit, natural sugars, milk products (butter and cream)

    Sour fruits, yogurt, fermented foods

    Natural salts, yogurt,  sour cream, pickles

    Dark leafy greens, bitter melon, herbs and spices

    Chili peppers, garlic, herbs and spices

    Beans, lentils, raw fruits and vegetables (broccoli, aspargus, herbs (turmeric,

    What Should you Eat?


    Primary Actions

    Common Sources


    Builds tissues, calms nerves

    Fruit, natural sugars, milk products (butter and cream)


    Cleanses tissues, increases absorption of minerals

    Sour fruits, yogurt, fermented foods


    Improves taste to food, lubricates tissues, stimulates digestion

    Natural salts, yogurt,  sour cream, pickles


    Detoxifies and lightens tissues

    Dark leafy greens, bitter melon, herbs and spices


    Stimulates digestion and metabolism

    Chili peppers, garlic, herbs and spices


    Absorbs water, tightens tissues, dries fats

    Beans, lentils, raw fruits and vegetables (broccoli, aspargus, herbs (turmeric,

    Based on the science of molecules and ahimsa we should be eating one sense (Ek Indriya) products such as vegetables and grains.

    Ruchir Patel
    Director - Strategy and Performance Improvement, Chicago

  • Holistic Science Perspectives on Wealth

    by Amit Patel | Aug 26, 2015

    Finance is defined as the wealth of overall resources and assets available to one for attaining one’s goal or purpose of life. These resources include the mind, speech, body, health, skills, time, intellect, and vision of life. In the midst of finance, money should not be considered the goal of life but a tool to attaining one’s goal. By recognizing money as a tool, one can assess if the true purpose of this tool is being met.  The goal of life should be happy harmonious balanced daily living. Thus we should be questioning if money is bringing happiness to me and my family or is it a source of stress or clashes within myself and family members. If social life, family life, inner spiritual happiness, and one's health is all balanced, then the earning and spending are properly allocated in your life. 

    In today’s world, it is easy to drift into dishonesty with consumers/ employees/ stakeholders, maybe as you are trying to earn more profit.  During those times, self-introspection is necessary. Holistic science teaches that any happiness or unhappiness given to others first affects oneself.  That’s when you realize dishonesty is the best foolishness. As soon as you are dishonest, you get unrest and stress within yourself.  This principle drives you to consider your truest intentions in all your actions, thoughts, and speech.  If the true interest of others are at your heart and core of all your interactions, then money, name, fame, and credibility will come through nature as a byproduct. 

    Everything should be in normality as holistic science conveys that normality is the essence of life. One should define normality for their given age or phase of life and work towards a life that is balanced. In terms of spending, a part should be dedicated to one's basic necessities including loan repayments for education, one's mortgage and bills.  Another part should be reserved for long term and short term savings in a safe and secure setting such as property, gold or government bonds. The final part of one's earnings should be allocated towards others.  Holistic science shares that giving to others brings more fulfillment and rejuvenates positive energy in oneself rather than spending selfishly. Giving should not be limited to monetary means but also includes time, food, advice, and spreading positivity to others. There should be caution that money is not being wasted on things that, when looked at neutrally, bring lower living thoughts, bad habits, and unhealthy lifestyles.   

    Although honesty, integrity, sincerity, and ability do come into play with earning, the balance of meritorious and unmeritorious deeds in one's account may causes discrepancies between how much efforts are put in and the outcomes of these efforts. Competition and comparison leads to inability to enjoy what you have presently. Rather assess your financial state in terms of meeting the overall goal of happy harmonious daily living.

    Avani Desai summarized the Holistic Science talk by Dr Shaileshanandji. The topic was Weath. Videos of Google Talks on a variety of Holistic Science topics can be found at https://www.youtube.com/user/HolisticInnerScience


  • Keeping the Delicate Balance between Our Inner and Outer World With Holistic Inner Science

    by Amit Patel | Aug 26, 2015

    We live in an extremely fast-moving, externally focused world where everything is about hunting and gathering more.  “More” seems to be the quest.  The quest for “more” has led to “more” anxiety, disease, stress and conflict!  So, in a world focused on Selfie pictures, fancy cars, shopping, luxurious trips and satisfying the desires of the senses on demand; it becomes a necessity to start discovering the world within.  The journey inward is a beautiful, exhilarating, rewarding and satisfying one provided we have a clear understanding of the purpose and method to maintain the delicate balance between our inner and outer world.

    In a world where electronics and machines have become rampant to the point that some generations live a “virtual” existence rather than connecting actively to the world around them; it becomes a conscious choice and effort to remain as a natural and normal human being.  The art of interpersonal communication skills has become an anomaly.  No wonder no matter the amount of luxuries, fancy cars or tasty food; many people feel empty inside!  The inner world has been sorely neglected, hence, cultivating lasting virtues such as humility, kindness, caring, sharing, compassion, peace and joy have been abandoned in the quest for “more”. 

    Understanding our inner world and our outer world involves playing roles in the outer world yet not becoming them.  As the forces of Mother Nature plant those delicate seeds that give rise to 
    the amazing human life, there is an intricately woven set of roles that  are a large part and parcel of that process for each and every individual as an micro eco-system.  At the appropriate time and space the energies come together with matter and spontaneously give rise to those circumstances in which the roles must be played.

    Through the various phases of life, there can be myriad of roles one plays in the relative world.  They are to be played "dramatically" in order to be played "perfectly"!  Yet, there must be a genuine spontaneity in the playing of the roles that can only be accomplished with the essence of 
    being "dramatic".  Just as performers in a play must act as though they were truly that character, our roles as spouses, parents, children, professionals, teachers, guides and the list goes on must be played “dramatically” on the stage of the world.  We can only be truly “dramatic” when we are operating from the heart center.  The egos of all those surrounding those roles must be satisfied in order to get a passing grade from Mother Nature.   The greatest mysteries of life lay in paradoxes.  This is definitely one of them! 

    By practicing holistic inner science, one can become quite adept at this process. There is the relative world experienced through the mind-speech-body and  the senses that go with them; and there is the inner world that revolves around the eternal soul, heart and spirit involving developing virtues such as kindness, humility, gratitude, caring, sharing, compassion and elevating our consciousness from within to gain a clearer understanding of ourselves and others.  They are two totally separate worlds.  The language, protocols, sounds, energies and experiences are distinctly separate.  They run parallel yet have little to do with the other besides the fact that neglecting either one will result in chaos in both!  So, by dramatically playing the "roles" with genuine spontaneity, we are able to still "actively" be engaged in the realm of the inner world; growing, experiencing, progressing, caring and sharing with spiritual cohorts, friends, guides, ancestors, and contemporaries.

    Depression is such an over-used buzz word, yet, what it really means is that the inner world is being neglected and needs careful attention in order to regain balance between the outer and inner world of the mind-speech-body experience.  Hence, the need to take priceless “time-out” for one’s inner world becomes a priority as opposed for the race for “more”.  We lose our inner peace, joy and well-being in general when the inner world gets neglected.  More often than not, in today’s world this is the case for most people.  When we seek the solution outwardly for something that needs tending to inwardly; we actually become more frustrated and go further into a depressed state of being. 

    The good news is that in today’s ever-evolving world; we have so many tools that can help us to take the journey inward and guide us along the way.  Yoga, meditation, journaling, understanding the chakras in the body, understanding our bodies, understanding the science of food consumption, understanding our own heart and what drives our behavior are critical to regaining a healthy balance in our lives.

    We can start by journaling and noting all the “triggers” to anxiety, stress and conflict in our lives. By noting down these “triggers” we are better able to understand ourselves and where there needs to be changes and/or more clarity in understanding.  Also, a gratitude journal will help us to know what works for us in helping us maintain a meaningful, harmonious, joyous life as well.

    If we never start, how can anything ever be accomplished?!  So, by valuing the gift of human enough to do this for ourselves is the first step to an exhilarating inner journey to a treasure chest of jewels waiting to be discovered within oneself!

    .  (i honor the same light in you that resides within us all)

    Shaila Bharat Mulji, Los Angeles, California

  • Human Excellence

    by Amit Patel | Jul 28, 2015

    Throughout history the spirit of human excellence has been exemplified by men and women from all walks of life.  Excellence is a word that we use in our daily life to express our highest appreciation for any human accomplishment that exceeds our expectation. It is almost, always, associated with a skill, performance, achievement, act of humanism and even for the common things—food, recreation weather that we relish in our daily life.  From a holistic perspective, human excellence goes beyond skills, talents, personal and social preferences.  It is the ability to direct the power of   physical, mental and spiritual energies within us and put it to the best use in everything we do. Excellence is the highest development that a human being can aspire for and seek in his or her lifetime. It represents the harmony of all human energy.   The primary motivating factor for human excellence is an unshakable resolve that nothing is beyond our reach and always do more than what is expected of us under any circumstance and regardless of the outcome.  In the words of Mark Twain “if you think you can, you can, if you think you cannot, you are right.”  

    Life presents us several opportunities to learn from, and to pursue our ambitions and goal(s). Human life is the greatest gift given to us by Mother Nature and how we use it is our gift back to her.   Knowledge and skill alone are not enough to achieve our purpose in life. They should be complemented by faith in our self and conviction that what we are doing has a Divine purpose and is good for us and the world. The external environment and circumstances may differ from person to person but the internal resolve and unshakable faith in our inner potential are the bedrock of human excellence. These two powerful forces working inside us combined with persistence, patience, personal integrity, compassion, benevolence, and humility   ensure the pathway to excellence. We find these traits in the great personalities.  Their motto in life is “not what they should do but what they ought to do” without the least concern for the worldly thralldom.  The Bhagwad Gita describes such a personality as “from whom the world is not agitated and who cannot be agitated by the world”.

