• Satyakama Jabala: The Seeker of Truth

    by Amit Patel | Feb 24, 2015
    Chhandogya Upanishad contains a very beautiful parable about Satyakama Jabala, the seeker of truth.

    Satyakama lived with his mother Jabala in a small hut in the forest. One day he came to his mother and said, “Dear mother, I want to live the life of a student, studying about Brahman in the ashram of my teacher. Please tell me of what family am I ?”

    “My dear son, I do not know your family name.” Said Jabala.

    “Then what shall I tell my teacher ?” asked Satyakama.

    Jabala led a pure life. She loved the power of truth. “You were born when I was young and working as a maid in many houses. Your name is Satyakama and my name is Jabala; why not call yourself Satyakama Jabala ?” said Jabala.

    With his mother’s blessings, Satyakama left home. He passed through thick forests. He saw singing streams of water dashing against the rocks. He enjoyed the beauty of nature.

    Satyakama came to the ashram of the great teacher Gautama. He bowed to the teacher. He requested the teacher, “Will you accept me as your student, revered Sir ?”

    Gautam looked at the healthy and humble boy. “Of what family are you my boy ?” asked the teacher.

    “My mother’s name is Jabala and my name is Satyakama. I am Satyakama Jabala”, said Satyakam without fear.

    Gautam was pleased and loved Satyakama’s love for truth. “I will gladly accept you as my student. Now bring the firewood inside, my dear”, said the teacher.

    Satyakama was happy that at last he would be able to study the knowledge of Brahman.

    Gautam Started teaching Satyakama the knowledge of Brahman called Supreme Knowledge.

    To know who you really are is the first step. Satyakama experienced his own inner Self which was like a vast ocean of Bliss.

    Then Gautam selected four hundred thin and weak cows. “Take these cows, tend them carefully. You may return when they have become a thousand”, said Gautam.

    At first Satyakama felt lonely in the forest. But he sang and the cows mooed back to him. The cows ate green grass, drank clean water and grew plump and happy.

    Satyakama led a peaceful life here with his cows, in the forest, on the lap of mother nature. ‘All this beauty is a part of Brahman. I am also a part of the eternal cycle of life”, Satyakama thought.

    Then one day the bull of the herd said to Satyakama : “Satyakama !”

    “Sir ?” he replied.

    “We have become a thousand”, said the bull. “Please, take us to your teacher’s ashram. And I will teach you the nature of Brahman, which has many aspects.”

    The bull told him, “Brahman shines from the east and west and from the north and south. Brahman is everywhere. It is universal. This is one quarter of Brahman. The Fire, Agni will teach you more about Brahman.”

    Satyakama set out for his teacher’s ashram. When evening came, he lit a fire. He penned the cows and sat by the fire facing east. Agni spoke to him about the nature of Brahman : “Brahman is the earth and the atmosphere, the sky and the ocean. Brahman is endless. It is without begining or end. This is one quarter of Brahman.”

    Then Agni added, “A swan will tell you more about Brahman.”

    The next day Satyakama drove his cows onward. Toward evening he lit a fire, penned the cows and sat by the fire facing east. He saw a swan gliding down the river towards him.

    The swan said, “Brahman is fire and Brahman is the sun. Brahman is the moon and Brahman is lighting. This quarter of Brahman is light. Brahman is the light of life.”

    “A bird will tell you more about Brah-man”, said the swan.

    The next day Satyakama drove the cows onward. Towards evening, he lit a fire, penned the cows, and sat by the fire facing east. Then a purple bird flew down from a tree.

    The sun bird sang, “Brahman is the breath, and Brahman is the eye. Brahman is the ear and also the mind. This quarter of Brahman is the seat, the resting place. Brahman is the seat of everything. Everything rests upon Brahman.”

    Finally Satyakama returned to his teacher’s dwelling. Gautam noticed Satyakama’s lustrous face and said to him, “I see that you have found Brahman. For it is said that the knower of Brahman has settled senses, a smiling face, freedom from worry and has found the purpose of life.”

    But Satyakama humbly spoke, “Please, revered Sir, teach me about the nature of Brahman.”

    “You have heard that east and west are Brahman, the earth and sky are Brahman, that the sun and the moon are Brahman, and that the eye and ear are Brahman”, Gautam replied. “Like waves stirring within ocean, all these are a part of Brahman. Brahman is everywhere and everything. It is endless. It is the light of life. Everyhing finds its rest in Brahman.”

    “And Brahman is realized by knowing the Self, your own true nature. Then you realize that you are everywhere-you are endless and you are radiant. This is the Supreme Knowledge, Brahma Vidya.”

    And that is how Satyakama Jabala came to know Brahman, and grew up himself to become a great teacher of Brahman.

    - Dr. Vishnu Pathak
  • What is true religion?

    by Amit Patel | Feb 24, 2015

    “That which gives result is true religion”. What result? And how do you measure that result?

    Application of true religion results in: 

    ·         A state of mind that minimizes arta dhyan (pain to oneself through inner torment) and raudra dhyan (pain to others through speech or body) 
    ·         Awareness that one is pure soul. 
    ·         Reduction and eventual disappearance of anger, pride, attachments, greed, liking and disliking.  
    Reduction in differences of opinion, conflicts, worries.  
    Increase in amicable solutions to vexing problems. 
    ·         Belief that one if not the body but a pure soul.  
    ·         One staying in one’s true nature. 

    The religion of “pure soul” is the true religion. This is the religion that gives results.

    - Translated by Rajnikant Patel  MSME, PMP (retired) from Vitragnee Drashtiae by Dr. Shaileshanandji Mehta

  • Profound Impact of Holistic Science in my daily life

    by Amit Patel | Jan 31, 2015
    Before exposure to Holistic Science my life was like an uncharted sea. I was navigating without a goal except to make money and take care of my family. There were multiple choices to choose from in running my life and they were more confusing than the question itself! Simple answers to the puzzles in life were not easily found which compounded the life with stress and tensions to do the very best. The know how was based without any purposeful goal.

    After exposure to Holistic Science my life became meaningful and with purpose. Puzzles of the life were solved by correct understanding and changing beliefs. There was a constant reminder as to "who am I", a pure soul.

    There is peace and harmony in my daily life. If you look at some of the lives of famous people for example of Princess Diana (beauty, fame, prestige, and wealth) and actor Joey Pants (Loving wife, great kids, Emmy award, money, fame, power),yet happiness eluded them and they were depressed. Here we are not talking about physical clashes but our focuses on inner clashes. How to you know if you are experiencing a clash?

    Intellect goes and shows you all of the negative interactions/experiences that you have had with this person/situation in order to justify your positioning. We form or change opinion about a person. We get angry, upset etc. at something we do not like or expect. In simple terms – “These are the things that take away your inner peace”. Intellect collects all negativity that you have accumulated for that situation/person without really looking at what our beliefs are and if need to be changed for our own inner happiness.

    Holistic Inner Science has provided solutions for inner happiness: 
    1. An observer/witness rather than a "doer"..................."a screen saver".
    2. Better results due to more favorable scientific circumstantial evidences.
    3. Fearless, not anxiety prone.
    4. Untouched like a lotus in muddy water.....detached but happy and unaffected by surroundings in life.
    5. Body, mind and speech separate from self.....foreign dept. versus  home dept.
    6. Your ego is hurt and so you are trying to justify your ego.
    7. When your ego loses internally you are not happy.
    8. When I am yelling at someone, I have already lost my inner peace Avoiding clashes.
    9. Reminder: reaping what was invested in the past. What I got is echo form my past so adjust and I am happy.

    Advantages of Holistic Inner Science 

    1. Easy and practical in day to day life.
    2. It is the "science for liberation"......a fast track/elevator
    3. Not a religion but a "way of life"....can continue practicing one's own religion.
    4. Helps to stay and focus in the present.
    5. Don't worry about the past or surrender to the anxiety of the future.
    6. You can directly experience the outcome with your senses.
    7. Teaches universal, unconditional love and thereby culminating in inner peace, happiness and harmony.
    8. "Happiness is an inside job".  
    9. It is because you understand with your intellect that you might injure yourself, or even be killed if you violate the traffic laws. You can directly experience the outcome with your senses. The intellect however, fails to make you realize the fatal consequences from engaging in conflict with people because it is beyond your sense perception. This is very subtle matter and the damage it causes is subtle.
    10. Mind builds evidence to support your ego. Someone cuts you off in traffic or honks at you. This provokes significant rage and you would like to cut him off. Now intellect takes the back sit and your EGO takes over. I have a nice car and how dare he cut me off.

    -Dr. Mehul Shah, M.D. (PA, USA)



  • Q&A with Holistic Scientist about Our Aim in Life

    by Amit Patel | Jan 31, 2015
    Holistic Scientist: What is our life for? What could be its purpose? Have you ever thought about it?

    Aspirant: To live. Life is for living.

    Holistic Scientist: To live for what?

    Aspirant: One is born, so one has to simply live.

    Holistic Scientist: One is born, so one must live, but that’s the way everybody is living. Even the animals are also living, but what is the purpose of this life? Have you decided on a goal? Should not there be a goal? To earn name, to earn fame, to maintain a reputation, what do you think? Or is it to compete with others?

    Aspirant: Yes, all the activities in life are only for all these.

    Holistic Scientist: But should not a person have any objectives?  What should be the goal?

    Aspirant: Just that life should be lived in a good way.

    Holistic Scientist: How do you define a good way? What is a successful life? What can be considered as successful? Have you ever thought about it? Let me give an example. Suppose we have a 25 horse power engine. We fill with diesel and run it. Now if it simply runs and we just keep watching it, then won’t people chide us

    Aspirant: Well, there must be some purpose.

    Holistic Scientist: Yes, there must be some purpose! There must be a belt connected to the engine. Otherwise people will say, “Hey! Why are you running the engine unnecessarily without any purpose? Why don’t you connect a belt and get some work done out if it?”

    Similarly, a belt has to be connected to this human life and something has to be achieved.  Otherwise everybody else also just lives and eats. Even all these animals also eat, don’t they?

    But belt means which state of existence (gati) we want to go to? Do we want to go to diety state (dev-gati) or come to human state (manushya-gati) and be a famous leader like Mahatma Gandhi? Or hell gati or plant or animal gati or do we want to attain liberation (moksha)? Only if we connect a belt some work can be done! Without deciding a purpose how can any work get done? What is aim of life?

    Aspirant: What aim should a person have?

    Holistic Scientist: Liberation should be the only aim. You too want to attain liberation, don’t you?

    For how long should one wander? Since infinite life cycles you have wandered, wandered, and wandered and have not known who ‘you’ are? You are not aware of your own real ‘self’. One’s own real self (swaroop) must be known. Should not one know who he is?

    You have travelled so much through infinite life cycles yet you have not known it? Are you after earning money? Should not something be done for liberation also?

    Aspirant: Should be done.

    -From the book: “Who am I”, Published by Jai Sachchidanand Sangh)
  • Salient Points for Professional Success

    by Amit Patel | Jan 01, 2015

    In this materialistic life, we all are in the race to achieve happiness. There is a race in all the spheres of life, whether it may be a personal life or a professional life. How can we be successful professionally without getting caught up in the rat race? Here are some suggestions.

    Work is Worship
    We should perform our duties with responsibility just like a priest in a temple. It means whenever or whatever task is allotted to us, we should be should be thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our potential. Our work is our worship. This attitude will help us accomplish our tasks without any stress. We should discharge our duty with responsibility. We should not be dishonest and insincere to our responsibilities because ‘dishonesty is the best foolishness’.

    Race with Ourselves
    To survive in the day-to-day life, comparison and competition are inevitable. However, competition or race always leads to restlessness. There are countless competitors. So do not race with others; instead race with your own self. Always try to improve your performance.

    Find out Our Faults
    It is easy to find out faults of others, but very difficult to discover our own faults. If we are successful in finding out our own errors, faults or mistakes, it would bring correctness in our behavior and our negativity would decrease. This would result into increased positivity and energy.

    Make Our Platform Open
    Try to make a habit to listen to others first. Before committing to action, evaluate the situation from all angles. Do not assume that whatever we are thinking is always correct and try to impose our own opinion on others. Always try to learn something new about our subject or about an adjacent subject.

    Control Our Body Language
    Whenever we are in public place or at work, we have to be cautious about our body language. We should always be conscious about this principle: ‘let our mind, speech and body not hurt others’.

    Believe in Our Self
    Never feel inferior. It creates negativity in our mind and adversely impacts our work. Always try to do your best but if anything goes wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, accept your mistakes. It is important not to degrade ourselves. On the other hand, we should not treat ourselves as superior because that would inflate our ego.

    Love the Work and not to the Authority
    Every person in their professional life always strives for higher salary, higher prestige and good relationship with higher authorities. Instead of focusing on these attributes one should be focused on work at hand. An employer always respects a professional who delivers results. Devotion, commitment and sincerity in work leads to success and job satisfaction.

    Maintain Normality
    Whatever the situation, whether it be joyful or painful, stay detached. Always try to be in motion and not in emotion. Emotions can impact our normality and we can lose control of the situation. This can result in stress, frustration and pain.

    - Pankaj Kumar Mallick

    Special thanks to Shri Vasant U. Patel & Dr. P. C. Parikh for inspiration.