    Our human history is full of examples of people of great convictions. Behind every great work we find that there is the tremendous power of conviction.  The world is shaped and moved by men and women of conviction of all types--- political, scientific, social and spiritual. All have wonderful world moving powers. They are indisputable powers no doubt but without the spiritual dimension human excellence is elusive and   an unfinished symphony.   The scope of human excellence and possibilities are not only broad and related to our external wellbeing but also deep.    The spiritual dimension of the human personality brings out the infinite man in the finite man and the immortal man behind the mortal man that is revealed by sensory cognition.  Deep within us lays this hidden strength.  The expression “faith can move mountains” relies on this strength. Swami Vivekananda exemplified in his life that the confluence of the external and internal powers of the human being, the power to act and the power to be, the power to reason and the power to worship constitute true human excellence.   What you are is equally important as what you do.  It is not whom we think we are, nor what others think we are but “what we are” that matters when it comes to excellence.  Once we develop this mind set it is a quality that gets ingrained in our personality and finds expression in every act no matter how small or trivial it may appear on the surface.  Our experience has taught us that even small acts of kindness, courtesies, benevolence gives us the impetus to bring out the best in us.  Very often we hear of common people do extraordinary acts without any desire for return or reward.  Here is an example of excellence for excellence sake:

    A tourist once visited a temple under construction where he saw a sculptor making an icon of God. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying nearby.  Surprised, he asked the sculptor. “Do you need two statues of the same idol?” “No” said the sculptor without looking up. “We need only one, but the other one got damaged at the last stage.” The gentleman examined the idol and found no apparent damage.  “Where is the damage?” he asked.  “There is a scratch on the nose of the idol.” said the sculptor, still busy with his work.  “Where are you going to install the idol?” was the next question to him. The sculptor replied on a pillar twenty feet high. If the idol is that far, who is going to know there is a scratch on the nose?” the gentleman asked. The sculptor stopped his work, looked up at the gentleman, smiled and said “I will know it”. The desire to excel is a drive from inside, not outside.  It is exclusive of the fact whether someone else appreciates it or not.  It is not an exceptional act but a habit.  It is caring more than what others think is wise; risking more than other think is safe; dream more than other think is practical; expect more than other think is possible.

    - Dr. Radha Krishnan

  • Emergence of Man as Man: Oneness of Human Family

    by Amit Patel | Jul 28, 2015

    Einstein, a great scientist has propounded a famous E = M * C2. This equation was a result of his theory of relativity that has brought about a great revolution in terms of our perception of the beginning and functioning of this Universe.

    In this equation, E=Energy, M=Mass and C
    2 is the square of the speed of light. Light travels at a speed of 1,86,300 miles per  second. Therefore, C2   =  1,86,300 x1,86,300 miles. The equation means that whole mass and light are converted into energy.  The mass or the material does not perish but gets only   converted or transformed.  Our collective and cumulative wishes wear the subtle transformation.

    Though this theory falls into the realm of physics and matter, it is very much a base of Holistic Science that endeavors to explore the infinite energy of human mind lying dormant within. Holistic Science is a multi- dimensional approach that takes into consideration relative pluralism of the objects. Having analyzed and synthesized all prevalent view-points, Holistic Science comes up with a comprehensive and candid vision.

    The physical events are nothing but extension and expression of feelings accumulated and vibrations emitted at various occasions by a human mind. Therefore, the root of each event in our life is our own feelings and vibrations and there is nobody or nothing to blame for any of our misfortunes.

    The visible is the concretization of the invisible inner intent, feelings and vibrations. They get accumulated in cosmos and at a proper time appear in the form of visible events or happenings. They assume the pivotal role of 'Scientific Circumstantial Evidence.' So we don't have to harbor a grudge or grievance for the apparent happenings of things, as they are the results or effects of our previous projections. They can't be altered or amended.  But at the same time, if we nurse and nourish a healthy and harmonious thinking within, we will be greeted with the good, expected favorable outcome.

    However, our life can be saved of many misfortunes or ill feelings if our mind is watered and nourished   with  the   positive  and   compassionate feelings and vibrations. Holistic Science precisely becomes an instrument to water and nourish such thoughts in a human mind. It addresses the roots within and effects the outside events. Holistic Science is inclusive of all objects with their multi- dimensionality, thus   leaving no room for the incomplete perception to linger on.

    Holistic Science does not aim to cut down the venomous branches and leaves of the tree of hostility and vengeance. It rather targets to uproot the entire poisonous tree and plant a new one which will yield the fruits of purity and peace. In this age of stress and depression, this science comes to us as the only saving grace as it transmits the positive human vibrations into reality effortlessly. Holisticism starts from within and translates into a friendly favorable response from outside. It examines the object or happening from different angels and repudiates the rigidity of the partial perception.

    Holistic Science encourages human beings to nurture positive thoughts to live with equanimity. This enables us to get rid of all types of psychological accumulations unfolding the inhuman and inimical brooding within.

    Though all religions have come into being to uplift and satisfy the yearning of various types of people, the fundamental of all of them remains the same—to liberate man from suffering. This main task of liberation has been described in different dicta by different religions such as liberation, salvation, Nirvana, the Day of Judgment, the Kingdom of God, El Dorado, Arcadia, Olympus, etc.

    All the religions advocate to living a life that can be instrumental in achieving the final goal of liberation or ultimate desired destination. It is the only geographical, psychological and social differences that have given birth to different systems such as monotheism, polytheism, hedonism, iconoclasticism, etc. These all aim to protect man from pitfalls.

    Each faith is like a coin with two sides. One side relates to the mode of worship, spiritualism and ceremonies. The other side depicts the code of living. These two streams run parallel and in the code of living religious faiths plead for human values, mercy, etc. All religions emphasize positive virtues such as mercy, compassion, love, friendliness, peace and forgiveness. They do not advocate any negativity such as deception, violence, stealing, adultery, dishonesty, illicit use of others’ belongings, etc.

    The ultimate aim of human life is to be happy. The external differences among faiths are hereditary and rooted in geographical realm but deep within the structure of human body is his art, his abilities, his love for favorable things which are similar all over the world. The same medical science or engineering, the same computer science, the same artistic expression, the same admiration, the same modern technological presentation for human facilities – all this is universal and we can convert the external universality into oneness for humanity.

    Our external activities of mind, speech and body are but the tip of an iceberg—1/8
    th of the whole. In the same way, inward prompting is cause of all the externality. Moreover, our mind, speech and body are dependent upon some mysterious forces and we are not independent in the activities of our own mind, speech and body, e.g. however much we desire, we cannot stop the flood of evil thoughts or dreams. Willy-nilly, much against our resolve, we blurt out witlessly or burst into rage.

    A person with a decision not to speak anything untoward utters such words as may prove painful to the others. Sometimes, unexpected and undesired physical problems shoot out, so the visible world is happening beyond our control. Being assisted by favorable factors, we simply make a statement of our control over mind, speech and body. But the vigilant observation and analysis will bring out a fact that we are simply decoding the inner infrastructure which is genetically acquired. We ourselves place ourselves in the illusory state of independent performance.

    What is happening or what happens is the result or the outcome of our own accumulated or projected deeds but in order to have a better life we should learn the art of analyzing our inner functions and resolve not to step into the disagreeable or distressful support.

    In order to have a taste of freedom, we should remove two powerful impediments or passions. These are attachment and abhorrence which breed desire, anger, price, avarice and jealousy. These are our foes. They are universally harmful forces. One may belong to any religious faith, but if one tries to soar above attachment and abhorrence, he will feel the fragrance of his faith irrespective of his caste, creed, cult and country.

    Holistic Science has been admired and appreciated by almost all leaders and religious faiths. In the uninterrupted process of evolution, this science will bring progress and development. Today, the external sciences have brought the whole globe in our small cabin. Space ships explore the planets and galaxies. Biologically also medical science has done many amazing things. At this stage, I remember the words by Armstrong—the first one to put foot on the soil of the moon: “one small step for a man but a giant leap for mankind.” This giant leap pf mankind is with reference to the external aspects with time saving devices and safety, modes of communication, technological and aeronautic advances but the external progress has to be in tune with the inner progress which will blossom the virtues and merits of human values.

    If we can have a plunge into the fathomless firmament, if we can reach up to the Moon, Mars and Saturn, we can also have the evolution from an ordinary man tin to Superman. This inner giant leap will transform our planet into a paradise of peace and progress.

    God has given us beautiful eyes and brilliant brain for the pleasure of beholding the beautiful, auspicious and truth. We have to behold our own reflection in others. We should restrain from enacting those things which we could not like to have enacted upon us. Man is the sum total of all the conditionings and complexes which simply manifest the inner urges. If we are not in agreement or liking of such things, we may keep away from the repulsive person but we should not hold any prejudice or ill feeling for the other man. Our sympathetic attitude and living manner may bring about a change in him. Today’s repulsive person may be a highly reputable celebrity tomorrow. It is rightly said: “judge not lest ye be judged.” We do not have to judge the world with the measure stick of our likes and dislikes.

    We have to view the world as is and spread healthy vibrations. These vibrations will touch the inner core of the people and subtly bring out transformation of the society.

    Now time has come when we have to consider such ways and means as well as to lay the foundation of oneness of mankind. This has been longing in the heart of countless millions. Now that dream is within the reach of the world. For the first time in history, we can view the entire planet with its multi-dimensional diversified people from one perspective. Now the old stubborn clinging to or craze for the worn and customary pattern has to be replaced by a new culture bringing out world unity and peace.

    Our present century has been blessed with the amazing scientific and technological advances. These portend a great surge towards the social evolution and oneness of mankind. They will help a lot in the solution of practical problems. They will provide the balance in administration of the complex and demanding life style of the fast progressing world.

    Never before had we been at a better advantage as now for the realization for the vision of humanity and ‘one people’ and of the earth as a common homeland owing to amazing advances in electronics, technology, transportation and communication. The choice has be between human-thrust Deluge and Divine Dreamland of Delight. We have to wipe out the woeful witless misdeeds of the past and set afloat the sincere sentiments for the unifying vision. It is said, “Charity Begins at Home.” So beginning has to be made individually within- and the society, the nation, the religious communities – why, the entire world is garland of beads of individuals.

    Today world lives under the specter of war, the collapse of internal, economics, the spread of anarchism and terrorism and a lot of sufferings. This has made the social, economic and religious aspects to succumb to the pessimism but it is a convulsive gesture for the reconstruction – “The older order to change, yielding place to the New.”

    A link of spiritual luminaries have established a close relationship between humanity and ultimate reality. Holistic Science which respects all the religious faith is now the inevitable demand of the age. If the flame of the religious lamp is dimmed, chaos and confusion will prevail and the virtues of fairness, of justice, of peace and tranquility will stop glimmering and guiding mankind. Ad heavy responsibility rests on us. We should not let confusion and artificial barriers between faith and reason, science and humanity to eclipse our wisdom.

    The moral support and strength of goal-oriented ideologies and faith will play a pivotal and principal role in perfecting human existence on this planet. Nature which is a permanent pointer of human welfare has to be adhered to. It should not be exploited and our life should be natural and normal. The attempt to tame or to rule over nature has failed and this calls an effort to stay in harmony with nature. Fresh efforts are needed which should reform and revolutionize our feelings and thinking.

    The foundation of the world order should be on the unshakable consciousness of the oneness of mankind. This requires renouncing opinions and prejudice of the cult, class, color, creed, clime, country, caliber of the people. This is the first basic need for reorganization and cessation of the untoward adverse happenings of the earth.

    We do not have to destroy the diversity but extend and broaden the base that will accommodate all view-points, faiths and ideologies in the ever-changing world. This is what Holistic Science aims at. There is neither ignorance nor suppression of the diversity of ethnic origin of climate, of language and tradition, of thought and habits. All these will become the ornamentation in the Beauty Parlous of Holistic Science. There will be a world without economical barriers and interdependence of capital and labor.

    A universal constructive approach for the menacing problem, the end of bigotry and strife, racial animosity and intolerance can be put aside proclaiming: “Live and let live.” These momentous movements need inner strength, pure motive and love for mankind, spiritual and moral values. This will be an era of optimism, removing the fear of nuclear holocausts. It will foster internal cooperation and peace. The unification of all the people in the world is a must.

    The unity of mankind is the goal towards which the ailing humanity is struggling for. This is a crux of the maturity of the species called Man. It will carry forward the ever-advancing civilization. It will enhance human dignity, trust worthiness, forbearance, mercy, love and compassion. Let us all sing a lullaby of love for mankind with growing baby of new generation to come in the cradle of neo-civilization and culture. Let each individual be a fragrant flower in the park of this planet. Let us each one cherish the positive, peaceful and pleasant sentiment within.

    This will surely herald he heaven of happiness on this earth. The evolution of mankind will result in the emergence of the “Man” with multifarious human values, contribution to the creation of a unique, utopian world and oneness of mankind will be elevated to the level of divinity. Like Socrates, we too will say” “I am a citizen not of Athens, but of the whole world.” There will be a chorus of “Vasudaiva Kutumbkam”, meaning the world is my family.

    - Late G. A. Shah

  • From Birth to Death - A poem

    by Amit Patel | Jul 01, 2015

    From Birth to Death,

     No Man is without Worry,

     Because nobody has guided him

     That this Drama is temporary.

     ‘My’ Stage is creation of Nature,

     ‘I’ am only an Actor.

     One who says :

                                 ‘My Mind’,

                                 ‘My Speech’,

                                 ‘My Body’,

                                 ‘My Camera’,

                                 ‘My Radio’,

                                 ‘My Home’,

    Will Never say:

                                 ‘I am Mind’,

                                 ‘I am Speech’,

                                 ‘I am Body’,

                                 ‘I am Film’,

                                 ‘I am Sound’,

                                 ‘I am Theatre’,

    This Fact speaks for itself

    That ‘I’ and ‘My’ are separate.

    Invisible ‘I’ has no name,

    Visible ‘My’ is a worldly game.

    Circumstantial Evidences surrounding ‘Me’

    Are temporary adjustments,

    In which ‘I’ is the only permanent.

    Still nobody has ever questioned

    “Who Am I?”

    By Kaviraj Shree Navnitbhai Sanghavi, Mumbai

  • Understanding the path of permanent bliss or freedom

    by Amit Patel | Jul 01, 2015
    All living beings are seeking to achieve something in their lives and focus their efforts towards it. However, in everyday interactions there are difference of opinions, different mindsets, clashes and conflicts. This disturbs our inner peace. In general human beings want to live a peaceful life, obtain permanent bliss, and seek freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

    Based on this wish and based of one’s understanding, one chooses a path, reads books or seeks a Guru and makes an effort to achieve this goal. If the person seeking advice does not get correct advice, his goal will not be fulfilled. All the efforts will go to waste, and the mission remains incomplete.

    On the other hand if one receives proper guidance from a Guru who is himself is enlightened, then the path becomes easy, effortless, and the goal becomes attainable. What is the proper path? The path where worries, tensions, different of opinions, clashes and conflicts subside and where anger, pride, attachments and greed decrease.

    With so many choices of paths seekers can follow, there is a lot of confusion. People follow different religions like Swaminarayan, Jainism, Christianity, Islam, etc. Really speaking all these religions are correct from their viewpoints. All religions are seeking “Who am I” and when the answer is obtained they all converge. Where there is true knowledge there is no religion, no specific path, no sect or no sects with different opinions.

    For example. One seeker of a particular religion truly believes that this is his last birth and he will attain liberation or freedom and there will be no birth and death any more. This goal of freedom is correct since this is ultimate goal for all seekers. However, one needs to find out how much one has progressed towards that goal and needs some metrics to gauge progress.

    One metric is decrease in anger, pride, attachments, greed, likes and dislikes. Once these diminish and have been conquered, freedom will be definitely obtained.

    Second metric is to obtain the grace of a person who is liberated. We are presently mired in worshiping an idol which is perishable. The form of Lord Krishna we are worshiping is the one that perished when an arrow hit him. That bodily form is not Lord Krishna. Real Krishna is one who does not die, cannot be burned, and who is omnipotent. So if we know this form which is pure consciousness, then we are on the right path.

    If we ask someone who are you? He or she would say, ‘I am so and so’, I am so many years old, I am father or mother, I am brother, etc. All this understanding or belief is anchored in a perishable or temporary state. A person may say that ‘I am soul’. But, when someone insults this person, he immediately reacts with anger. The understanding that I am Mr. such and such is perishable. How can one become imperishable? It can be done when a Gyani Purush (an enlightened person) changes our outlook and make us stable in our imperishable (soul). After that, the path to freedom really begins.

    Lord Krishna has said that whenever there is a decline in righteousness (sins increase beyond limit), and unrighteousness (lack of morality and sincerity) prevail, ‘I’ manifest. I manifest in each era to protect straightforward and righteous people, destroy sins and establish righteousness or religion again. How can we recognize such a person? That which does not burn, is not affected by fire, does not get wet and is eternal is the real Krishna. Lord Krishna says that in each era this kind of soul light manifests in someone’s body and that is the Krishna form. Further he says that relative (body/name sake’s) religion is full of fear so leave all the religions and surrender to me. One needs to learn which Krishna needs to be worshiped and surrendered to. And after that if our worries and anxiety do not stop, then either it is the fault of Krishna or our own. God says that one needs to think about the dharma of mind which is to have thoughts, dharma of ear which is to listen, dharma of eyes which is to see, and likewise dharma of other senses.  All of the sensing organs are in their own dharma. In ignorance, one who is the soul himself has understood that all these sensing organs are to be his, even though they have their own dharma. When a thought comes to mind, then then the person will say “I had a thought”. To believe that the others’ dharma is mine is the cause of fear. One needs align with one’s own dharma, which is the dharma of the soul.  The word “I” has been used in the context of “Soul” only and not the mixture of soul and body. Lord Krishna was the greatest knower of the Soul. One who knows soul is a soul-yogi and one who can show the “soul” to others is the Soul God (atma-yogeshwar).

    Jains want to follow the path of Lord Mahavira. They want to get rid of anger, pride, attachments, greed, likings and disliking. They want to end the tormenting of one’s self with stress, worries, anxiety and by hurting others. They want to know “Who am I”, and want to get rid of the wrong beliefs and know the truth. When one knows one’s own true self, wrong beliefs changes to right beliefs.