  • Education of a Human Being

    by Amit Patel | Jan 01, 2015

    The education of a human being should begin at his very birth and continue throughout the his life.

    Indeed, if the education is to have its maximum result, it must begin even before birth; it is the mother herself who proceeds with this education by means of a two-fold action, first, upon herself for her own improvement, and secondly, upon the child which she is forming within her physically. It is certain that the nature of the child about to be born will depend very much upon the mother who forms it, upon her aspiration and will as much as upon the material surrounding in which she lives. The part of education which the mother has to go through is to see that her thoughts are always beautiful and pure, her feelings always noble and fine, and her material surroundings as harmonious as possible and full of great simplicity. And if in addition she has a conscious and definite will to form the child according to the highest ideal she can conceive, then the very best conditions are provided for the child to come into the world.

    For education to be complete it must have five principle aspects relating to the five principal activities of the human being. The physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual. Usually these phases of education succeed each other in a chronological order following the growth of the individual. This, however, does not mean that one should replace another but that all must continue, completing each other, till the end of life.

    We propose to study these five aspects of education one by one and also their reciprocal relations. But before we enter into the details of the subject, I wish to make a recommendation to parents. The majority of them, for various reasons, take very little thought of a true education to be given to children. When they have brought a child into the world, and when they have given him food and satisfied his various materials wants by looking more or less carefully to the maintenance of his health, they think they have fully discharged their duty. Later on, they would put him to school and hand over to the teacher the care of his mental education.

    There are other parents who know that their children should receive education and try to give it. But very few among them, even among those who are most serious and sincere, know that the first thing to do, in order to be able to educate the child, is to educate oneself, to become conscious and master of oneself so that one does not set a bad example to one’s child. For it is through example that education becomes effective. To say good words, give wise advice to a child has very little effect, if one does not show by one's living example the truth of what one teaches. Sincerity, honesty, straight-forwardness, courage, disinterestedness, unselfishness, patience, endurance, perseverance, peace , calm, self-control are all things that are taught infinitely better by example than by beautiful speeches. Parents, you should have high ideal and act always in accordance with that ideal. You will see little by little your child reflecting this ideal in himself and manifesting spontaneously the qualities you wish to see expressed in his nature. Quite naturally a child has respect and admiration for his parents; unless they are quite unworthy, they will appear always to their children as demigods whom they will seek to imitate as well as they can.

    With very few exceptions, parents do not take into accounts the disastrous influence their defects, impulses, weaknesses, want of self control have on their children. If you wish to be respected by your child, have respect for yourself and be at every moment worthy of respect. Never be arbitrary, despotic, impatient, and ill-tempered. When your child asks you a question, do not answer him by a stupidity or foolishness, under the pretext that he cannot understand you. You can always make yourself understood if you take sufficient pains for it, and in spite of the popular saying that it is not always good to tell the truth, I affirm that it is always good to tell the truth, only the art consists in telling it in such a way as to make it accessible to the brain of the hearer.  In early life, till twelve to fourteen years, the child’s mind is not accessible to abstract notions and general ideas. And yet you can train it to understand these things by using concrete images or symbols or parables. Up to a sufficiently advanced age and for some who mentally remain always children, a narrative, a story, a tale told well teaches much more than a heap of theoretical explanations.

    Another stumbling-block to avoid. Do not scold your child except with a definite purpose and only when quite indispensable. A child too often scolded gets hardened to rebuke and comes to attach little importance to words or severity of tone. Particularly, take care not to rebuke him for a fault which you yourself commit. Children are very keen and clear sighted observers: they soon find out your weaknesses and note them without pity.

    When a child has made a mistake, see that he confesses it to you spontaneously and frankly; and when he has confessed, make him understand with kindness and affection what was wrong in his movement and that he should not repeat it. In any case, never scold him; a fault confessed must be forgiven. You should not allow any fear to slip in between you and your child; fear is a disastrous away to education; invariably it gives birth to dissimulation and falsehood. An affection that sees clear, that is firm yet gentle and a sufficiently practical knowledge will create bonds of trust that are indispensable for you to make the education of your child effective. And never forget that you have to surmount yourself always and constantly so as to be at the height of your task and truly fulfill the duty which you owe towards your child by the mere fact of your having brought him into existence.

    -The Mother


  • Anwers to Kids' Questions - Part 2

    by Manish Shah | Dec 02, 2014

    Dr. Shaileshanandji answers kids' questions about Holistic Science.

    How do we prioritize our time with family, parents, and friends?

    When you are at home, make sure your priorities are aligned with your parents. When you go for social occasions, you are mixing with other family members, when you are at school or at the playground, you are with your friends, so at different phases or different events you’ll meet different people and spend time accordingly.

    Let’s suppose simultaneously two things come up to be done. One is that your parents want you to do something or take you somewhere and second is that your outside friends want you to with them. In this case, I believe that we should be prioritizing our time with the parents or with family members first and then the other friends.

    This is about our relative living. That relative living is very very important during the growing age. For example when I was studying, if I did not keep good company of friends or if I would have been involved in the company of people who were fond of going to restaurants, movies, and wasting time on other things, I would not have been able to study my medicine very well or today I may not have been a doctor. Similarly set your goals and keep good company accordingly. I was the only one from my whole class who was going to satsang and the rest all were not going to satsang. If I would have been with them the today I would not be doing this satsang.  One should be very clear, what is the thing one wants to achieve and put priority accordingly.

    One need to examine what is one’s goal, what is one’s path and remain faithful to one self, own goal, own aim, own priority and make sure one makes it happen!

    Why is Mom most important and why are Mom and Dad not equally important?

    In one way both Mum and Dad are equally important, but even out of that, Mum is more important. We always say Mummy first when we say daddy or Baa and Dada, The reason is that it is the Mum who sacrifices more. Mum has carried us for 9 months in the womb. Mum doesn’t sleep if the child cannot sleep. Mum’s love is the most selfless love. If you are sick, Mum will not sleep, Mum will have sleepless nights. It is said, both are biological, physiological and karmic connection with us but it’s the Mum who sacrifices the most, mind wise, speech wise and body wise and it is the Mum’s heart which has the most caring selfless love. Of course Daddy is no way inferior, but equally important but it is more pertinent that Mum has been given a little more importance. Both are equally important, Mum and Dad, but Mum has a special place.

    Why are festivals being celebrated?

    Our Gnani’s or rishi’s were very far sighted. Festivals have multi-faceted importance. The major importance is the festivals change our mind, it changes our attitude and if our mind has been sort of rusted within our relations to each other, during the festival days, our minds and hearts become again healthier, happier and our relations with each other also become healthier. There are many festivals being observed in India.

    Apart from their importance with the seasonal and health wise things, the most particularly important aspect is to bring us back to happier and healthier within and outside especially in our relations with each other.

    Diwali is considered to be festival of lights.

    What does Diwali signify?

    It is to find light against darkness. In one way we are having candles and lights outside during Diwali but it signifies that there should be light of knowledge, light of correct understanding and light of such a knowledge that will not only make us happy in the relative world but it will also lead us to the permanent happiness.

    Diwali marks the day on which the Lord Mahavir attained the moksha (Liberation) or he went to Moksha on the day of Diwali. On the same day, Gautam Swami, the disciple of Mahavir Swami attained absolute knowledge that is known as Keval Gnan. It is also the day of the return of the Lord Rama, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana from exile. It also is the day when the Pandavas return after 12 years of exile and one year of agyatavas.

    There are five festival days during Diwali. They are Dhanteras, Kali Chavdas, Diwali, New Year, and Bhai Beej. It is the longest and important festival observed in Indian tradition. The Indian calendar also revolves around this festival and Indian New Year in Indian tradition starts that day.

    Dhanteras is the day people worship the goddess of Lakshmi (wealth) or it is said that when you worship you acquire wealth in relative living. These are the beliefs which make our heart to pray for something.

    On Kali Chavdas day and Diwali day lights are put around the house and everything is bright.

    We bow to our parents and then other elders. We seek their blessings and then we meet and greet all the family around followed by our friends.

    Bhai Beej - The last day of festival is called Bhai Beej (Sister’s day). It celebrates the sister-brother loving relationship, in a spirit similar to Raksha Bandhan but with different rituals. The day ritually emphasizes the love and lifelong bond between siblings. It is a day when women and girls get together; perform a puja with prayers for the wellbeing of their brothers, then return to a ritual of food-sharing, gift-giving and family reunion.

    We observe that during these days, everybody is very happy, forgets everything, family gather together and enjoy the festival.

    Most important is when we get blessings during the festivals.

    What is the meaning of blessing?

    Blessing is the transfer of energy from the person whom we are seeking blessing. He or She heartily blesses us, and in doing so there is a transfer of energy. It’s a metaphysical separate energy transfers and we get the energy which will help us to grow up to acquire whatever best and auspicious things we are going to achieve in our either relative living or for our real eternal self. So blessings will help us to become stronger and to grow from within. Inner energy is very very important or vital when we are faced with a difficult situation. Whenever we are progressing from within to attain the heights in any field or anywhere it gives us the energy especially from within.

    I remember when I was younger of your age and I always used to go to my Mother whenever I was going for exams or on auspicious days and seek the blessings from her and I believe her blessings helped me throughout my life to grow up to greater heights.

    Do you also feel the same way? 
    Do you believe that the blessings help you to grow from within and attain the better heights? Our intent is to go on acquiring as many blessings as you can.


    One important thing we want to discuss is that there are 2 types of pleasures. One is the pleasure in routine activities, e.g. playing games or going out with friends, eating, so you can or do enjoy these activities. Second pleasure is the happiness at the level of the heart which gives you the satisfaction, fulfillment and feeling of progressing from within. So keep a watch on both and you can always have the outer fun but at the same time also be careful of your heart and be loyal to your heart too. In fact you should be loyal to your heart, which also applies to me. It’s irrespective of age.

    Make best of both worlds

    The last small message which comes to my heart is that you have best of both worlds. You have comforts and luxuries of the western style and we have the rich cultural heritage, enriched knowledge based, inner happiness heritage from India. So I wish you the very best.



  • Q&A with Holistic Scientist Kanudadaji - Part 2

    by Manish Shah | Dec 02, 2014

    Holistic Scientist: So what is the third sentence? Formerly, we used to believe that we were the owner of whatever happened at mind, speech and body level, as if we had done it. For example, I believed that ‘I thought, I spoke, I did this, that and the other’, i.e. owned all the relative actions. But on the day of your self-realization, We told you that, that belief of yours was wrong.

    Now, the third sentence is that all these relative aspects, happenings, are through a cosmic power. It is this cosmic power that makes us function in our relative life through inner aspects. According to our own accountability, according to what is stored there, the cosmic power functions. It is in a power form. What sort of power? If it was in power form, then we would never ever be free from such a power which constantly, from infinite times, goes on operating everybody. No! It is not a power by itself. It is a dependent power. Dependent power, in the sense, that the power has not come out on its own. It’s a power, just a natural cosmic physical power which operates the whole universe, all life body aspects, in a live manner. Operates, in the sense, naturally. But when we see everything active, we call it operative. But it is actually, naturally functioning type powers through that cosmic.

    So everybody’s subtle, individual connections are there, right till the end of one’s life, with that cosmic power. Unless that connection is there, that power cannot flow and inspire within for any activity to happen. So the inspiration is through that power, not by its own state, but by an arrangement that is there for all the life body aspects, physical states to phase out, get discharged. If that discharging aspect was not there in a natural way, what would be the state of this universe?

    Aspirant:        Chaos.              

    Holistic Scientist:  Nobody can imagine the chaos. That is how the whole universe, the planets, the earth, life and all these things, is in a perfectly balanced state all the time. Any imbalance in that would be chaotic for humanity. Today, not only the scientists and the educationalists, but people from all walks (facets) of life are worried about this. Why? Because the so called science of the world today, has surpassed natural limits everywhere.

    There has to be a balance between the inner happiness which you require and the external means of happiness. But to feel happy and comfortable in life, the means of happiness that have been created have exceeded natural limits and that is how that balance is lost. It is bound to happen.

    But actually, according to the third Agna (command), whatever will happen to you from now on, will not be of your own doing but will be as per your past accountability through the cosmic power.

    When someone insults you, you know that what you had delivered earlier is being received back; when and how, you have not to see. It has come; accept it. So whatever happens to you, it is a receiving state for you to understand your accountability in this life, for it to get phased out within, as per that third sentence. Outside, you may react with others in a dramatic way. True. But nobody knows that it is a drama. And in fact, life is nothing but a drama. People understand drama as a make-believe situation to fool or cheat others. But enacting a drama is not a drama. Unless it is natural, it cannot be a drama. It is only after self-realization and with the vision, that one can live out life as a drama; not otherwise.

    Lawrence Oliver can move the people by depicting the house of a dilemma. But in his own personal life, when he has to face a similar situation, he cannot remain superfluous (dramatic). He gets totally involved in it and cannot view it as a drama. Such are the powers within. Every moment of life, the colouration, the ‘aura’ goes on changing, which We can see through and through. Nobody else can see or understand it. When a person is angry, an anger like aura immediately comes and it affects others too. Whereas when you see the picture of a sage or a highly elated soul, a light like thing is seen. This is not a physical light but his ‘aura’. Every human being has some sort of aura. And now, after realization, you are free from all such relative auras. Your own Pure vision state has opened out which is divine.