    Therefore, the knowledge of light is beneficial to everyone. Due to the onset of Kaliyug, the real gist of religion philosophy has been lost. However, it can be understood from a Gyani Purush. People of all faiths come to Gyani because he is impartial. He is not aligned with a sect but with the dharma of the soul, one’s own dharma.

    In today’s world the person who has given us the science of soul is Shree A.M.Patel (lovingly known as “Dada Bhagwan”). This science useful to the seekers of the truth. Today the Gyani Purush who is present is His Divine Holiness Shree Kanudadaji.

    This Preface is translated from book : Vitragnee Drashtiae by Dr. Shaileshanandji Mehta 
  • Business Theories for Successful Life

    by Amit Patel | May 31, 2015
    Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor, is a leading authority on innovation, a successful entrepreneur and a church leader. In his recent commencement address, he shed light on how we can use business theories to guide our life.

    Success in business as well as in life depends on how well the strategy is defined and implemented. “For me,” Christensen affirmed, “having a clear purpose in my life has been essential.” When Christensen was a Rhodes Scholar he was in a demanding academic program . Despite that, he spent one hour every night reading, thinking and praying about his life’s purpose. Christensen added that if he had spent “that hour each day learning the latest techniques for mastering the problems of autocorrelation in regression analysis”, he would have misspent this time. The tools learned in class can only be applied few times a year, but the knowledge of the purpose of life can be applied every day.

    Business disasters are caused by managers who fail to judiciously allocate resources. Similarly in life, we often fail because we overinvest in our careers and underinvest in our families. We try to seek temporary happiness but ignore the source of lasting bliss—our families.

    Finance and economics teach us that while evaluating alternatives we should ignore fixed and sunk costs and make decisions based on the marginal costs. When we are lured into doing something wrong for just that “one time”, we fall prey to the lure of marginal cost. If we cross this line once, we will cross this line over and over again and self-destruct. Therefore, Christensen says that it is easier to hold on to our principles 100% of the time than it is to hold them 98% of the time.

    Christensen articulated the yardstick by which we can measure our success in life. “Don’t worry about the level of individual prominence you have achieved,” he said, “worry about the individuals you have helped become better people…Think about the metric by which your life will be judged, and make a resolution to live every day so that in the end, your life will be judged a success.”

    - Manish Shah, Chicago
  • Nowhere is Safe - A poem

    by Manish Shah | May 31, 2015

    As one rolls along with the roles of life,
    Some lasting for seconds,
    Some for minutes,
    Some for hours,
    Some for days,
    Some for weeks,
    Some for months,
    Some for years,
    Some for decades,
    Some for a lifetime,
    Some for many lifetimes;

    All roles at some point in time,
    Come to an finale,
    As one rolls along with the roles of life;
    Nothing dependent on matter, space, energy, time,
    As one rolls along with the roles of life;
    The only eternal is the divine,
    Lasts forever,
    As one rolls along with the roles of life;
    So BE nowhere in the temporary relative realm,
    Yet BE everywhere in the eternal divine realm;
    Cause NOWHERE is SAFE!
    As one rolls along with the roles of life.

    - Shaila B. Mulji, LUCTF, Philadelphia.

  • Our Divine Connection

    by Manish Shah | May 01, 2015

    There is a proverbial saying that if we want to live a contended and well balanced life “You have to give up your present life to get another life”.  Though not to be taken literally, it is very relevant to the predominant intellectual temper of our time.  It is not a novel idea but only a new way of looking at the old ways of thinking.  The new life goes by the name Pragmatism or Humanism which is nothing more than living   by applying “common sense” solutions to complex situations.  Common sense, as my spiritual master defined, is “one that works everywhere, all the time, and for all of us” Often, we dismiss the word “common sense’ because it sounds too simple and unsophisticated among intellectual circles. We presume it only applies to our mundane life and living and does not satisfy our intellectual curiosity.   This is not so. Today, common sense goes by the name Pragmatism or Humanism in intellectual circles.   The name Pragmatism was first invented by Mr. C. S. Pierce as long ago as 1878.  It was applied by him to the doctrine that the significance of thought lies in the action to which it leads.  The full fledged philosophy of Pragmatism or Humanism developed much later and it is now accepted in intellectual circles as the way of living.  It also goes by the name Holistic Living.   It can be summed up in two statements:  (1) we must know the truth or “FACT” (as opposed to “opinion or viewpoint”); and, (2) we must avoid error.   Just because we do not know the truth or lack conclusive evidence, our passion for knowing the truth should not be abandoned.   Often, we are compelled to act and make decisions even when there is lack of evidence.  It is under these circumstances that being tuned to our “Divine Connection” within helps in deciding among complex alternatives and at the same time to get closer to knowing the truth. Truth is revealed only by experience and that too by our own living experience and not someone else’s experience.   It tells us impartially   “what one has to do under the compelling circumstance” and not “what I, the ego- centric individual, wants or ought to do”.

    To understand the Divine connection is to understand life’s mission. Life’s mission is not limited to the external life we lead, namely our relationships and external surroundings.  At some point in everyone’s life, questions arise such as: ”why are we here in this world?’’; what is the purpose of our life?”; “who should we approach to guide us?’ how should we set our direction going forward?”  Choice is our greatest power, greater than even love which is proclaimed as the ultimate in divine living.  We must first choose to be a loving person,   For example, if someone has spoken hurtfully to us, in that single moment, the power of transformation rests entirely in us.  We can choose to forgive which is  what our inherent Divine nature would tell us to do  or repress our inherent divine nature and break out into anger and create a negative outcome for both .Choosing to act in accordance with our Divine potential is an opportunity to grow and transform life.  This power helps us in Self understanding which in turn teaches us that the experiences and relationships that we go through in our lifetime are only those that we are meant to have and not a matter of choice.   Mother Nature and the Cosmic laws carry out these functions whether we know it or not.  Science cannot unravel these deep and subtle cause-effect relationships and our choice, once we are here on this earth, is limited to “our intentions” only while acting and living.   Divine living implies living that supports each others’ spiritual growth. It emphasizes that relationships be treated as divine contracts made in previous lifetimes to be fulfilled.  Self understanding helps us to listen to our inner conscience and follow our intuitive faculty that is not connected or dependent on our mind, body and intellectual functions.  It alerts us at all times if only we are attentive to it and stay
    focused in the midst of choice situations.

    A confused and directionless life has other consequences besides our body and spirit. It can be a destructive force in our relationship. Howard Thurman, the late theologian and mystic said there are two questions that we have to answer ourselves.  The first is “where am I going?” and the second is ‘Who will go with me?”.  If we ever get these questions in the wrong order we are in trouble. Without self understanding or without knowing why we are here and our mission we can hurt others as well as ourselves.  If we don’t have a clear sense of how to see the “bigger picture” in the enacted world we will not be able to respond to situations especially those that are physically and emotionally close to us.  Every situation demands a sincere and conscientious resolve from our part to adjust and change our stand for an amicable outcome.  Life being a living experiment and a learning process   eventually will give us the inner resolve and strength needed to fulfill our life’s mission in an amicable way without conflicts and complaints. It will open up the immense divine potential within us while we are still living in this physical body.   We should be earnest and prepared to receive the Divine Grace which is ever present.  What is needed from our side to receive this Grace is for us to set the sails high and open so that life’s sail boat can safely and effortlessly reach its destination.  One change is never enough to transform our life.   Change is a never ending process and is the vital force that keeps the world functioning .It affects everyone, every moment.  The Knower, Soul, Atman, kingdom of God by whatever name we call it is the only unchanging entity and it is the Divine power within us which we forget and  fail to exercise.    Staying connected with the Divine power implies being aware and alert to the unchanging and changing phenomena that we experience every moment of our life. 

    Every human who has inhabited this earth from recorded history has gone through    transformation and change in their lifetime.  It is the common path and the natural path that gradually leads us to a higher level of self understanding. However long it takes, the truth revealed by our own experience in our lifetime is the only truth that we will readily accept regardless of what we read, hear or taught by others. That notwithstanding, it is only from close association with those who have realized the Divine power within and lived an exemplary life can help  and guide us in this journey. Relying on our own potential in the early stage of our pursuit for self realization can be challenging because our vision and understanding are tainted by opinions, beliefs, likes, dislikes, desires, etc.  All these act as hindrance in the early stages of self realization.  However, they can be overcome when we surrender to the Divine Force within us and follow the path of the enlightened souls who have left a legacy of their earthly experience.   The lessons to be learnt from their experience are that we are merely on lookers of the cosmic play that goes on endlessly.  The self -regulated and impartial force that operates everywhere is the only Actor in this universe.  None other than it can act independently.  Real freedom can be experienced only when we accept   and surrender whole heartedly to this Natural force and let the Natural Justice prevail.  We learn to accept situations “as they are” and not “as we expect”. When we recognize the common thread that binds us as Humans, our vision and understanding become clear and get reflected in our relationships and actions.  We begin to share our life and not possess it. We see the underlying unity in diversity. Individuality takes a back seat and we live within the bounds socially, ethically and morally.  Our sense of individuality gradually vanishes and at the allotted time Mother Nature steps in to free us from the fetters of our earthly connections and unites us with the Divine.  It happens on her watch and not ours.  It is so well exemplified in the following excerpt from the philosophical writings of the late Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan, the ex-president of India and one of the greatest philosophers of our time.