    So, we come back to the third sentence that whatever happens in life – joyful- sorrowful, bitter-sweet, to your liking or not liking, whatever comes to you through any of the worldly aspects and interactions relating to you, is as per your accountability. Whatever comes is as per what is stored in the cosmic power. So inside us, we accept it. Outside, you may say that, “I have not done anything. Why are you insulting me like that?” If the person continues to be negative, then you realize that there is no sense in talking further and you gradually withdraw. But if he is open-minded, you explain to him, interact once or twice and then leave it. It’s over and phased out. That’s all. It’s a drama. You play the role you have to, when you are on the stage. What you believed to be of your doing, is not there now. It’s a passing phase. Just as a ripened leaf falls off, when that situation passes away, it phases (disperses) out and to that extent, your Pure Soul vision opens out, your virtues open out and your aura becomes blissful as per your state within. That is the third sentence that ‘scientific circumstantial evidences’ is the cosmic force which regulates all our activities according to our accountability stored there.

    In our past life, due to our ignorance and illusory state, what was relative and temporary was believed as permanent and factual, got stored in the vast cosmic computer as ‘scientific circumstantial evidences’. So whatever was charged in the previous life was continuously fed in the cosmic computer, to be phased out later. But during the phasing out, because of the activity of claiming ownership, it got charged again. It is a continuous process for the entire universe.

    It is only after self-realization that the charging stops and you get released from the cycle. That ‘charging’ has stopped and only the ‘discharge’ remains. That is why We gave you the third sentence. So follow it till your Pure Soul state gets set within.

    On account of the stickiness of the past, you are likely to blame either yourself or others for your suffering. But once you start applying the third sentence that nobody (neither you nor others) is the ‘doer’, you will become free from the bonds of intellect.

    And now comes the fourth sentence. All that we have to do in our remaining, present life is to square up all the accounts that are within us and with everybody else outside, relation wise. So all these relative accounts now have to be referred to as FILES. In other words, live your life in such a manner that all the life accounts get squared up and the FILES get closed. Credit and debit get equalized.

    To begin with, one has to 
    organize the filing cabinet and number the files as one, two, three and so on. The nearest numbers are given to the ones closest to us. And File No. 1 is the most important. No. 1 File always has to be Ranjitbhai (or the name bearer ) which is there all the time together with 'you'.

    By law, File No. 2 is your life partner and then come all the other relations. So, all these files have to be squared up. How many files do you have? The seven billion population of the world or the two hundred fifty  million of the entire U.S.A are not your files. No ! The word FILE relates to one’s own physical body and physical body’s related accounts with others. And basically, physical body, because whatever mind, speech, intellectual, egoistic and physical body aspects are there, (they) are related to one’s own body only and exterior aspects are interconnected with outer activities.

    So we must keep our pure vision-wise attention on our inner aspects and inter-relational aspects, so that all our accounts are squared up. So relation wise, one can have ten to fifteen thousand files or at the most seventy thousand; not more. One does not have to conquer the whole world.

    Alexander thought that to be the supreme, he had to conquer the whole world. And when he had nearly conquered it and was feeling very elated, he suddenly took ill. All the physicians of the world could not cure him. And that is the time when he said, “There is nobody more foolish than me. I plundered, I killed, I inflicted so much pain on thousands of people. And now, look here, I am going with my hands open (not taking anything with me)”.

    Everybody goes like that, Ranjitbhai? You cannot take anything with you. Can you

    Aspirant:        No.

    Holistic Scientist:       You know now what your belonging is. Without being belonged, it is 'You', i.e. singularly ‘You’ (Pure Soul). That is independence.

    Aspirant:        You (Pure Soul) are independent.

    Holistic Scientist:       For 'you' to be as ‘Pure Soul’, 'you' are not to depend on anything. But there are forces that will try to keep you attached and not allow 'you' to remain as Pure Soul. That is why all the accounts have to be squared up, debit and credit equalized, so there is no effect from any side.

    Inside you may feel, ‘Oh! For quite some time, that person is behaving badly with me without any fault of mine and in spite of my being good to him’. But now that you have got this vision, you know that ‘you’ are Pure Soul and the same Pure Soul is within him too. And whatever inter-action is taking place between the two of us, it is on the Relative plane only. So when you view this situation Pure Soul vision- wise and you know that it is just a drama being enacted out, then gradually, the effect of that feeling that he is behaving badly, becomes lesser and lesser, phases out and that is how the accounts go on getting squared up.

    Aspirant:        I don’t see how you can square up accounts in this world. In other words, I owe my mother so much. She has given me birth, brought me up and even supported me. How can I square that account?

    Holistic Scientist:       Your mother gave birth to you and the mother-son relationship was established. It is undoubtedly the prime relationship amongst all the others. But now that you have got this self-realization that you are Pure Soul, what is physically closest to that Pure Soul? It is your own body aspect – mind, speech, body assembly. And the squaring up of accounts comes here, basically. Your mother is a distant, physical relation. What is your name, please?

    Aspirant:        Jim.

    Holistic Scientist:       When there is nothing around to disturb you, just keep a photo of Dada and sit in front of it for 10 minutes as ‘Pure Soul’. You have got this ‘Pure Soul state vision’ now, but till that belief becomes firm, you should keep in mind that the self-realized state or the Gnani through whom you got this realization, HE is my Pure Soul. As long as his live body aspect is there, if you do so, your Pure Soul state will open out very easily.

    In scriptures, there is a technical word for that. It is called ‘Nididhyasan’ (નિદિધ્યાસન). It is a Sanskrit word composed of three words – (a) ‘Nij’ (નિજ) - means our own self. (b) ‘Adhi’ (અધિ) - means to be as one’s own self. (c) ‘Aasan’ (આસન) - means that the belief that ‘I’ am Pure Soul only is very firmly established.

    Coming back to the mother-child relationship, let me tell you that even though a mother would appear to be enemy like or one may feel enemy like towards a mother, there can never be any mother in the world that can be enemy like to a child. No! Such is motherly love and that is why it is considered to be the best. And actually, this self- realized soul state is nothing but motherly love, fatherly love, whatever you may call it. There is nothing in the world that you can make Him happy with, because HE is experiencing bliss all the time in his own Pure Soul state.

    And for you to experience your total freedom, independence, that relative account and accountability aspects are there. For the mother, you are a child even though you are so grown up. Isn’t it? Always! So before the mother, you always have to be like a child. But now that you have got Pure Soul vision, you have to view her not only as a mother, but as a mother with Pure Soul within. You have to view her by both the viewpoints – Relative and Real. So that is now your added ‘Roon’ (ઋણ) – repayment of mother’s love. There is no other way you can repay a mother’s love. How can you? You think you can make her happy by physical activities or giving her something? No! Because the mother has no expectations whatsoever from the child. She wants nothing except to see her child happy. But to understand mother’s love at this level! All the struggles in life that we see all around, are because there is no right type of understanding regarding the parental aspect, spouse aspect and all that.

    So the fourth sentence is that all accounts are to be squared up. Squaring up does not mean that the relationships will go away; they will remain. But now you will not be opinion-wise with anybody that ‘this is my father, this is my mother, brother, sister and so on’; that has gone now. Now, ‘you’ are Pure Soul vision-wise and whatever the relationships, you will see them by Relative viewpoint only as father, mother, etc. So how many such relations do you have to deal with? Hardly ten to fifteen thousand and those close to you may be fifty to hundred; not more. So you have not to conquer the whole world but only several accounts (files) for your infinite, blissful state to open out. The task may appear difficult, but because of the new vision, you will be able to accomplish it.

    The whole world is seeking freedom. Neither mastery of the scriptures nor all the knowledge of the world can help you. Unless your legs touch the bottom of the ocean, you cannot pass through it. People, because of their intellectual knowledge, get drowned in a cup of water. Then, what is the sense in talking of the ocean? The very basis of knowledge is intellect which is perishable, destructible and now, you are totally free from that as imperishable, non-changeable, Pure Soul vision wise, Pure Soul perpetual entity.

    I have explained the four sentences in detail. Could you repeat them, please

    Aspirant:        By Relative viewpoint, I am David and by Real viewpoint, I am Pure Soul.

    Holistic Scientist:       And the third one…? Scientific circumstantial evidences – the cosmic power. Whatever will happen from now on, will not be of your doing, but will happen through the cosmic power, according to your accountability aspects which are connected there. It is like a puppet operation. We are nothing but puppets, operated puppets. There is no operator as such, but it is a natural, functional power.

    So whatever connections are in store, be it thinking-wise, intellect- wise, speech-wise, they will surface as and when the circumstances arise and get phased out.

    What is the fourth one?

    Aspirant:        We must square up our accounts.

    Holistic Scientist:       Accounts, relative accounts and basically, this File No.1 – mind, speech, body assembly. So freedom has to be got from the effective aspects of the mind, speech and body.

    Whatever was charged in causal form in the previous life out of ignorance and fed into that cosmic power, is getting discharged out in this life, through this body.

    In this life, if you live as per the five sentences, the majority of the stock will get phased out, but total phasing out is not possible because of the adverse times. However, now it is a matter of a few lives only for our infinite, blissful state to open out fully.

    Now, we come to the fifth sentence; the last one. On the day of realization, with our 'grace', there was separation of the Pure Soul (I, which is Real) from the Body (mind, speech, body assembly of File No.1 which is Relative) and your Pure Soul account was opened. Now the worldly, relative life account of Ranjitbhai, which is destructible and operated by the cosmic power, will have both a credit and a debit side to it, depending upon the good and bad done by him in his previous life and Ranjitbhai will have to pass through this suffering, be it positive or negative. To see accumulation on the positive side, to an accountable measure, is very difficult in these adverse times.

    But you have been made free from that suffering and your ‘Pure Soul vision account’ which has been opened, is not subject to credit and debit at all. It is a singularly credit account. As you live Pure Soul vision- wise, your ‘Pure Soul vision account’ will go on getting accumulated and it will lead you to higher human forms and total realization.

    So, you have to be very alert that whatever free time you get, during the course of your daily activities, be utilized for your ‘Pure Soul account’. What do you understand by free time? When one activity is over and before you get involved in another activity, where as per your accountability you have to be in that activity, that time which you get between those two activities is called free time. There is no other free time in life.

    So just sit and review all the relative activities and aspects, say from morning till lunch time. You will realize that in most of the relative activities, sometimes even under pressure, the Pure Soul vision prevailed. But there was one particular incident where, in spite of remaining in Pure Soul vision, the force of your ‘Karma’ was so powerful that, for a moment, you felt that, ‘Oh! He did this to me’. But now that you have got free time, correct yourself. Tell yourself, “Whatever happened was not due to someone else’s fault, but it was as per my accountability and for a moment, I did not see Pure Soul within him”. So you correct this mistake before the Pure Soul within you. 'You' are separate and Gauri is separate and therefore with the Pure Soul vision, you can correct your own mistakes. Without this vision, you cannot see your own mistakes. So where is the question of correcting or obliviating it. It is easy to find mistakes and faults in everybody except your own self. Is this true, Ranjitbhai?

    The moment you see your own mistakes, your infinite, blissful state will start opening out within you; not otherwise. So that will go on happening now. So three-four times during the day, view all the activities as per the five sentences and all that will be credited to your Pure Soul account.

    Let me give you an example. I had promised to meet a particular person on a particular day at Roland Heights. Then due to unforeseen circumstances, I could not keep my promise and I had to ring him up and tell him that the venue had changed. Now this situation was not of my doing. It just happened. This is ‘scientific circumstantial evidences’ only. Even though we had decided to meet there, in ‘Vyavasthit’ (the cosmic power) the meeting was destined to be here. That is how the venue changed. It is not out of anybody’s imagination or management. No! It is natural. First you were sitting there and then you came here. It was natural. Just because we said, “Bring the chair and sit here”, we cannot claim ownership of the action that because we told him, he brought the chair and sat here. So many evidences have to come together in an appropriate manner for an action to take place. You are one of the evidences only; not the sole evidence for any action to happen. This is my experience over the past thirty two years.

    I, too, got this realization through the 'grace' of "Dada Bhagwan". His infinite, blissful state opening out in such adverse times is Nature’s greatest gift to mankind. But for such a high state to open out is not subject to anybody’s claim or ownership. No! It is a natural event which is too difficult for ordinary folk to understand. Not only that, the majority cannot accept that such a ‘Pure Soul state’ can take birth here and in such adverse times ! And before they can recognise him and realize his value, he is gone.

    But let me tell you that the same state as Dada Bhagwan’s is here, before you. The grace is His but the experience is Ours. And with our 'grace' on you, your experience will also open out, on living your life as per these five sentences.

    Aspirant:        Can we take a half an hour break for food (Prasad)?

    Holistic Scientist:       Sure. But first pray to the Divine Angels with your eyes closed, offer them the food five times and then eat. Thus, the food becomes harmless. Actually, the Angels do not take gross food. Their bodies are not like ours; they are fog like, but with a definite form, which they can change too. Their powers are vast. But they cannot be compared to the infinite powers of the ‘Pure Soul state’ in humans. Their powers are on the physical plane only. The Angel form is a sort of suffering which is the result of all their positive actions in human life. However, it is nothing but a jail. It’s like being jailed in a palace and told, “You have got so many billions which you have to spend within this area only. You cannot go out”. There is no independence there. Independency is in human form only. After self-realization only, you can square up the accounts and experience independence within, in the very presence of the duality aspects of the body that are phasing out.