    “The oldest wisdom in the world tells us we can consciously unite with the divine while in this body; for this man is really born.  If he misses his destiny, Nature is not in a hurry; she will catch him up someday and compel him to fulfill her secret purpose.”

    -  Dr. Radhe Krishnan, Vice President, HSCRF


  • Holistic Science and Monetary aspects of life

    by Manish Shah | May 01, 2015

    I had a  lots of priorities: getting a degree, sending money to my family in India,  buying a car, owning a home, paying for my kid’s education, saving for retirement and donating to charity. So I made making money my number one priority.

    I was in a rat race. I worked late hours and whatever little time I had was spent looking for discounts and good deals. I overinvested in work and underinvested in my family.

    After getting exposed to Holistic Science my perspective on money changed. The first thing I learned was that “Wealth is not bad, but to hanker after it is bad indeed”. In addition, I realized that the real purpose of life was not money but inner happiness.

    These are additional things I learned.

    I need to spend time with my family and inner self.

     I need to put a limit to how much I want to earn because I have a finite life span.

    Earning money to sustain myself and my family is not bad. But I need to make normal efforts to earn money and not overextend myself.

    —Competition and comparison with others will not bring happiness.

    —Greed makes the inflow and outflow of money impure.

    —  Dharma must exist in Business but business must never exist in dharma  (In this context dharma does not mean religion but a moral code of conduct).

    As I started applying Holistic Science I saw the following changes gradually occur in my life.

    —  I worked decent hours and devoted my time off for family (e.g. I  only worked occasional weekends).

    —  I am enjoying how I earn but still working on how I spend (e.g. I still need to work on my obsession with black Friday deals).

    —  I have less worries and I do not compare my financial situation with my peers.

    Mahen Gosar, Chicago

  • The Money Mesmerizm

    by Amit Patel | Mar 29, 2015
    All of us experience the mesmerizing effect of Money. Have we ever thought about it in an objective manner?  Generally Not. Why because whenever we get mesmerized with anything or person, our ability to think with objectivity gets stunted. Let us try to understand various aspects prevailing about money in juxtaposition of views of those who have experienced enlightened state of being free from such mesmeric effects of money.

    Money is a store of Value :  
    Yes, but its value is not the constant over a time and differs between  geographies. Obviously you will have to part with something of value to obtain money! Just think from your own experience! The money value is a fluctuating one. With the things getting scarce and dearer the value of money decelerate. In a desert of Sahara if one is dying of thirst he will even give a Thousand dollar for a glass of Water. It is the utility aspect of things which is crucial and not the money itself. Holistic Scientist says ‘ Even a King if got stranded in a deep forest and is hungry for two days, would even beg food from a tribal ! ‘

    Money gives Happiness:
    True, but not always. Otherwise the Rich would be Happy always!  Actually money per se does not give happiness, it is its exchange value which enables one to buy things or services that satisfy ones needs. Such conversion of money satisfy your needs, but one has to part with his money to derive satisfaction of need. Now, money being dear to me it gives me pain while parting with it! Just recall yours recent experience soon after shopping! The ancient Indian aphorism says the Money make you feel pain at all stages : while earning, storing as also spending ! Adya Shankaracharya says ‘ One should always keep in mind that money is ingrained with a sort of havoc !

    Accumulating Money is the goal of Life :
    Yes, it seems so. But nobody knows what is enough money, as a result while lifespan is finite all of us ceaselessly strive for money. The Bankers know that everybody wants to deposit money while always in his heart he would wish not to withdraw! This all pervasive aspect keeps the Banks afloat ! In most cases the money outlives the Man ! The wisdom lies in balancing the remainder lifespan vis-a vis the level of accumulation . Holistic Scientist  hints that while you are not getting saved for too long, why do you make dying efforts for too much of money ?  Shrimad Rajchandraji advised that ‘One should ponder over the purpose of Earning !‘ Holistic Scientist Kanudadaji said, ‘ No body knows how much money is enough !’

    There are many such beliefs embedded in our mind through the all pervasive opinions we have come across throughout the course of our life. The Wisdom lies in pondering over the advice given by those who have got de-mesmerized themselves from the worldly affairs. On the other hand we also need be vigilant of those who are in the business of wealth accumulation in the name of spirituality. Here the barometer given by Ramakrishna Paramhansa serves as a guidepost, ‘look to the size of baggage of the preacher, the true knowledge level would be in the inverse proportion of the size of his baggage and paraphernalia !!’

    Holistic Scientist Dada Bhagawan while travelling even to a foreign country kept a single very small bag and never went to require another bag. If one tried hard to give him a garment, he would replace it from his existing one from that tiny bag keeping its contents constant!! The great people’s life itself is a message if we observe it attentively. He has quoted his observations of ultra-rich people having even forgotten a genuine smile !!

    -Compiled by LALABHAI D. PATEL
  • Discovering the World Within through Holistic Science

    by Amit Patel | Mar 29, 2015

    There are unique tools for a purposeful, happy, harmonious and rich inner living from Holistic Inner Science and the Holistic Scientist. The Holistic science is the science of relative worldly life and real being (self); a science of relative temporary life and living and the perpetual real being. We know what is going on around us just because of the knowing power within, without which one cannot know anything. Holistic Inner Science says that if the ‘Knower’ is known, everything gets known. Then why is it so important to discover the inside World? Here the Holistic revelation is, the OUTSIDE World is the ditto picture of the INSIDE World!

    Let us take a look at some of the Holistic Scientist’s Revelations:

    • The more abnormality in the basic human living form, the more abnormality in nature. Such abnormality in human-nature relationship is how we experience changes in nature.
    • Real search for happiness in life is - not to build opinions this way or that, or by building definite opinions about happiness. In fact, true happiness lies in understanding the cause behind such happiness. [True Freedom = Opinion free]
    • Egoism itself is not bad, but the harm that egoism entails is damaging, one must be very vigilant about that. When one begins to understand what great damage egoism causes, that very experience is the state of one’s development.
    • Egoism is born & egoism passes away, not the body; and it is egoism that gets liberated, not the soul. In principle, the soul by its very nature of infinite bliss with other infinite attributes is independent and absolutely free. For every individual soul, it was so, it is so and it will be so perpetually but upon liberation from Egoism and Karmic bonded state in migration.
    • Every individual is independent though related; temporary relations are dramatic in nature. Reality is within the permanent Pure Soul Self, not in temporary relations.
    • To me wherever there is life I see God. In each individual soul, I experience ONENESS everywhere and therefore I cannot insult myself. How can I hurt anyone when I am one with all?
    • All these Relations are Temporary Adjustments. This is the Self-Realized Experienced State.
    • The vital energy of the Electrical Subtle Body keeps the whole body active, in motion and balanced. The vital energy cannot stand the imbalance of the ignorant mistaken state of food and water intake. This garbage like materials is unloaded and dumped continuously in certain parts of the body, where they are stored. This microscopic mountain of garbage starts the decay, resulting in cancerous diseases.
    • It is a great joy to live our life, laughing at our own self (mistakes).
    • An incident has so many causes that get together scientifically and happens; if one cause is missing the incidents will not happen. The occurrence of an accident has too many causes!
    • Life is nothing but full of incidents!!!
    • You cannot change any of the happenings but where it is your choice to change while you are breathing, make best of it by ‘Resolving and Prayers’. Do not dwell on happenings but dwell on your choice to change.

    Tools for a purposeful, happy, harmonious & rich inner living
    .       UNIVERSAL PROJECTIONS FOR RICH INNER LIVING and 'Nine Priceless Diamonds’ or ‘Divine Codes of Conduct’ (provided at the end).

    2.       Understanding the Science of Circumstances.

    Right understanding will lead to right actions, i.e. right behavior! Everyone has what is called that power of decision making inside through mindfulness i.e. Self-observation, considering the consequences of what could happen if one gets driven by one’s self
    centered mind or negative intellect. Act now and be mindful!

    3.       Use Your Power of DECISION!
    Holistic Scientist conducts His life with full mindfulness? Here, mindful means, being aware and watchful about what is happening; i.e. mindful about outside-actions and inside-thoughts. He is mindful all the time, and vigilant, which makes Him continuously watch His mistakes objectively. Since we have the power of decision, ‘we are whole and sole responsible for ourselves and No one else!!’

    4.       Use of Speech
    Holistic Scientist remains totally mindful on His speech. His experience says: ‘You are the Audience (listeners); Speech is the Original Tape Record & “I” remain ‘Perceiver’ and “Knower” of the spoken speech’. Holistic Scientist says wherever I see any mistake in my speech; I correct it on the spot! He explains that OPINION is the FATHER of MIND and LANGUAGE is the MOTHER of MIND! What is speech? It is the Soul power which gets leaked through Speech.

    5.    Understanding ‘I’ and Mine!
    What happens when we list down what is ‘I’ and ‘my’ i.e. what is mine? Let us look at what all do I own? Do I say ‘I am name’? Or ‘My name’ is so and so. So, name falls into ‘my’ i.e. owned category. Similarly, mind-speech-body are mine; Intellect, reflective consciousness, egoism are mine; And all my relations, friends, and others material belongings are also mine;

    What remains behind is “I”, which needs to be realized, and experienced. This experience would remain forever, which is my ultimate state of experience i.e. Bliss!!
    Holistic revelation: ‘I’ with ‘my’ is a wandering State; ‘I’ without ‘my’ is the Supreme Godhood State.