    Sweetness cannot be described; you have to put the sugar in the mouth to taste its sweetness, to experience it. So gross food will be eaten by Gauri (File No.1), the Pure Soul will know and see Gauri tasting the food and saying, “Oh! This is sweet”. So identifying the taste as sweet, bitter, etc. is the function of the tongue, not ours (Pure Soul’s).  The Pure Soul is a 'knower and seer' only.


  • Answers to kids' Questions - Part 1

    by Manish Shah | Nov 02, 2014
    Dr. Shaileshanandji answers kids' questions about Holistic Science.

    Meaning of Jai Satchitanand
    The word Satchitanand is comprised of 3 small words, Sat, Chit, Anand.

    “Sat” stands for eternal. If we see in our world, inside us and outside us, everything is changing. That means it begins and it ends but according to the enlightened ones, our own pure self and that of everybody’s own pure self is eternal or perpetual. Similarly there are five more elements that are eternal, so whatever is eternal is said to be “Sat”. i.e. perpetual (permanent).

    “Chit” is to know and to see, if you observe a chair or a camera, can it know itself or see by itself? No.

    It is only that atman or pure self or chetan which has the property of knowing and seeing. The other five elements do not have the knowing and seeing property.

    “Anand” or bliss is the inherent property of pure conscious or Atman.

    In summary,
    “Sat” means eternal, “Chit” means to know and see and “Anand” is bliss. So everyone’s’ real self is permanent, with knowing and seeing power and has the inherent property of bliss.

    When you say Jai Satchitanand to others, we are greeting their real self. We are just seeing and greeting the real-self of that particular living being.

    What is the purpose of seeing and greeting the real-self?
    Because when I see your real-self and when I say to you Jai Satchitanand, automatically I am reminded of my own real-self and my real or pure self blossoms. I get happiness of pure self. So it’s in my self interest that I am saying Jai Satchitanand to you or to everybody.

    To whom do we say to and why do we say Jai Satchitanand?
    When I say Jai Satchitanand to you or to any person whom I am meeting, it greets not only his or her real-self but it also reminds me of my own real-self. The world is my own echo and whatever I do, it affects the other people afterwards but first it affects me.

    So keep this cardinal principle in your heart that our actions of mind, body and speech which are going to help or affect others positively or negatively affect us first.

    We say Jai Satchitanand in our heart. For example your teacher may not know the meaning of Jai Satchitanand, or your other school friends may not know the meaning of Jai Satchitanand, so we may not say verbally or expressed outwardly but we can say within our heart.

    What is the method of saying Jai Satchitanand to our parents or others?
    We join both hands and bow our head and say Jai Satchitanand. To our friends or to equal age we say Jai Satchitanand within our heart.

    When we say good morning, good evening, goodbye to everybody or whenever we meet or depart our mind works on a superficial level or at the surface level or it is mechanical or without any deep feeling, but Jai Satchitanand works at the deeper heart level feeling and it is our hearty connection to the other person especially our family members, parents, Mahatmas and satsang group friends.

    Question: “What should be in our heart when we say Jai Satchitanand? 
    When I say Jai Satchitanand, in fact I am bowing to the Real side of the other person to whom I am saying Jai Satchitanand. Every living being has two parts, one is the personality part, our mind, body and speech part and the other is the real-self part which is the eternal light and it is the source of infinite knowing part , infinite perception or vision part and the infinite bliss. With humbleness within our heart we are bowing to the real-self of the other living being and in fact it relates to my own real-self also. Therefore, the people to whom we are saying and we ourselves will be happy by saying Jai Satchitanand, and that happiness is at the level of heart.

    When you say Jai Satchitanand to your Mummy or Daddy we are seeing our real self in
    them. In other words, it is Dada Bhagwan in them. Also, when you are saying Jai Satchitanand, and if you see your face in the mirror, your face will be smiling.

    We can keep in our heart that let everyone get to know of truth or real self. Let
    everyone have happiness and bliss of it. Dadaji please bless all for common welfare of mankind as a whole.

    What are our duties to our family?
    We feel all the time that our parents or our family have duty towards us since they provide everything to us and help us all the time. Are they not fulfilling their duties? Are they not taking care of you? They give you everything, e.g. food, clothing, education, and other things which you like. Is it not correct? So as they are fulfilling their duties, you are getting all amenities and have all the circumstances, opportunities and privileges to grow. Therefore, should you not have your share of duties also?

    Privileges do not come without duties. As we perform our duties our privileges which become better and better are given to us naturally through our parents.

    What are our duties to our parents and our family members?

    First and foremost I will quote Holistic Scientist A. M. Patel. He used to say, “In our worldly living or with the family members we are living with, the respect and care for mother is the first priority”, he further said that one should take care of the parents, first mother then father and then teacher. One who serves and respects all these three in our life, will be very happy in the worldly living”.

    Let me quote the example of Lord Mahavir, some of you may have heard the story, that when Mahavir was in the womb, he had the feeling that let my mother not be hurt even the slightest and have no discomfort on account of me. He had all the powers you know, so he stopped moving in the womb. But the mother got anxious. The Lord even in the womb noticed it and again started moving for her. The very moment, he decided that throughout my life I will live in such a way that my Mother and Father will not be hurt even to the slightest extent by  any action of my mind, body or speech, in fact Mahavir lived that way.

    Holistic Scientist A. M. Patel always used to say that because it is on the account of my Mother (Zaverba) that I have attained such glory. He always use to love, respect, take care of his Mother, whenever his Mother needed anything or needed him to do something or whenever his Mother was sick, he used to leave all the work and sit by
    side of her.  

    So in a nutshell, the first duty is towards our parents, mother and father. We have to be respectful to them and whenever they need us, it should be in our heart that by my all actions of mind, speech and body, they should be happy and that whenever they need us we should be ready to help them to do what has been requested. That’s the first duty towards our parents and towards family members.

    So let us decide that we will try in whatever small way we can to keep our family happy. We will take care of them. We will help them. We will be always doing small errands for them. So, when your grandparents or parents want you to bring something or do some small errand for them, you should be more than happy to do the job, with this decision. Even though at that particular moment you are playing some video games or watching TV. In your mind you may think, oh no Mum, no grandpa, I’m playing my video game or watching my favorite show. However, simultaneously your heart should say, that, I should be helpful and do this errand for them. This would be more appropriate that your heart take over the decision from your mind or your intellect which is trying to keep you away at that moment from helping and your resolution of always helping them.

    Holistic Scientist said that in the home with the family members you are living with, there should be mutually very good relationships with each other. It should be cooperative, warm, loving, helping, caring and sharing such that our home itself becomes a heaven or a temple on earth.

    But, if it is a house without caring, sharing, or loving relations with each other, it’s not a good home .It merely becomes a place where they breathe only. So you can make your home a heaven on earth by your attitudes and by your correct understandings.

    What is the duty towards your friends and what kinds of friends should we keep and why? How all of you select your friends?
    There are two types of friends. The first friendship is in our routine dealings where we have friendship e.g. friends we play with in school or in classroom or neighborhood. This friendship is on the surface and you are just friendly with everybody. Second friendship is internal friendship, e.g. friendship at the level of the heart which we can say that the person is near and dear to our heart.

    So, one has to be a little selective or careful, meaning thereby, that you should select your friends whom you want to keep close to your heart such that they are also having similar goals as yours, similar purposes or similar understanding like yours.  But friends, who are going in other direction by bad habits or have some different attitudes, should be kept at some distance. They may not know that you are keeping some distance from them, but your heart knows that okay this is the friendship for the routine
    dealings and I am not going to be very close by heart with them. The friends who are caring, sharing for example, your satsang group friends you can make them hearty friends but for other friends you can keep the friendship at the level of routine dealings you have e.g. at schools or playground, playing with neighbors, going to classes or in similar situation.

    When I was in medical college I had many friends, but only a couple of friends were there with whom we were very close at heart. One of them is still continuing the hearty friendship and he is in Philadelphia. So, to heart we can say that he is really my good friend, otherwise all are friends and should be treated such but the good friends are the friends closer to heart and are selected by their virtues and attitudes.

    Holsitic Scientist A. M. Patel always used to say, keep away from “kusang”. Kusang means one which takes you away from the good things, satsangs, good virtues and qualities. So don’t keep the company of the people whom you feel may not be good for you.

    How do we prioritize our time with family, parents, and friends?
    When you are at home, make sure your priorities are aligned with your parents. When you go for social occasions, you are mixing with other family members, when you are at school or at the playground, you are with your friends, so at different phases or different events you’ll meet different people and spend time accordingly.

    Let’s suppose simultaneously two things come up to be done. One is that your parents want you to do something or take you somewhere and second is that your outside friends want you to with them. In this case, I believe that we should be prioritizing our time with the parents or with family members first and then the other friends.

    This is about our relative living. That relative living is very very important during the growing age. For example when I was studying, if I did not keep good company of friends or if I would have been involved in the company of people who were fond of going to restaurants, movies, and wasting time on other things, I would not have been able to study my medicine very well or today I may not have been a doctor. Similarly set your goals and keep good company accordingly. I was the only one from my whole class who was going to satsang and the rest all were not going to satsang. If I would have been with them the today I would not be doing this satsang.  One should be very clear, what is the thing one wants to achieve and put priority accordingly.

    One need to examine what is one’s goal, what is one’s path and remain faithful to one self, own goal, own aim, own priority and make sure one makes it happen!

    Why is Mum most important and why not Mum and Dad both equally?
    In one way both Mum and Dad are equally important, but even out of that, Mum is more important. We always say Mummy first when we say daddy or Baa and Dada, The reason is that it is the Mum who sacrifices more. Mum has carried us for 9 months in the womb. Mum doesn’t sleep if the child cannot sleep. Mum’s love is the most selfless love. If you are sick, Mum will not sleep, Mum will have sleepless nights. It is said, both are biological, physiological and karmic connection with us but it’s the Mum who sacrifices the most, mind wise, speech wise and body wise and it is the Mum’s heart which has the most caring selfless love. Of course Daddy is no way inferior, but equally important but it is more pertinent that Mum has been given a little more importance. Both are equally important, Mum and Dad, but Mum has a special place. 

    Why are festivals being celebrated?
    Our Gnani’s or rishi’s were very far sighted. Festivals have multi-faceted importance. The major importance is the festivals change our mind, it changes our attitude and if our mind has been sort of rusted within our relations to each other, during the festival days, our minds and hearts become again healthier, happier and our relations with each other also become healthier. There are many festivals being observed in India.

    Apart from their importance with the seasonal and health wise things, the most particularly important aspect is to bring us back to happier and healthier within and outside especially in our relations with each other.

    Diwali is considered to be festival of lights.

    What does Diwali signify?
    It is to find light against darkness. In one way we are having candles and lights outside during Diwali but it signifies that there should be light of knowledge, light of correct understanding and light of such a knowledge that will not only make us happy in the relative world but it will also lead us to the permanent happiness.

    Diwali marks the day on which the Lord Mahavir attained the moksha (Liberation) or he went to Moksha on the day of Diwali. On the same day, Gautam Swami, the disciple of Mahavir Swami attained absolute knowledge that is known as Keval Gnan. It is also the day of the return of the Lord Rama, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana from exile. It also is the day when the Pandavas return after 12 years of exile and one year of agyatavas.

    There are five festival days during Diwali. They are Dhanteras, Kali Chavdas, Diwali, New Year, and Bhai Beej. It is the longest and important festival observed in Indian tradition. The Indian calendar also revolves around this festival and Indian New Year in Indian tradition starts that day.

    Dhanteras is the day people worship the goddess of Lakshmi (wealth) or it is said that when you worship you acquire wealth in relative living. These are the beliefs which make our heart to pray for something.

    On Kali Chavdas day and Diwali day lights are put around the house and everything is bright.

    We bow to our parents and then other elders. We seek their blessings and then we meet and greet all the family around followed by our friends.

    Bhai Beej - The last day of festival is called Bhai Beej (Sister’s day). It celebrates the sister-brother loving relationship, in a spirit similar to Raksha Bandhan but with different rituals. The day ritually emphasizes the love and lifelong bond between siblings. It is a day when women and girls get together; perform a puja with prayers for the wellbeing

    of their brothers, then return to a ritual of food-sharing, gift-giving and family reunion.

    We observe that during these days, everybody is very happy, forgets everything, family gather together and enjoy the festival.

    Most significance is when we get blessings during the festivals.

    What is the meaning of blessing?
    Blessing is the transfer of energy from the person whom we are seeking blessing. He or She heartily blesses us, and in doing so there is a transfer of energy. It’s a metaphysical separate energy transfers and we get the energy which will help us to grow up to acquire whatever best and auspicious things we are going to achieve in our either relative living or for our real eternal self. So blessings will help us to become stronger and to grow from within. Inner energy is very very important or vital when we are faced with a difficult situation. Whenever we are progressing from within to attain the heights in any field or anywhere it gives us the energy especially from within.

    I remember when I was younger of your age and I always used to go to my Mother whenever I was going for exams or on auspicious days and seek the blessings from her and I believe her blessings helped me throughout my life to grow up to greater heights.

    Do you also feel the same way? Do you believe that the blessings help you to grow from within and attain the better heights?  Our intent is to go on acquiring as many blessings as you can.

    One important thing we want to discuss is that there are 2 types of pleasures. One is the pleasure in routine activities, e.g. playing games or going out with friends, eating, so you can or do enjoy these activities. Second pleasure is the happiness at the level of the heart which gives you the satisfaction, fulfillment and feeling of progressing from within. So keep a watch on both and you can always have the outer fun but at the same time also be careful of your heart and be loyal to your heart too. In fact you should be loyal to your heart, which also applies to me. It’s irrespective of age.

    Make best of both worlds
    The last small message which comes to my heart is that you have best of both worlds. You have comforts and luxuries of the western style and we have the rich cultural heritage, enriched knowledge based, inner happiness heritage from India. So I wish you the very best.


  • Q&A with Holistic Scientist Kanudadaji - Part 1

    by Manish Shah | Nov 02, 2014
    Holistic Scientist: So basically a ‘Sat Purush’ (સત્‌ પુરુષ) is distinctly separate from a ‘Sant Purush’ (સંતપુરુષ). A ‘Sant Purush’ guides us in relative life to be away from negative life-forces and try to be on the positive side. But he himself may not be totally on the positive side. It is difficult because anything can go on inside the mind.

    In medical science, one can dissect the human body and come to know all about the physical anatomy, but the mind cannot be dissected. This surgery, i.e. the separation of the Body and the Soul, which is at the level of the mind, can only be performed by a live, self-realized Soul. Just as in physical surgery, the cause of the disease has to be removed for the person to be cured, similarly in this surgery, whatever bonding forces are there between the two – the Body and the Soul, have to be removed. And this removal is not the function of physical activity. This activity is non-physical. It is a state-wise activity of an inner, experienced, self-realized state. It is the self-realized state within, that works in the surgery through the medium of a live body, which is a mere 'Instrument'. How to explain to you what a Gnani is? Who in the world can understand Him? 

     Holistic Scientist: Everything fine? The five sentences?

    Aspirant: The five sentences.

    Holistic Scientist: The two viewpoints –the Relative and the Real. Who are you by Relative viewpoint?

    Aspirant: By Relative viewpoint, I am Gauri.

    Holistic Scientist: There is no realization as long as doubting situations are there. But regarding this, there are no doubts as to ‘who you are’. Who are you by Real viewpoint ?

    Aspirant: I am Pure Soul.

    Holistic Scientist: Are you Pure Soul only? Who is speaking then? Who is replying? Pure Soul cannot speak. So whom does the speech relate to – Pure Soul or Gauri?

    Aspirant: Gauri.

    Holistic Scientist: That’s it. So all the relative functions belong to Gauri by Relative viewpoint and whatever happens by Relative viewpoint, happens to Gauri as Relative Gauri and ‘I’ as Real Pure Soul is just a ‘knower and seer’ and in the Divine Vision that has opened out, the ‘I’ sees whatever is happening to Gauri in all the relative activities.

    Aspirant: So once we speak….

    Holistic Scientist: It’s a physical, relative function and Pure Soul is beyond speech. This realisation is hundred per cent doubtless. How many per cent?

    Aspirant: Hundred per cent.

    Holistic Scientist: Then it’s O.K. But later you may say, “Oh! So many things happen to Gauri. But the realization that this is happening to Gauri and I am Pure Soul does not remain with me.” That is a sort of…

    Aspirant: Illusion....

    Holistic Scientist: No! Not illusion, but reflective consciousness. It appears to be like that reflectively. Pure Soul within knows that whatever happens, happens to Gauri and ‘I’, Pure Soul as Pure consciousness, is totally dissociated from Gauri and all Gauri’s bodily (changing) aspects and all worldly interactions, aspects of the Relative world….

    Aspirant: Illusion....

    Holistic Scientist: No! Illusion has gone now. Illusion means ‘I am Gauri’. That wrong belief is the illusion and to live life, wrong belief-wise is illusory life. Illusory, in the sense, to believe ‘what is not’ as ‘what is’. But when you experience everything, how can you say ‘what is not’? Well, ‘what is not’ means what is not perpetual, what is subject to change, we believe it as changeless; what is subject to destruction, we believe it as something that is going to last and last. That is called wrong belief. That’s all.

    Well, we are explaining to you in such simple words and at such a low level that you may feel that it is too easy. So it is up to you now. With this new vision, go on experiencing this state within you. And live out your life as per these five sentences, the first two being that by Relative viewpoint, ‘I am Gauri’ and by Real viewpoint, ‘I am Pure Soul’. You will experience these two viewpoints as they are (as Gauri separate from the Pure Soul).

    But sometimes this vision gets disturbed because of your basic body relative aspects at mind level, physical consciousness level, physical intellectual level and physical egoistic level. Egoistic, in the sense, that the location of the ego is exactly behind the navel. The whole body’s central point is that. In the physical sense, any imbalance in the body first occurs in a subtle form, comes into gross form later and then takes the shape of a disease and spreads further and further. But that happens particularly at the lower part of the spinal cord. The spinal cord is the most intricate mechanism in the whole body and it is also custom made, Gauri. How ? Custom made. 

    Aspirant: Custom made?

    Holistic Scientist: Yes. Gauri is custom made. You are made by yourself.

    “Oh! You have come? Come, come. Jai Sachchidanand. Jai Sachchidanand”. Do you know the meaning of the word 'Jai Sachchidanand'? ‘Sat’ relates to the Pure Soul. ‘Chit’ relates to your realized state of being 'you', by Real viewpoint as ‘Shuddh’, Pure Soul. It is a state of pure consciousness. That vision has opened out and as that vision functions, the result is Bliss, ‘Anand’. So that ‘Anand’ is the quality of your Pure Soul state vision. Now, when I see you laughing, I know that you are experiencing that blissful state. When you are not aware of your true identity, you are serene and all that. But the state of God is not like that. Otherwise who would seek the pleasure and such a state of God? Nobody would seek it. But it has been there perpetually and now it has opened out within you.

    In any situation, you will feel that this is happening to Gauri and she is suffering through her own past mistakes and now in the suffering form, those mistakes are phasing out. A situation has arisen and now, the circumstances, the whole happening is taking shape and going up, then again taking shape and going up, up and up; then it stays there for a while and then comes down like that. You can observe that in your own life now. It is going to happen physically throughout your life according to whatever material(stock of karmas) is accumulated within you. It all happens on the physical plane and 'you' as Pure Soul are distinctly separate from that. But it is because of 'grace' that you have got this realization, not because of your efforts.

    What happened is, that you had the accumulation of a certain right type of physical luck aspect which was of a very high quality, which made it possible for you to get this realization. Actually, ‘luck’ is too ordinary a word to be used.

    By and large, we say that people who are happy, are lucky. But the qualities of luck differ greatly. Everybody thinks that an emperor is very lucky. But inside, he only knows how lucky he is. On the other hand, Jesus had such a great luck factor that He came as the ‘Son of God’ and it was the qualities within Him that drew the people towards Him; not their efforts. Similarly, you, too, had this luck factor within you that was carried forward from past lives and that helped you to attain this self-realization through our experienced state. And the grace of that divinity which is within us and which we experience in every breath of our life, for that to be showered on you, 'this body' is an Instrument. So this is how the relationship of the whole relative world is – Instrument and Instrumentality.

    Are you listening, Ranjitbhai? Are you experiencing your blissful state?

    Aspirant: Yes. Very much.

    Holistic Scientist: So both the things go on. Ranjitbhai is listening and the Pure Soul is viewing Ranjitbhai who is listening. Unless there is a scene, nothing can be seen. So the viewer, i.e. Ranjitbhai, sees the scene with his physical eyes and the ‘seer’ sees the ‘viewer’. The ‘seer’ relates to original vision, Pure Soul vision. Do you follow?

    The ‘seeing’ aspect that has opened out, that is called 'Divine Vision', that is Real
    viewpoint. Unless that vision opens out, you cannot see any of your thoughts, which are scenes and ‘You’ are the ‘seer’ of those scenes (thoughts). That is the relationship between your mind within you and 'you' as Pure Soul. And the establishment of that relationship is the divinity in its realized state within you that goes on opening out, on living out life as per these five sentences, the first two being that by Relative viewpoint ‘I am Ranjitbhai’ and by Real viewpoint, ‘I am Pure Soul’.

    This present body form and life is due to the accumulation of karmas of the previous
    life. And now, that has to be spent out, phased out. So during that phasing out, to stay firmer and firmer on Pure Soul vision side, We are giving you the third sentence which you have to follow as a dictate, command. Command does not mean that We keep you bound. The word ‘command’ has to be used, as there is no alternative word in English. But it is a command from US because WE are totally free from all commands. We, too, are living our life as per this sentence and because you have got this vision now, We are giving it as a command to you individually, for your own Pure Soul opening out.

    by Amit Patel | Oct 01, 2014

    In the present day society austerities (‘Vrat’) are generally practiced outwardly as involuntary rituals. Under the circumstances the intended purpose of austerities, to ignite alertness-aloofness, is generally lost.

    A free willed austerity in outward & inward conduct of an Aspirant, with dedication and sincerity, towards a singular aim for liberation or emancipation, is termed as ‘Vrat’ in its true sense.

    The Aspirant takes a sacred vow before the ‘Enlightened Being’ for the extrinsically as well as intrinsically diligent performance of the austerities form the bottom of his/her heart so that the same becomes the part of his/her being and at the same time gets devoid of hypocrisy, mistrust, sensual indulgence and skepticism. i.e. the austerities become natural way of life of the aspirant so much that he/she does not carry a sentience of conducting the ‘Vrat’.

    Let us give a glimpse of the Mahavrat/Anuvrat in its relative as well as its real form as revealed by Holistic Scientist to the world.

    There are five types of Mahavrat. They are (1) Non-violence (Ahinsa), (2) Truth (Satya) (3) Non-stealing (Asteya) (4) Dispossession of worldly belongings (Aparigrah) and (5) Celibacy (Brahmacharya)

    The above five Mahavrats  are generally meant for Sages and Saints who have renounced for their homes and/or worldly possessions in search of Eternal Truth but when performed by common devotees who still have their homes, worldly possessions, families, social obligations etc. they are termed as Anuvrat.

    (1)   Non Violence (Ahinsa)
    In popular parlance non-violence means not to injure and/or kill any sentient living being but to protect them and conduct activities to relieve their pain or miseries..

    There are two aspects of Ahinsa:
    a)      Dravya Ahinsa which is visible in outward form and results into meritorious deeds (Punya) because the aspirant carries a conviction or inward sentience that he/she is indeed doing well to other living beings.
    b)      Bhav-Ahinsa which is predominately an inward conduct not to injure or kill or hurt any living being through mind-speech-body. Such aspirant is always conscious and careful of not hurting the feelings of other living beings.

    But the true import of non-violence is an aspirant of ‘Pure-Self’ respects with reverence the Eternal Being (atman) embodied in all forms of life, without giving importance to their outward forms. An aspirant conducts his/her activities in such a way that his/her mind-speech-body existence does not hurt inwardly or outwardly any living being. Such an aspirant is devoid of any sense of doer-ship and or possession in his/her intrinsic and extrinsic conduct.

    Non-violence in this form is commendable and  is indeed an act of bravery, which could be termed as true non-violence.

    (2)   Truth (Satya)
    In common parlance, what one considers right, as distinct from wrong, is termed as truth. However, opinions may vary as to what is right or wrong, since the same depends on individual view point, which may not represent a fact at all times.

    Even when what is right or correct is spoken, the same is advisable to be short, sweet, unambiguous, untainted with likes or dislikes and free from ego, as not to be harmful to
    others or hurt others or hurt other feelings. Such a conduct in common parlance could be considered nearer to truth. \

    In reality, the absolute truth could be heard from the words of a fully ‘Enlightened Being’ only, who has welfare of all living beings at heart and who is devoid of ego and self identity. Such truthful words emanate fro the ‘Omniscient’, who indeed has conquered all sensual feelings, ego, attachments, illusion etc. and who has abidance in ‘Pure-Self’ alone.

    (3)   Non-Stealing (Asteya)
    It is said by the Sages that the people get what they truly deserve as per their destiny, in accordance with the universal law of nature. A sentience (Bhav) to steal from others, springs from desires, wants, cravings, to possess and acquire by unfair means without adequate effort.

    The intention not to steal or not to acquire possessions, which are not deservedly due, is a ‘Vow’ of Asteya or Non stealing. A true ‘Vow’ of Asteya  taken in the presence of Guru (Spiritual teacher) has to be with total sincerity and humility, not to have possessions, which are not rightfully due or not to snatch from others their belongings by unfair means.

    The aspirant of Asteya Vrati conducts himself, as per the ‘Vow’ with diligence and sincerity through his/her mind of speech and bodily existence. Such a Vrati constantly inquires inwardly, while conducting his/her worldly activities, so that he/she does not become a recipient of possessions which are not deserved truly to him/her.

    (4)   Dispossession of worldly belongings (Aparigrah)
    In popular parlance, ‘Paragrah’ means material possessions viz. wealth, property, family and all other belongings and ’Aparigrah’ means renunciation of all worldly belongings and adoption of path of austerities as per the discipline of Sages. The performer of such an ‘aprigrah-vrat’ still carries an inward conviction that he/she has indeed renounced worldly belongings resulting into further causations.