    Who is a Holistic Scientist?
    Holistic Scientist is Egoless and the most compassionate person; totally free from all kind of ownership and that is why He is a PUBLIC TRUST! [Open for all!!]; impartial, non-doer and lives with total Humility with everyone. So, Relatively, He is most humble and Really He is the Supreme Godhood Manifest and by His very Nature He remains with total inner balance free from duality; lives in other person’s BODY (as ‘I am’) and Understands other person’s viewpoint; Adjusts with their viewpoint yet remains in the Center – as Divine Godhood State of Perceiving & Knowing!; has pondered over every possible aspects of life so He has solutions for every problems of life. In this regards, He is all Perceiving and All Knowing. He is the WORLD OBSERVATORY! His fault free vision with which He sees everyone innocent and His straight-forward Speech which is free from contradiction indicates His Fully Enlightened Inner State! He lives with perfect humility and hence is free from all obstacles and so, whosoever is in His vicinity experiences life full of comfort and happiness, free from obstacles. Our present life is the result (an effect) of a previous Experiment (cause). He is the man of Total Conviction. He makes us doubtlessly clear about our Self and every aspect of the World. His Exemplary Perfect Life is motivation for all. Whosoever wants to Experience this Ultimate Happiness, He gracefully bestows the same VISION with which He perceives the world. He lives with Discrimination-free VISION and perfect HUMILITY!!

    How to know your True Self - 'Pure self‘?
    Just knowing intellectually that ‘Pure Self’ is who ‘I am’ through analysis, reading books or practicing yoga, or listening to self-realization discourses or attending seminars on ‘self-realization’ etc. is not enough to open your own experience of ‘Pure Self!’ But from a Holistic Scientist, who has seen, known and continuously experiences ‘Pure Self’ as ‘I am’ and also experiences in every living being, can open our experience of ‘Pure Self!’ Seek for a Fully Enlightened Person through an ardent prayer for meeting Him and grace Self-realization. Remain totally sincere and devoted to Him by heartily following His Precepts, and all instructions all your life. This is the sure way to know, attain and experience ‘Pure Self’ i.e. SELF-REALIZATION.

    What is ultimate happiness?
    Happiness that comes (once) and never goes i.e. remains with us forever is the ultimate happiness. To conceive an idea of ultimate or permanent happiness is ‘to be’ who we are really. One starts experiencing lasting happiness on Self-realization and becomes Perceiver and Knower. Today, under the potent influence of self-ignorance, one believes ‘Name’ as ‘I am’. It is called egoism. And with this ‘wrong belief’, also called as the blunder of our life, one starts believing that everything that belongs to the ‘Name’ is ‘mine’.

    Egoism is born, dies, and wanders!
    Pure Soul is the Universal GOD LIGHT residing in every living being. Egoism is born - Egoism dies - Egoism wanders from life to life and suffers Karmic pain and happiness. Pure Soul, by its very nature, is ‘Perceiver’ and “Knower” of KARMIC happenings.

    Without realization, while living in the Physical Effective human Body, all through the life span one lays new Causes through Egoistic ignorant doer-ship projections at the level of mind, in the Divine presence of one’s own Pure Soul. Now, at the time of death, Pure Soul along with the Causal Body and Electrical [Subtle] Body leaves the Effective Body, leaving behind the dead body, which according to different beliefs, is disposed of.

    Experience Ultimate Happiness through a Living Exemplary Holistic Scientist
    Mr. A. M. Patel (Vitrag - Impartial Dada Bhagwan) is the Founder and Visionary Holistic Scientist. Today, His Divine Holiness Kanudadaji is The Living Holistic Scientist.

    Universal projections as given hereunder work as hearty decisions with ardent prayers leading to inner transformation and rich inner living.

    Principal resolution: 
     ‘Let my mind, speech, body not hurt any living being in the world even to slightest extent and let my mind, speech, body be used to oblige others’. (‘Yog, Upayogo paropakaray’).

    (Resolve and pray five times in the morning as you get up from bed)

    Nine Priceless Diamonds’ or ‘Divine Codes of Conduct’.

    This is the Essence of all Holy Scriptures as practiced and revealed by the self–realized, experienced Holistic Scientist popularly known as “Dada Bhagwan”.

    1. O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from hurting, causing someone to hurt or supporting someone hurting even slightly, the ego of any living being. May you bless me with such an inner strength in the philosophy of relative pluralism (syadvad) in thinking, speech and conduct as would restrain me from hurting even slightly, the ego of any living being.

    2.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength so as not to hurt, neither cause someone to hurt or support someone hurting even to the slightest extent, the foundation or view-point of any religion or faith. May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength in the philosophy of relative pluralism (syadvad) in speech, conduct and thinking as would restrain me from hurting any of religious view-points or beliefs.

    3.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from uttering untrue adverse things, from offending or showing
    disregard (disrespect) to any preacher, monk, nun or a religious head.

    4.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would not make me dislike or hate any living being to the slightest extent, neither cause anyone nor support anyone doing so.

    5.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from speaking, causing someone to speak or supporting someone
    speaking harsh, hurtful language or language of rivalry to anyone. Give me inner strength to speak soft, sober, soothing language even if someone speaks harsh, hurtful, egoistic or biting language.

    6.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me having faults, desires, gestures or thoughts of perverted sensuality or passion towards any gender-male, female or neuter. Give me the supreme strength so as to be free of sensual or passionate attitudes or perversions forever.

    7.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength to control my excessive temptation towards any relish or taste of food. Give me the strength to take food having balance of all tastes.

    8.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from uttering untrue adverse things, from offending or showing disregard towards any being-living or dead, in one’s presence or absence.

    9. O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength for being instrumental in welfare of the world that is common good of mankind as a whole.

    One has just to resolve, pray heartily and ask for inner strength, three times a day. It should not be repeated mechanically but should be kept at heart. It contains essence of all Holy Scriptures. One may ask for inner strength from whomsoever one believes in. If one asks from one in whom such a state is fully established, one will get it readily.

    Scientific basis:
    Everyone asks to change our behavior. We also wish to do so but often fail, getconfused and frustrated.  Why so? What is the science behind this? Can one change an effect or a fruit? No, one needs to change the cause or the seed behind it.  Behavior or present personality is the result, effect or fruit of previous causes or seeds, which were laid in the form of previous decisions or projections. What can be easily changed is the present understanding. With the change of understanding inner decisions, resolutions and projections would change and behavior would follow naturally.  It works like a seed or a cause and behavior would result like a fruit or an effect.

    Hence, Holistic Scientist never asks us to forcibly change behavior but we should change our understanding. This is the most significant and yet easy, practical approach through holistic inner science. 

    A brief explanation of ‘Nine Priceless Diamonds’ or ‘Divine codes of conduct’

    1st Diamond:
    Believing ‘name’ as ‘I am’ is Ego. Ego is the very existence or life for every human being. Only two things happen in any interactive dealings, either Ego is boosted or hurt. No one can be happy by hurting other person’s ego. Whenever someone’s ego is hurt, we would also have inner disturbance and in addition there would be reactionary behavior, echo or revengeful attitude from one whose ego is hurt. One who never hurt anyone’s ego would straight away attain the ultimate blissful state. So, this first ‘code of conduct’ is of prime significance.  

    Syadvad’ means a vision, an all-embracing approach that would take into account all diferent view-points in a situation and would not hurt anyone’s view-point. It enables one to know by what angle and to what extent one’s view-point is correct. It also enables one to know the ultimate correctness. Everyone is correct by his/her view-point and understanding. Only through ‘syadvad’ one can succeed in not hurting other person’s ego or view-point. In simpler words, one asks for inner strength of balanced thinking, speech and action.

    2nd Diamond:
    As per Holistic Science, there are fourteen hundred thousand layers of developments of human form.  Everyone has different development. As there are many classes from K.G. to College and University degree, so are standards in spiritual development too. And according to the spiritual standards, the person will accept and follow a particular religion or a preacher. So, all religions are correct but are not the same!

    3rd Diamond:
    In true sense any monk, nun, preacher or religious head tries to show some light of wisdom to mankind. In fact, there are different teachers for different level of students. Uttering untrue adverse things for anyone means to misrepresent or disrespect someone, which is not true.

    4th Diamond:
    When we hate or dislike anyone, we see the person’s outer behavior and
    don’t see inside divinity. Moreover, it reflects back on our own self eventually. Indifference that is disregard with a dislike and hatred or contempt, two major faults one commits towards any living being. One who can get rid of these two would attain a very high ‘state of being’.

    5th Diamond:
    In the present times, most of the bondages are due to inappropriate or hurtful speech only. Speech is such that it hurts others, pierces through one’s heart or may lead to rivalry and revengeful attitude. Inappropriate words can lead to wars and right words can even stop a war. One should have a firm decision and an ardent desire (‘bhavna’) as to how speech can be improved, how it can become sweet, sober and soothing, making others happy. 

    6th Diamond:
    Here focus is to abstain from carnal deeds of dishonesty of all kinds by mind, speech and body, directly and indirectly. One has human right to get involved in sensual pleasures but only with one’s own lawful spouse through marriage. Any thought, act or even a passionate stare towards anyone else is a serious fault for a decent human society. Everyone lawfully belongs to someone. Today, it forms a major weakness and a major binding factor, so one should be careful about it.