    The true import of’Aparigrahi’ means abidance in the ‘Pure-Self’ alone and remains unaffected by worldly belongings including ownership of mind, speech and bodily existence.

    The aspirant who has freely willed to take ‘Aparigrahi-Vow’, is not affected despite having formal worldly possessions or without it, because he/she has abidance in the exalted state of ‘Self’ alone, where sentience of neither ego nor possession exists.

    (5)   Celibacy (Brahmacharya)
    In popular parlance, the practice taking a vow of celibacy is not to be in intimate contact or live with the opposite sec and avoid sensual pleasures. Part of the conduct in this ‘Vow’ is directly related to the destiny of an individual (Uday Karma) and as such may not be the result of spiritual efforts.

    According to Holistic Scientist (“Gnani-Purush”) this is not enough to be considered as Brahmachari  because an individual who practice such a ‘Vow’ nurses a feeling that there is pleasure in the female’s body and vice-versa, then he/she is not celibate in real sense of the term.

    The true import of celibacy means there is no pleasure either in the male or femaile body but true joy/happiness lies in the ‘Pure-Soul’. i.e. the pleasure does not lie in the enjoyment of sex is called real ‘Celibacy’. ‘Real celibandcy’ does not mean renunciation of man or woman only, but constant and total abidance in the poisesteadiness, stability of the ‘Supreme Self’ after the devotee has mastered ‘Sacred Vision’ (Samyak Darshan)  under loving care of  “Gnani-Purush”.  Such aspirant of celibacy has realized the true import of ‘Who am I?’ as well as ‘Who am I not?’ The conduct of such aspirant is mainly centered towards an ultimate aim of liberation by dwelling in the ‘Pure-Self’ and overcoming all the natural happenings with equanimity and understanding.



    by Amit Patel | Oct 01, 2014


    Life is like a river. The goal of river is to reach the ocean and that of life is to attain liberation. A river twists and turns along the way and finds a natural path as it flows. To sustain its water, it has two banks which guide its flow. Similarly life is lived at two levels – external (material) and inner (spiritual). A life well lived balances both the outer and inner aspects.

    How do we know that we are living a fulfilling life from a Holistic Science perspective? The following evaluation will serve a guiding light and point out things we are doing well and things that require a renewed focus from us.

    1. What is the Purpose of Life?
    Why am I doing what I am doing? How can I serve humanity? What do I want out of this world? What do I want to get out of the inner life? What do I need to do get permanent happiness?

    2. Do I live in the present moment?
    Am I invested in the moment? Am I focused on my goal?

    3. Do I know myself?
    What is my identity? Am I living my truth? What are the three words that describe me (happy, positive, worrisome, stressed, goal orientated, helpful, kind, enthusiastic, caring, selfish, engaging, greedy, have pride, have anger, have attachments, etc….) How do I interact with others?

    4. Am I taking care of my body?
    How much energy do I have? Can I sustain high level of energy throughout the day? Am I rested and hydrated? Do I eat properly? Do I exercise?

    5. Am I productive?
    Can I do more? Have I accomplished what I want to accomplish? What is missing today? What am I doing about it? How am I progressing towards achieving my external goals? How have I done in terms of sincerity - dealing with others as one would deal with oneself? How have I done in terms of morality – only claiming things that are lawfully mine?

    Self Examination of Divine Codes of Conduct

    1. Am I hurting, causing to hurt, or supporting to hurt even the slightest ego of any living being?
    2. Am I hurting, causing to hurt, or supporting to hurt even the slightest extent the foundation or view-point of any religion or faith? .
    3. Am I uttering untrue adverse things from offending or showing disregard (disrespect) to any preacher, monk, or a religious head?
    4. Am I disliking or hating any living being?
    5. Am I speaking, causing someone to speak or supporting someone speaking harsh, hurtful language or language of rivalry to anyone?
    6. Do I have faults, desires, gestures, or thoughts of perverted sensuality or passion towards any gender – male, female or neuter?
    7. Do I have any excessive temptation towards any relish or taste of food? Am I eating wholesome food?
    8. Am I uttering adverse things from offending or showing disregard towards any being – living or dead, in one’s presence or absence?
    9. Am I being instrumental in welfare of the world that is common good of mankind as a whole?


    Rajnikant Patel, MSME, PMP (retired), Bethlehem, Pa

    (This Inspiration is from the Holistic Inner Science and present Holistic Scientist Shree Kanudadaji).


    by Amit Patel | Oct 01, 2014

    Universal projections as given hereunder work as hearty decisions with ardent prayers leading to inner transformation and rich inner living.

    Principal resolution:

    ‘Let my mind, speech, body not hurt any living being in the world even to slightest extent and  let my mind, speech, body be used to oblige others’. (‘Yog, Upayogo paropakaray’). 

     (Resolve and pray five times in the morning as you get up from bed) 

     'Nine Priceless Diamonds’ or ‘Divine Codes of Conduct’. 
    This is the Essence of all Holy Scriptures as practiced and revealed by the self–realized, experienced Holistic Scientist popularly known as “Dada Bhagwan”.

    1. O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from hurting, causing someone to hurt or supporting someone hurting even slightly, the ego of any living being.

    May you bless me with such an inner strength in the philosophy   of relative pluralism (syadvad) in thinking, speech and conduct as would restrain me from hurting even slightly, the ego of any living being.

    2.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength so as not to hurt, neither cause someone to hurt or support someone hurting even to the slightest extent, the foundation or view-point of any religion or faith.

    May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength in the philosophy of relative pluralism (syadvad) in speech, conduct and thinking as would restrain me from hurting any of religious view-points or beliefs.

    3.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from uttering untrue adverse things, from offending or showing disregard (disrespect) to any preacher, monk, nun or a religious head.

    4.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would not make me dislike or hate any living being to the slightest extent, neither cause anyone nor support anyone doing so.

    5.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from speaking, causing someone to speak or supporting someone speaking harsh, hurtful language or language of rivalry to anyone.

    Give me inner strength to speak soft, sober, soothing language even if someone speaks harsh, hurtful, egoistic or biting language.

    6.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me having faults, desires, gestures or thoughts of perverted sensuality or passion towards any gender-male, female or neuter.

    Give me the supreme strength so as to be free of sensual or passionate attitudes or perversions forever.

    7.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength to control my excessive temptation towards any relish or taste of food. 

    Give me the strength to take food having balance of all tastes.

    8.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from uttering untrue adverse things, from offending or showing disregard towards any being-living or dead, in one’s presence or absence.

    9. O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength for being instrumental in welfare of the world that is common good of mankind as a whole.


    One has just to resolve, pray heartily and ask for inner strength, three times a day. It should not be repeated mechanically but should be kept at heart. It contains essence of all Holy Scriptures. One may ask for inner strength from whomsoever one believes in. If one asks from one in whom such a state is fully established, one will get it readily.

    Scientific basis:

    Everyone asks to change our behavior. We also wish to do so but often fail, get confused and frustrated.  Why so? What is the science behind this? Can one change an effect or a fruit? No, one needs to change a cause or a seed.  Behavior or present personality is the result, effect or fruit of previous causes or seeds which were laid in the form of previous decisions or projections. What can be easily changed is present understanding. With change of understanding, inner decisions, resolutions and projections would change and behavior would follow naturally.  It works like a seed or a cause and behavior would result like a fruit or an effect.

    Hence we do not ask you to change behavior forcibly but we just change our understanding. This is the most significant and yet easy, practical approach through holistic inner science. 

    A brief explanation of ‘Nine Priceless Diamonds’ or ‘Divine codes of conduct

    1st Diamond:

    Ego means ‘I am’ that is to say ‘I am name bearer’. Ego is very existence or life for all human beings. Only two things happen in interactive dealings, either Ego is boosted or hurt. No one can be happy by hurting anyone’s ego. Whenever someone’s ego is hurt by our mind, speech or body we would also have inner disturbance and in addition there would be reactionary behavior, echo or revengeful attitude from one whose ego is hurt. One who would not hurt anyone’s ego anytime would straight away attain the ultimate blissful state. So this first code of conduct is of prime significance.

    ‘Syadvad’ means a vision, an all-embracing approach that would take into account all different view-points in a situation and would not hurt anyone’s view-point. It enables one to know by what angle and to what extent it is correct. It also enables one to know the ultimate correctness. Everyone is correct by his/her own view-point and understanding, and there is some truth in each of the view-points. Only through ‘syadvad’ one can succeed in not hurting any one’s ego or view-point. In simpler words one asks for inner strength of balanced thinking, speech or act.

    2nd Diamond:
    As per Holistic/ Vitrag science, there are several (fourteen lac) layers of human beings depending on their belief planes and inner development. Everyone has different developments. As there are many classes from K.G. to College and University degree, so are standards in spiritual development too. And according to the standard, the person will get along with a particular religion or a preacher. So all religions are correct but not the same!

    3rd Diamond:
    In true sense any monk, nun, preacher or religious head tries to show some light to mankind. Uttering untrue adverse things means to misrepresent or tell which is not true.

    4th Diamond:
    When we hate or dislike anyone, we see the packing (outer body) and don’t see the material (pure self) inside. Moreover it reflects back on our own self. Indifference that is disregard with a dislike and hatred or contempt are two main faults one may have towards any living being. One who can get rid of these two would attain very high state of being.

    5th Diamond:
    In present times most of the bondages are due to language or speech only. Speech is such that it hurts others, pierces through heart or may lead to rivalry and revengeful attitude. Words can lead to wars and words can also resolve wars. One should have a decision and ardent desire (‘bhavna’) as to how speech can be improved, how it can become sweet, sober and soothing, making others happy. 

    6th Diamond:
    Here focus is to abstain from carnal deeds or sensual/sexual misendeavours of all kinds by mind, speech and body both directly and indirectly. One has human right to get involved in sensual pleasures with one’s own lawful spouse through marriage. But any thought, act or even a passionate stare towards anyone else is a serious fault. Everyone lawfully belongs to someone. Today it forms a major weakness or a major binding factor, so one should be aware of it.

    Fearless in sensual pleasures leads to moral degradation. But really speaking, the happiness of pure soul surpasses all the sensual pleasures. Desire for sensual pleasures is one of the principal causes of bondage to humans.  Yet the Vitrag (one who is totally free from attachments (raga) and aversions (dewsha)) do not object when it is in normality and with your lawful spouse to whom you are married.

    To keep ourselves pure, it is utmost necessary to pray daily for such strength and it is especially pertinent in present time.

    7th Diamond:
    It is said that all six tastes are necessary to maintain health. (They are bitter, astringent, chilly, sour, salty and sweet) Imbalance, i.e. excess of one or absence of the other may affect harmony. So it is advisable to take all the six tastes in proper proportions.

    8th Diamond:
    Doing any such thing towards anyone is going to affect the self-first.

    9th Diamond:
    Our own welfare is automatically included in our wishing for the welfare of the world.

  • Q&A with Holistic Scientist PPS Kanudadaji

    by Amit Patel | Sep 01, 2014
    Aspirant: Dadaji, could you explain what Sanskar means?

    Dadashri: Sanskar does not mean virtues as is generally understood. There is no equivalent word for it in English. But you will understand what it means as we explain it to you.

    Sam-kaar  means all activities are balanced. And one who is balanced, normal, in all the activities of life, in all relative living and in all the relative aspects, is Sanskari. Do you follow?

    It is extremely difficult to understand Sanskar. That is the puzzle and that I exactly what distributed Arjun for he had no knowledge of this. And why is it he had no knowledge? Because the vision that is required for such knowledge was not there. Even though he had been with Lord Krishna all his life and at that particular point of time in front of Him, yet he was puzzled. Faced with the situation of having to fight his own kinsmen, he was put in a dilemma. Lord Krishna understood his problem & explained to him that the situation demanded that as a Sanskari, he should be very alert and not waste any time or he would be finished as war was already declared. Had war not been declared, it would be a different thing.

    But Arjun continued to be puzzled. How can one be active in any relative activity and at the same time be balanced? Then Lord Krishna explained the state of a balanced human being to him. Now a human being with a balanced state! How can one be balanced in each and every situation when the only instrument one has to deal with the situation is intellect. What? Tell me.

    Aspirant: Intellect.

    Dadashri: Definitely. All over the world, intellect is the only measurable instrument one has with which one as to be balanced. And that instrument itself has to be stable. Unless that instrument is stable, how can one be balanced? At that time, the intellect had some balance. But if for Arjun it was difficult to live as per his intellect, how could it be easy for an ordinary person? Lord Krishna continued to explain. And finally the time came when Arjun, having realized the limit of his own understanding power that was intellectual based, surrendered and begged of Lord Krishna to show him his ultimate form (divine state). So, the ultimate form was shown and he exclaimed. ‘Oh! Behold! Behold! Behold! ‘

    He was awe struck on seeing his form, not in the sense of stature and size. He saw the form of that Absolute Divinity within, with powers of infinite and perpetual nature unfolded in a body without egoism. A live body without egoism is that Absolute form in this limited body frame. Do you follow? A live body without egoism! That is what he saw. And yet Lord Krishna was living with everybody like a friend. Nobody could understand that he had such powers within. But to know that, you have to have that inner Divine vision.

    But for the people to understand such a form and god be fearing in life, one has o be shown and explained such a form, stature wise, dramatically, with so many heads, so many hands and all those things.

    Aspirant: So God doesn’t have so many heads?

    Dadashri: No! God doesn’t have so many heads. This form is for those who have no realization of God and God’s form, His potentiality and powers, infinite powers. Till one gets self realization, one has to be god fearing keep fear of God in mind & live life. If the cops are removed and full freedom given, what will be the state?

    Aspirant: There will be chaos.

    Dadashri: Chaos! People will play havoc. So cops are needed. Similarly, for the people, depending on their stages of development, to be blessed with an easy life, a smooth life, they have to be God fearing & rely on Him. That is why God is shown to man as someone with stature.

    But the true stature of Lord Krishna was that He experienced himself in every living creature, whether visible or invisible. And that was the vision, Sanskar, that the Lord Krishna gave to Arjun. Do you understand, Vikram? And you? (referring to his fiancée). So your marriage is fixed for the 18th of July? Very good. My blessings are with you. Our Sanskar are such that in spite of being bound by marriage, though dependent on each other throughout life, both of you will experience independence. That is the state… It is not the Woman’s Liberation Movement that can give independency to women. No!

    There were times when women could not read scriptures. They could not read the Vedas. There were certain reasons and certain social adjustments required. But how can rules that are subject to time and period be made into permanent laws? See how people lose their own independence on so many man created laws and other things as per social requirements. Not that it is bad. It is good. But there are certain limits within the frame of which everybody has to be understood. It is not that females are inferior to males. No! No! No! Not at all. Both have equal right to realize and experience the mighty and total blissful state of God and that too within oneself, not outside. And therefore in search of God, one has to go within, not wander outside. Within means one has to go deep, to the core of the heart.

    And Jesus is there at the core of the heart. It is not that Jesus has died. No! Jesus himself had said that ‘We’ are there and Resurrection is referred to in this sense. Vision, do you follow? And the location of Jesus, His life and way of living is at heart. He was a living example to the world in his times of a human being with heart. For Him, nobody was his enemy. Though one has to face so many contradictory situations in life, yet at heart one can be totally impartial. But today, because of the hard and complex times, to live, by heart, principle wise is very difficult. Today, nobody can trust anybody. But oh! What a wonder of Nature that in such difficult times, you have a live form before you in whom you can have trust just on seeing Him and such a live form can only be a self-realized state, in its total experience. Though He is before you, eating, speaking, participating in all the worldly activities like everyone else, yet HE is not in any of these worldly activities, totally free (separate) like a dry coconut kernel from the shell.

    Aspirant: Dadaji, when you were talking of Arjun with Krishna, you mentioned that at the time, Arjun was not aware of the Pure Soul. The issue was that he had a problem in entering the battle because of his emotions. So in today’s context, we always have the same battle.

    Dadashri: Like?

    Aspirant: Like where do we draw the line because a lot of times, we have to stretch a lot…

    Dadashri: In short, I will tell you. It is the crux, the basic point. That means one has to live life with the drawn line, the border line, the dissociating line. Do you follow? But that line is not physical and yet it is there. And the subtlety, the divinity and the powers of what is within are here. It’s the line of demarcation between the Relative and the Real.

    To have knowledge of the Relative perfectly as well as knowledge of oneself as Real, Shuddhatma, which is perpetual with infinite powers, infinite vision, infinite knowing power, that is true knowledge.

    But worldly knowledge in relative terms is based on intellect. The sharper the intellect, the sharper the knowledge. The sharpness of an intellectual person surpasses that of an ordinary person who understands this knowledge of the Real at a much later stage depending on his intellectual state within. But after all, it is intellectual power only and it is physical. But though physical, it is not something that the medical science can examine to understand it. It is physical in the sense that it is part and parcel of the whole physical existence. But unfortunately, understanding this knowledge of the Real has always been a puzzle in good times as well as adverse times.

    In good times too, everybody tries to solve the puzzle through the medium of intellect only. But how can intellect help when one is puzzled? But as the understanding grows, one realizes more and more that one is caught in a puzzle, which is making one dependent on so many things. In fact, this bonded state gets understood in each and every facet of life. And that experience (of the bonded state) particularly comes in adverse times when all one’s reliance on intellect fails. Then one remembers God and takes the solace of prayer. Prayer has a great impact, let me tell you. Even though one is with intellect, it does not matter. But the whole irony is that prayer and intellect never go together. Never! Prayer always has to be from the heart and the difference between the head and the heart is here.

    Now only a self-realized Soul, a “Gnani”, who has perfect knowledge of the qualities of the Relative and the Real and who is always on the Real aspect side, God aspect side, with Godly virtues, Godly qualities in spite of living in the Relative field (mind, speech, body assembly), can implant you on the Real side by destroying all the relative belief aspects which you believed to be Real and open out your Real vision. This can happen only as long as the “Gnani” is alive. The moment He is not there, then you have to rely on indirect means by way of scriptures, books or whatever activities can help you.

    But whatever may be the indirect means, they are of limited power because the body medium, which is taking the help of these means, is itself in disarray, i.e. not in unison by head, by heart & by behavior. By head means at mind level, by heart means at speech level and by behavior means activities at gross body level. So in the absence of such a unified function of the whole body, as a unified aspect, as a unified live means, one has to resort to so many other means for one to be stable within and this is very difficult. That is why Lord Krishna said that only in the presence of a self-realized person is there, that you have a solution to this puzzle.

    When Lord Krishna’s state opened out, it was a transitional time. Even though times were good, i.e. mind, speech, body were in unison, negative forces were taking over the positive forces. And today, when times are bad and there is no unison of the mind, speech, body assembly, the Gnani’s state, Dada’s state, has opened out.

    Aspirant: Dadaji, in the context of Arjun, he passed through various situations before he ended up with the decision to enter war. But when he actually came on the battlefield, he could forsee the dire consequences of war and then went back on his decision to fight.

    Dadashri: No! That means he did not understand Dharma as it is. That is the point. Do you follow, Ranjitbhai?

    Aspirant: I am following but…

    Dadashri: No! Dharma, to know Dharma as it is, is a totally different thing. That is where Arjun failed because his understanding of Dharma was based on intellect and the aspect of intellectual understanding (emotional aspect) of Dharma is not Dharma.

    Unable to comprehend what Lord Krishna was explaining to him. What his Dharma demanded, Arjun ultimately surrendered and then Lord Krishna bestowed Grace on him, destroyed all his belief aspects on the Relative side which he believed as Dharma and his state as his perpetual aspect was established within him. And having done that, he left Arjun to decide what he had to do.

    We have not gone through the Gita nor read any scriptures. Yet, if you put any scripture in the world before us, we can see them through and through and reveal what exactly had happened at that time. We can visualize those times and those aspects now, be it the times of Jesus, Buddha, Lord Krishna, anyone, just anyone. You too can do so but for that you have to spend some time with us and everything will be O.K. But today we have to talk to Dona and all these people.

    Come, come, Dona, ask whatever questions you have.

    Aspirant: I am going through difficult times. I had a relation with someone for four years. We had a baby. But the relationship has ended and I am having trouble moving house.

    Dadashri: Would you like to taste, experience independency within you in situations where you feel depressed or in certain aspects of life that you might face in the future? I can make you experience independence from all those forces. But that desire to get freedom from the puzzles and problems of life has to come from the bottom of your heart. Right? But what price will you pay for it? You are charging for your portraits, isn’t it?

    Aspirant: I paint pictures of angels to spread the idea of spirituality.

    Dadashri: In India too, there are painters who want to show that such is the brilliant light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. But pictures are pictures after all, and ‘you’ are ‘you’ as Pure Soul within, how can the pictures be seen? So because of your certain natural gift that is carried forward from your past life into this life and that little clarity which is within, you can draw the pictures.

    Aspriant: Yes, I know it’s a gift.

    Dadashri: So for artists, players, dramatists, musicians, scientists, for all of them, it is like this. But a real artist with a natural gift is one who never compromises art in terms of money. The same goes for a great author too.

    Aspirant: That’s why I don’t make much money…

    Dadashri: It will come when the time comes. The coming and going out aspect of money is something that is subject to certain natural laws. Do you understand? But people are ignorant of this. Certain people amass wealth in spite of not working hard or by unfair means; and honest, sincere, hard working people don’t many any money. These times are such. One can say that today’s time is parole time, a temporary, brief period for people to live life with certain means of happiness created due to the advancement of technology on  the physical side. What does Parole mean. Ranjitbhai?

    Aspirant: Parole? To  be…

    Dadashri: To be out of prison for a limited period.

    Aspirant: Temporarily.

    Dadashri: Then back into prison.

    Aspirant: Depending on your behavior.

    Dadashri: Life is like this but people don’t realize this. For  you, money and everything else will also come. But you must remember that all this is a coming and going aspect. But the experience of your blissful state is perpetual; it can never go. It is not subject to destruction or change.

    Ranjitbhai, the answer to your query is in those 5 sentences only. Those 5 sentences can unfold infinite powers within you. But these being adverse times, that infiniteness cannot open out to its fullest extent, the Absolute state. Yet, you can experience those infinite powers within you to the extent of 14th phase of the Moon, but not the Full Moon. Can you trace the difference between the 14th phase of the Moon and the Full Moon?

    Aspirant: It’s the phases of the Sun.

    Dadashri: No questions of the Sun. We are talking of the moon now. The Moon and Sun are totally different. It’s not the phases of the Sun. It’s the phases which are relative that go on operating on the physical aspects and which makes us see the Moon as waning and waxing. For 15 days waxing then waning. Do you follow? So in waxing period, when out of the Dark Moon, then first phase, second phase, third phase, like that up to the 14th phase, your infinite state can open out. But because of the time factor, the 15th phase cannot open out. So the 15th phase is here, Simandhar Swami, Absolute Vitarag and the 14th phase is here, Dada Bhagwan, though He is no more. But ‘WE’ are now here in HIS place. Though forms are different, yet the state is the same. But we cannot take credit for it. No! It’s HIS grace and yet experience is ours. You too, can achieve this state. I have not put any conditions that you have to do this or do that. After this realization of the liberated state within, you have been made free to live life fully, keeping in mind those 5 sentences given to you as Agna. Even though you have to live in this world amongst people with diverse opinions, yet you can remain opinion free and experience your blissful state. Do you follow? You can achieve this state by living as per the 5 sentences given.

    I give you 2 viewpoints. Which is the 1st on? By Relative viewpoint, I am Ranjit and the 2nd one is that by Real viewpoint, I am Shuddhatma. So why are these 2 viewpoints given as Agna? Because whatever taste you are experiencing within in a realized state is through our Grace and not due to your own efforts. Grace is required because in these times, your body medium is not in unison and therefore to follow your body medium along with other people’s body mediums and at the same time remain stable within, is difficult.

    And a stable person, even with such non-unified body aspects, the  more he progresses, the more humble he becomes. In spite of his knowledge of the Real and his understanding and experienced state within, because of his inner humility, his attitude is such that, “Oh! I am nothing. I don’t know anything.” But ordinary folk cannot understand his inner, humble state. Even for saints and sages, high sages to have such a humble state is very rare.

    In the time of Lord Rama, there was only one Maharshi and that is why he was called Maharshi. Amongst all  the  Rushis he was called Maha Rushi. Rushi  is a state, a high state. So to be in the state of Maha Rushi, it is… He was the Guru of all. Yet, he was so simple at heart. In spite of all his powers, because that realization aspect was lacking, what he felt within was “Oh! Bondage! Bondage! Bondage!” He was truly in search of a higher up. Higher up, in the sense, not in Relative terms, but in terms of an Absolute, one who is free from all bondages, i.e. a “Gnani”. And he did come across one and through his Grace, he got self-realization.

    Maharshi Vashishtha, in turn, bestowed Grace on King Rama, who also was of a high stature, and that is how he got transformed from King Rama to Lord Rama.

    Dadashri: So Ramesh, you and Shashikant are friends?

    Mahatma: Yes, we are friends.

    Dadashri: What is the definition of a friend?

    Mahatma: Somebody we know intimately to a certain degree, with whom you feel comfortable and somebody who respects our limitations.

    Dadashri: If he insults you?

    Mahatma: Well, I guess… we forget. We learn to forgive friends more than other people.

    Dadashri: Is it?

    Mahatma: I think so.

    Dadashri: In any situation?

    Mahatma: Ah! Well! You are pushing it too far.

    Dadashri: That is the test. The test is there. Right?

    Mahatma: A friend is someone in whose house you can fill the plates.

    Dadashri: That’s true. A friend is a great word, a very great word. Amongst all the relationships is a worldly life, a friendship relation is above all. And this relationship can be found only between a mother and a child. A mother’s friendship with children us the real friendship you must have such an ideal aspect before you to understand what a friendship is. A father cannot be as good a friend to a child as a mother can be. Do you follow? That means in a friendship aspect, there cannot be calculation of any sort that you can find only between a mother and child. However, a child may behave against a mother or parents, yet a mother’s love towards the child is always in favor of the child, without any sort of expectation whatsoever. Isn’t so?

    Mahatma: Yes.