    Fearlessness in unlawful sensual pleasures leads to one’s moral degradation. But really speaking, the bliss of Pure Soul naturally surpasses any sensual pleasures.

    To keep ourselves pure, honest and moral, it is utmost necessary to pray daily for such strength and it is especially pertinent in present times.

    7th Diamond:
    It is said that all six tastes are necessary to maintain optimal health. (They are bitter, astringent, chilly, sour, salty and sweet) imbalance, i.e. excess of one or absence of the other may affect our harmony. So, it is advisable to take all the six tastes in balance proportions.

    8th Diamond:
    Doing any such thing towards anyone is going to affect ourselves first.

    9th Diamond:
    Our own welfare is automatically included in our wishing for the welfare of the world.

    What is the purpose of our human life?
    ‘Name’ is merely given for identity purpose but we falsely claim as ‘I am!’ So, ‘I wish to know, who I am’ really. What is the true nature of my ‘Real self’?  And it can be known only by the divine grace and guidance of a self-realized, enlightened, ‘Gnani Purush’ having thorough experience of ‘Self’ and ‘non-self’. So, I earnestly aspire and pray to meet such a ‘Gnani Purush’ with whose grace I may realize myself.

    From: Houston Seminar, Presentation Swami Deepakanandji at T.E. Harman Center, Sugarland, TX, USA, Sunday June 15, 2014

  • Satyakama Jabala: The Seeker of Truth

    by Amit Patel | Feb 24, 2015
    Chhandogya Upanishad contains a very beautiful parable about Satyakama Jabala, the seeker of truth.

    Satyakama lived with his mother Jabala in a small hut in the forest. One day he came to his mother and said, “Dear mother, I want to live the life of a student, studying about Brahman in the ashram of my teacher. Please tell me of what family am I ?”

    “My dear son, I do not know your family name.” Said Jabala.

    “Then what shall I tell my teacher ?” asked Satyakama.

    Jabala led a pure life. She loved the power of truth. “You were born when I was young and working as a maid in many houses. Your name is Satyakama and my name is Jabala; why not call yourself Satyakama Jabala ?” said Jabala.

    With his mother’s blessings, Satyakama left home. He passed through thick forests. He saw singing streams of water dashing against the rocks. He enjoyed the beauty of nature.

    Satyakama came to the ashram of the great teacher Gautama. He bowed to the teacher. He requested the teacher, “Will you accept me as your student, revered Sir ?”

    Gautam looked at the healthy and humble boy. “Of what family are you my boy ?” asked the teacher.

    “My mother’s name is Jabala and my name is Satyakama. I am Satyakama Jabala”, said Satyakam without fear.

    Gautam was pleased and loved Satyakama’s love for truth. “I will gladly accept you as my student. Now bring the firewood inside, my dear”, said the teacher.

    Satyakama was happy that at last he would be able to study the knowledge of Brahman.

    Gautam Started teaching Satyakama the knowledge of Brahman called Supreme Knowledge.

    To know who you really are is the first step. Satyakama experienced his own inner Self which was like a vast ocean of Bliss.

    Then Gautam selected four hundred thin and weak cows. “Take these cows, tend them carefully. You may return when they have become a thousand”, said Gautam.

    At first Satyakama felt lonely in the forest. But he sang and the cows mooed back to him. The cows ate green grass, drank clean water and grew plump and happy.

    Satyakama led a peaceful life here with his cows, in the forest, on the lap of mother nature. ‘All this beauty is a part of Brahman. I am also a part of the eternal cycle of life”, Satyakama thought.

    Then one day the bull of the herd said to Satyakama : “Satyakama !”

    “Sir ?” he replied.

    “We have become a thousand”, said the bull. “Please, take us to your teacher’s ashram. And I will teach you the nature of Brahman, which has many aspects.”

    The bull told him, “Brahman shines from the east and west and from the north and south. Brahman is everywhere. It is universal. This is one quarter of Brahman. The Fire, Agni will teach you more about Brahman.”

    Satyakama set out for his teacher’s ashram. When evening came, he lit a fire. He penned the cows and sat by the fire facing east. Agni spoke to him about the nature of Brahman : “Brahman is the earth and the atmosphere, the sky and the ocean. Brahman is endless. It is without begining or end. This is one quarter of Brahman.”

    Then Agni added, “A swan will tell you more about Brahman.”

    The next day Satyakama drove his cows onward. Toward evening he lit a fire, penned the cows and sat by the fire facing east. He saw a swan gliding down the river towards him.

    The swan said, “Brahman is fire and Brahman is the sun. Brahman is the moon and Brahman is lighting. This quarter of Brahman is light. Brahman is the light of life.”

    “A bird will tell you more about Brah-man”, said the swan.

    The next day Satyakama drove the cows onward. Towards evening, he lit a fire, penned the cows, and sat by the fire facing east. Then a purple bird flew down from a tree.

    The sun bird sang, “Brahman is the breath, and Brahman is the eye. Brahman is the ear and also the mind. This quarter of Brahman is the seat, the resting place. Brahman is the seat of everything. Everything rests upon Brahman.”

    Finally Satyakama returned to his teacher’s dwelling. Gautam noticed Satyakama’s lustrous face and said to him, “I see that you have found Brahman. For it is said that the knower of Brahman has settled senses, a smiling face, freedom from worry and has found the purpose of life.”

    But Satyakama humbly spoke, “Please, revered Sir, teach me about the nature of Brahman.”

    “You have heard that east and west are Brahman, the earth and sky are Brahman, that the sun and the moon are Brahman, and that the eye and ear are Brahman”, Gautam replied. “Like waves stirring within ocean, all these are a part of Brahman. Brahman is everywhere and everything. It is endless. It is the light of life. Everyhing finds its rest in Brahman.”

    “And Brahman is realized by knowing the Self, your own true nature. Then you realize that you are everywhere-you are endless and you are radiant. This is the Supreme Knowledge, Brahma Vidya.”

    And that is how Satyakama Jabala came to know Brahman, and grew up himself to become a great teacher of Brahman.

    - Dr. Vishnu Pathak
  • What is true religion?

    by Amit Patel | Feb 24, 2015

    “That which gives result is true religion”. What result? And how do you measure that result?

    Application of true religion results in: 

    ·         A state of mind that minimizes arta dhyan (pain to oneself through inner torment) and raudra dhyan (pain to others through speech or body) 
    ·         Awareness that one is pure soul. 
    ·         Reduction and eventual disappearance of anger, pride, attachments, greed, liking and disliking.  
    Reduction in differences of opinion, conflicts, worries.  
    Increase in amicable solutions to vexing problems. 
    ·         Belief that one if not the body but a pure soul.  
    ·         One staying in one’s true nature. 

    The religion of “pure soul” is the true religion. This is the religion that gives results.

    - Translated by Rajnikant Patel  MSME, PMP (retired) from Vitragnee Drashtiae by Dr. Shaileshanandji Mehta

  • Profound Impact of Holistic Science in my daily life

    by Amit Patel | Jan 31, 2015
    Before exposure to Holistic Science my life was like an uncharted sea. I was navigating without a goal except to make money and take care of my family. There were multiple choices to choose from in running my life and they were more confusing than the question itself! Simple answers to the puzzles in life were not easily found which compounded the life with stress and tensions to do the very best. The know how was based without any purposeful goal.

    After exposure to Holistic Science my life became meaningful and with purpose. Puzzles of the life were solved by correct understanding and changing beliefs. There was a constant reminder as to "who am I", a pure soul.

    There is peace and harmony in my daily life. If you look at some of the lives of famous people for example of Princess Diana (beauty, fame, prestige, and wealth) and actor Joey Pants (Loving wife, great kids, Emmy award, money, fame, power),yet happiness eluded them and they were depressed. Here we are not talking about physical clashes but our focuses on inner clashes. How to you know if you are experiencing a clash?

    Intellect goes and shows you all of the negative interactions/experiences that you have had with this person/situation in order to justify your positioning. We form or change opinion about a person. We get angry, upset etc. at something we do not like or expect. In simple terms – “These are the things that take away your inner peace”. Intellect collects all negativity that you have accumulated for that situation/person without really looking at what our beliefs are and if need to be changed for our own inner happiness.

    Holistic Inner Science has provided solutions for inner happiness: 
    1. An observer/witness rather than a "doer"..................."a screen saver".
    2. Better results due to more favorable scientific circumstantial evidences.
    3. Fearless, not anxiety prone.
    4. Untouched like a lotus in muddy water.....detached but happy and unaffected by surroundings in life.
    5. Body, mind and speech separate from self.....foreign dept. versus  home dept.
    6. Your ego is hurt and so you are trying to justify your ego.
    7. When your ego loses internally you are not happy.
    8. When I am yelling at someone, I have already lost my inner peace Avoiding clashes.
    9. Reminder: reaping what was invested in the past. What I got is echo form my past so adjust and I am happy.

    Advantages of Holistic Inner Science 

    1. Easy and practical in day to day life.
    2. It is the "science for liberation"......a fast track/elevator
    3. Not a religion but a "way of life"....can continue practicing one's own religion.
    4. Helps to stay and focus in the present.
    5. Don't worry about the past or surrender to the anxiety of the future.
    6. You can directly experience the outcome with your senses.
    7. Teaches universal, unconditional love and thereby culminating in inner peace, happiness and harmony.
    8. "Happiness is an inside job".  
    9. It is because you understand with your intellect that you might injure yourself, or even be killed if you violate the traffic laws. You can directly experience the outcome with your senses. The intellect however, fails to make you realize the fatal consequences from engaging in conflict with people because it is beyond your sense perception. This is very subtle matter and the damage it causes is subtle.
    10. Mind builds evidence to support your ego. Someone cuts you off in traffic or honks at you. This provokes significant rage and you would like to cut him off. Now intellect takes the back sit and your EGO takes over. I have a nice car and how dare he cut me off.

    -Dr. Mehul Shah, M.D. (PA, USA)



  • Q&A with Holistic Scientist about Our Aim in Life

    by Amit Patel | Jan 31, 2015
    Holistic Scientist: What is our life for? What could be its purpose? Have you ever thought about it?

    Aspirant: To live. Life is for living.

    Holistic Scientist: To live for what?

    Aspirant: One is born, so one has to simply live.

    Holistic Scientist: One is born, so one must live, but that’s the way everybody is living. Even the animals are also living, but what is the purpose of this life? Have you decided on a goal? Should not there be a goal? To earn name, to earn fame, to maintain a reputation, what do you think? Or is it to compete with others?

    Aspirant: Yes, all the activities in life are only for all these.

    Holistic Scientist: But should not a person have any objectives?  What should be the goal?

    Aspirant: Just that life should be lived in a good way.

    Holistic Scientist: How do you define a good way? What is a successful life? What can be considered as successful? Have you ever thought about it? Let me give an example. Suppose we have a 25 horse power engine. We fill with diesel and run it. Now if it simply runs and we just keep watching it, then won’t people chide us

    Aspirant: Well, there must be some purpose.

    Holistic Scientist: Yes, there must be some purpose! There must be a belt connected to the engine. Otherwise people will say, “Hey! Why are you running the engine unnecessarily without any purpose? Why don’t you connect a belt and get some work done out if it?”

    Similarly, a belt has to be connected to this human life and something has to be achieved.  Otherwise everybody else also just lives and eats. Even all these animals also eat, don’t they?

    But belt means which state of existence (gati) we want to go to? Do we want to go to diety state (dev-gati) or come to human state (manushya-gati) and be a famous leader like Mahatma Gandhi? Or hell gati or plant or animal gati or do we want to attain liberation (moksha)? Only if we connect a belt some work can be done! Without deciding a purpose how can any work get done? What is aim of life?

    Aspirant: What aim should a person have?

    Holistic Scientist: Liberation should be the only aim. You too want to attain liberation, don’t you?

    For how long should one wander? Since infinite life cycles you have wandered, wandered, and wandered and have not known who ‘you’ are? You are not aware of your own real ‘self’. One’s own real self (swaroop) must be known. Should not one know who he is?

    You have travelled so much through infinite life cycles yet you have not known it? Are you after earning money? Should not something be done for liberation also?

    Aspirant: Should be done.

    -From the book: “Who am I”, Published by Jai Sachchidanand Sangh)
  • Salient Points for Professional Success

    by Amit Patel | Jan 01, 2015

    In this materialistic life, we all are in the race to achieve happiness. There is a race in all the spheres of life, whether it may be a personal life or a professional life. How can we be successful professionally without getting caught up in the rat race? Here are some suggestions.

    Work is Worship
    We should perform our duties with responsibility just like a priest in a temple. It means whenever or whatever task is allotted to us, we should be should be thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our potential. Our work is our worship. This attitude will help us accomplish our tasks without any stress. We should discharge our duty with responsibility. We should not be dishonest and insincere to our responsibilities because ‘dishonesty is the best foolishness’.

    Race with Ourselves
    To survive in the day-to-day life, comparison and competition are inevitable. However, competition or race always leads to restlessness. There are countless competitors. So do not race with others; instead race with your own self. Always try to improve your performance.

    Find out Our Faults
    It is easy to find out faults of others, but very difficult to discover our own faults. If we are successful in finding out our own errors, faults or mistakes, it would bring correctness in our behavior and our negativity would decrease. This would result into increased positivity and energy.

    Make Our Platform Open
    Try to make a habit to listen to others first. Before committing to action, evaluate the situation from all angles. Do not assume that whatever we are thinking is always correct and try to impose our own opinion on others. Always try to learn something new about our subject or about an adjacent subject.

    Control Our Body Language
    Whenever we are in public place or at work, we have to be cautious about our body language. We should always be conscious about this principle: ‘let our mind, speech and body not hurt others’.

    Believe in Our Self
    Never feel inferior. It creates negativity in our mind and adversely impacts our work. Always try to do your best but if anything goes wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, accept your mistakes. It is important not to degrade ourselves. On the other hand, we should not treat ourselves as superior because that would inflate our ego.

    Love the Work and not to the Authority
    Every person in their professional life always strives for higher salary, higher prestige and good relationship with higher authorities. Instead of focusing on these attributes one should be focused on work at hand. An employer always respects a professional who delivers results. Devotion, commitment and sincerity in work leads to success and job satisfaction.

    Maintain Normality
    Whatever the situation, whether it be joyful or painful, stay detached. Always try to be in motion and not in emotion. Emotions can impact our normality and we can lose control of the situation. This can result in stress, frustration and pain.

    - Pankaj Kumar Mallick

    Special thanks to Shri Vasant U. Patel & Dr. P. C. Parikh for inspiration.


  • Education of a Human Being

    by Amit Patel | Jan 01, 2015

    The education of a human being should begin at his very birth and continue throughout the his life.

    Indeed, if the education is to have its maximum result, it must begin even before birth; it is the mother herself who proceeds with this education by means of a two-fold action, first, upon herself for her own improvement, and secondly, upon the child which she is forming within her physically. It is certain that the nature of the child about to be born will depend very much upon the mother who forms it, upon her aspiration and will as much as upon the material surrounding in which she lives. The part of education which the mother has to go through is to see that her thoughts are always beautiful and pure, her feelings always noble and fine, and her material surroundings as harmonious as possible and full of great simplicity. And if in addition she has a conscious and definite will to form the child according to the highest ideal she can conceive, then the very best conditions are provided for the child to come into the world.

    For education to be complete it must have five principle aspects relating to the five principal activities of the human being. The physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual. Usually these phases of education succeed each other in a chronological order following the growth of the individual. This, however, does not mean that one should replace another but that all must continue, completing each other, till the end of life.

    We propose to study these five aspects of education one by one and also their reciprocal relations. But before we enter into the details of the subject, I wish to make a recommendation to parents. The majority of them, for various reasons, take very little thought of a true education to be given to children. When they have brought a child into the world, and when they have given him food and satisfied his various materials wants by looking more or less carefully to the maintenance of his health, they think they have fully discharged their duty. Later on, they would put him to school and hand over to the teacher the care of his mental education.

    There are other parents who know that their children should receive education and try to give it. But very few among them, even among those who are most serious and sincere, know that the first thing to do, in order to be able to educate the child, is to educate oneself, to become conscious and master of oneself so that one does not set a bad example to one’s child. For it is through example that education becomes effective. To say good words, give wise advice to a child has very little effect, if one does not show by one's living example the truth of what one teaches. Sincerity, honesty, straight-forwardness, courage, disinterestedness, unselfishness, patience, endurance, perseverance, peace , calm, self-control are all things that are taught infinitely better by example than by beautiful speeches. Parents, you should have high ideal and act always in accordance with that ideal. You will see little by little your child reflecting this ideal in himself and manifesting spontaneously the qualities you wish to see expressed in his nature. Quite naturally a child has respect and admiration for his parents; unless they are quite unworthy, they will appear always to their children as demigods whom they will seek to imitate as well as they can.

    With very few exceptions, parents do not take into accounts the disastrous influence their defects, impulses, weaknesses, want of self control have on their children. If you wish to be respected by your child, have respect for yourself and be at every moment worthy of respect. Never be arbitrary, despotic, impatient, and ill-tempered. When your child asks you a question, do not answer him by a stupidity or foolishness, under the pretext that he cannot understand you. You can always make yourself understood if you take sufficient pains for it, and in spite of the popular saying that it is not always good to tell the truth, I affirm that it is always good to tell the truth, only the art consists in telling it in such a way as to make it accessible to the brain of the hearer.  In early life, till twelve to fourteen years, the child’s mind is not accessible to abstract notions and general ideas. And yet you can train it to understand these things by using concrete images or symbols or parables. Up to a sufficiently advanced age and for some who mentally remain always children, a narrative, a story, a tale told well teaches much more than a heap of theoretical explanations.

    Another stumbling-block to avoid. Do not scold your child except with a definite purpose and only when quite indispensable. A child too often scolded gets hardened to rebuke and comes to attach little importance to words or severity of tone. Particularly, take care not to rebuke him for a fault which you yourself commit. Children are very keen and clear sighted observers: they soon find out your weaknesses and note them without pity.

    When a child has made a mistake, see that he confesses it to you spontaneously and frankly; and when he has confessed, make him understand with kindness and affection what was wrong in his movement and that he should not repeat it. In any case, never scold him; a fault confessed must be forgiven. You should not allow any fear to slip in between you and your child; fear is a disastrous away to education; invariably it gives birth to dissimulation and falsehood. An affection that sees clear, that is firm yet gentle and a sufficiently practical knowledge will create bonds of trust that are indispensable for you to make the education of your child effective. And never forget that you have to surmount yourself always and constantly so as to be at the height of your task and truly fulfill the duty which you owe towards your child by the mere fact of your having brought him into existence.

    -The Mother