    Dadashri: That is in worldly life. Similarly, in God’s realm, to experience God’s bliss, there has to be a live body in front of you, a self-realized Soul, a “Gnani”. Just as a mother’s love for a child is supreme in all the relative considerations, similarly, a Gnani’s love transgresses all the relative aspects. He identifies himself with every living creature in the whole world. He is in unison with all. Even with a fly that sits on him or an insect that bites him. He experiences oneness because his state is a pupil like state with everybody. He learns a lesson from the insect not to bite anyone.  

    Whatever physical suffering comes to any human being, can come to such a high state also. Wherever there is a body, anything can happen to the body. There is a definite account behind all these happenings. Perfect account and real accountancy of life and accountability of life lies here. Dona, do you understand?

    Our relative, worldly life is dependent on so many aspects. Yet everybody’s life accounts and its accountability is subject to one’s own doing only. You cannot blame anyone else for what happens to you. You cannot say, “Oh! He did this to me.

    We are explaining this science to you in such simple terms but there is great depth behind this. The depth of the Pacific is nothing. What is the depth of the Pacific

    Mahatma: 30 miles.

    Dadashri: Whatever it is, but it is nothing before this.

    Imagine you are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. How would you feel? But if you are picked and placed in the shallow waters where your feet touch the floor, how confident would you feel. This is what happens when you get self realization. And once that Divine Vision opens out, when you can see all the intricacies involved in living life, how life is dependent on so many aspects, the complexity of the human body etc., then you will realize that the depth of the Pacific Ocean is nothing; the Everest is nothing, the Titanic experience is nothing. Mountains, ravines, valleys, icebergs, whatever you see, all these things, all these experiences are within you only. So this accountability of life’s happenings is individual, based on one’s projections.

    So now you can realize the importance of being a human. Though you find differences nation wise, belief wise, but basically the human form is there and being human, certain qualities have to be there. So what those qualities should be needs to be well understood today. Outwardly, people show that they are concerned about their fellow beings, but often it is not so. Isn’t it ironical that laws are laid down only for human society? In any other realm, there are no laws. These plants, these creatures don’t need any laws. They don’t need maternity homes. They don’t fall sick. They are one with Nature.

    Actually, whatever came out in the vision of an original scientist, by way of natural gift, is being applied by today’s scientists in a very negative manner. Whatever research they do, the outcome is mainly focused on monetary returns and scientific dominance over the world. They don’t even know what they are heading for and fear is constantly lurking within. Hence, it would be better if they did research on the relative aspects of life to find ways and means so that people at large, feel peace within. But unless they realize the account and accountability aspect of worldly life, they cannot do research. And this applies to each and every individual who wants to go deep in the science of life.
  • Center of the Inner Science of the Soul - The Mind

    by Amit Patel | Sep 01, 2014
    First of all, let us try to understand what constitutes the mind from the point of view of an enlightened soul (Gnani).  The mind is at the center of the inner science of the soul, and is also the very basis for the progress of modern science.

    It is said that Mind is the cause of bondage for man and this very mind is also the means for total freedom from bondage.  The question now arises as to which mind this is, and how is it the cause of bondage and Liberation?  The answer to this questions is hardly known to a few, that man’s internal charged mind is the cause of his/her bondage and emancipation, but very few have any insight into its root cause.


    It is generally believed that one has only one mind, but in fact, one has two minds:
    • The causal mind - charge mind (Bhaav maan) - subtle mind
    • The effective mind - discharge mind (Dravya maan) - physical mind of conscious and subconscious state

    If both of these forms of the mind are properly understood, the path to Liberation becomes simple and clear.  Science (Vignan) gives this ultimate understanding by answering the following questions.

    • What exactly is the mind?
    • How is it born?
    • Who are its parents?
    • What goes into the formation of the mind?

    If this is understood exactly, then the mind, which has been the cause of bondage, can now lead us to Liberation.


    The mind is of two kinds, the physical and the subtle.  The subtle mind is called charged mind (Bhaav Maan, or feeling mind), and the physical mind is called the material mind (Dravya Maan).  The former is known as the causal mind, and the latter is known as the effective mind.  Bhaav Maan is in the charge form and Dravya Maan is in discharge form.  Bhaav Maan is integration (Puran or filling) and Dravya Maan is disintegration (Galan or emptying). Dravya Maan is completely physical and mechanical.

    Bhaav Maan and Dravya Maan that people know are only Nishchetan-Chetan (Mechanical Chetan). The Gnani Purush gives the Purest Original Chetan while the rest is the mechanical machinery. The machinery works by itself and because of the ego we say that we are the operator. This belief is fractured with the grace of the Gnani. Mind cannot be seen by a doctor but can be seen by the Gnani. The mind is complete physical whereas the subconscious mind is Nischetan - Chetan ( matter + conscious).


    The charge mind (Bhaav Maan) is situated between the eyebrow, three inches behind the center of the forehead Agna Chakra, or third eye vortex), whereas the discharge
    mind (Dravya Maan) is in the heart (Anahat Chakra, or Lotus Petal Link).


    Today mind is scattered in many places and objects. It is like water, which, after it has been sprinkled around can not be used. On the other hand if water is contained in a vessel, than it can be used appropriately. Similarly, if mind can be contained, then it can be used in the spiritual Pureuit. Since the water can be bounded by a vessel, likewise subtle physical state of mind can be bound only by a non physical state of Self Realized conscious state of an Atma Gnani Purush.

    No one but an Atma Gnani Purush can reach the Bhaav Maan (charge mind), and He alone can plug into our Bhaav Maan so that the new subtle mind is not charged anymore, and only the discharge mind remains.  Only then can the effects of Dravya Maan (discharge mind) be seen and known.


    Greed, pride, deceit, and anger are some of the knots within the mind.

    The knot of pride is easy to detect in another person since the person with the knot boasts and displays egoistic characteristics.  The knot of greed is also easily recognized by others, but the knot of deceit can be known only within oneself, because it sprouts from within.  One must recognize the various knots within oneself, since the knots are distinct from each other and are different from oneself.

    Atma Gnan (Absolute Knowledge) conquers the mind.  The knots are dissolved by an Atma Gnani, based on the knowledge of the Pure Self, and thus one attains the state of perfect non-attachment, i.e., non-attachment to the knots through Self-Realization.


    The mind is composed of subtle material knots, which burst when various circumstantial evidences combine.

    When lighting fireworks such as a fountain, sparks rise high up according to the capacity, quantity, and pressure of the power filled in the fireworks. Similarly, when circumstantial evidences such as substance (Dravya), space (Kshetra), time (Kala), and feeling (Bhaav) occur simultaneously and spontaneously, spark-like currents arise from the subtle material knots of the mind.  When the ego gets involved with this, a thought is formed.  Thus, we feel as if we had this thought.  However, the fact is that actually the thought arises in the mind as opposed to us begetting the thought.  If we think we got the thought, this becomes significant, because it is the charging point of Karma, and thus the causal mind (Bhaav- Maan) is born.  The bigger the subtle material knots, the more thoughts we will have about them, and the smaller the knots, the fewer the thoughts.  The nature of a mind can be known from the types of thoughts arising from it.

    Human speech is formed out of atoms lighter than those of the body, and the mind is made up of atoms even lighter than those of speech.


    Even though today’s material science has almost reached its zenith, only Vitrag Vignan can shed true light towards understanding the minutest (subtlest) functioning of the mind. Great psychologists, philosophers, and thinkers have not been able to pin-point with clarity the subtle functioning of the mind, since only a Realized Soul can delve deep into the inner working of the charged mind.

    Opinion is the Father of Mind, and the Language is the Mother of Mind.


    Opinion is constructed from the atoms of ego, and from this opinion, the mind comes into being. Good opinions form a good, positive mind and bad opinions form a bad, negative mind.  When one understands clearly and with pure faith that “I am a Knower and a Seer, a blissful Pure-Self, a Self illumine and illuminating Self,” then, the mind dissolves itself and enlightenment dawns, bliss manifests itself, and permanent happiness is experienced.


     Due to circumstantial forces and prevailing situations, a person is placed in, opinions are incessantly formed consciously or unconsciously.  These opinions that form in the mind may be on any number of subjects, such as people, world, time, nation, religion, sect, society, creed, etc.  Thus the mind becomes the cause of bondage to worldly life.  It is our own opinion that binds us, and not things external to oneself or other people.  All the visible, compulsory happenings that are beyond our control are the fruition of past deeds as effects (Uday Karma) and under the jurisdiction of some external force over which we has no control (Parasatta).  Thus, we should not form opinions if we want to be free from bondage.  We need to understand that believing in a concept such as ‘I am Dr. J.P. Amin’, is the most consequential opinion we can form.


    From the relative (worldly) point of view, ‘I am Dr. J. P. Amin’, is the first basic wrong belief(blunder) and is the root cause for cycles of rebirths in the world.  By the Divine Grace of the living Atma Gnani Purush (living Self Realized Soul who can make others realize the true Self), this wrong belief is fractured through spiritual initiation and the right belief—I am Shuddhatma, i.e., I am the perpetual Pure Soul Self is set in.  As a result of this, permanent bliss (Liberation) can finally be attained.  Here the Vitrag Vignan not only offers real solutions to the original (basic) profound questions, but also exactly shows and explains correctly its root cause.  If this right belief that “I am the perpetual Pure Soul Self” sets within, then the mind becomes the means to Liberation, because right belief (Darshan) is the beginning of Absolute Knowledge (Keval Gnan).

    Liberation is totally independent and complete freedom. There is no one above you (boss) nor any one under you( subordinate-underhand).  “I” is permanent. But one is attaching or multiplying the permanent “I” with all temporary thing ‘Mine’. Then how can one be happy? “I” is all joy. ‘My’ is all misery. ‘I’ with ‘My’ is Jivatma. “I” without ‘My’ is “Parmatma”(God).

     It is the all time principle that No body can ever be a doer of any action by choice in one’s body belief state of the owner of doership. This is in the sense of scientific understanding of the scientific aspect of Vitarag Vignan which is distinctly separate from the ritualistic aspects of religion following of various world systems which is born out of indirect observation through action of spiritual activities ownership in spiritual search of the ultimate experience of freedom from all bondages and bliss.


    Due to circumstantial forces and prevailing situations, opinions are incessantly formed and given, consciously or unconsciously.

    Suppose we hear that a certain individual is a thief.  Based on this hearsay,  we form a strong biased negative opinion that the person is a thief, and any subsequent encounters with that individual will only reinforce the opinion and lead to a point of fixed opinion that will be an obstruction in changing our opinion.  With the passage of time, that person might change, but due to lack of knowledge (ignorance), we remain bound to the belief that, that particular individual is still a thief.

    In pursuance of such wrong beliefs, Arta Dhyan (Dhyan, which is painful to oneself) multiply, since we may feel sorry or worry about a person, and increased suffering from within leads to Raudra Dhyan (Dhyan, which gives pain to others), in that, based on our opinions, we may say harsh words or argue with a person to get our point across.  This continuous negative process attracts negative Vibrations Karmani Varagana, i.e., subtle elemental body building blocks, from which the charge mind (Bhaav Maan) will be formed.  And when the atoms of the mind are discharged, they will cause excruciating pain.

    When a strong and rigid opinion is formed about something, it becomes an obstruction. It hinders our progress, and our inner vision gets clouded.  It is easy to remove opinions of a number of things, but it takes a great endeavor (Parakram) to remove an obstruction.


    Our behavior today is the effect of our opinions (feelings
    nursed) from previous births—thus the world is our projection.  Going down the steps of a well, if one shout “I are a thief,” what will one hear?  Does one not hear one’s own echo?  Therefore, if one don’t like this echo, then one should say instead, “I am a king,” and one will hear the echo “I am a king.” Similarly, the world is the echo of one’s own vibrations that come from the opinions spoken loudly or  quietly in the mind. Therefore, one is wholly and solely responsible for one’s own world.

    Whatever opinions we has given in the past life in ignorance in the very presence of the Perpetual Soul on mind-speech-body of others in the Brahmandi well of the Pudgal (charge mind), their echo or echoes have become our  present world.  Our present world, therefore, have been created by nobody else but by us by giving opinions.  Neither God nor anyone else is at all responsible for our present circumstances whether they are good or bad.

    In today’s world, in ignorance, we give credit to ourselves for success and blame others or God when one fails.  It can be seen that any one person cannot give any action to another person, which is the Sanatan Principle. The actions which we give others to perform are believed by us that we are giving them but they are merely the reactions of the past opinions that were given in the Brahmandi well, which nature provides back as reactions in this life by means of various medium and persons as instruments as means for resolution, so release from past bondage can be obtained.  If it were possible to provide actions to others on a free will, then nobody would allow any one to attain Liberation that is release from bondage. Therefore, it is up to us to completely stop giving opinions after an action has taken placed so that the echoes do not come back and thereby Liberation can be achieved.

    It should be particularly noted that in being aware of getting released from bondage, we should not fear misuse from any person and supposedly get a wrong message of doership of the activity without expecting results of the activity. Such Scientific living has to be understood within for getting freedom from bondage of the past action through present reactions form which occurs within and without. This scientific wise living is from within and that is why this inner science is not be expressed outwardly. This is the way of Vitrag Science.

    Whatever seed of Karma we have sown in the past, we bear its fruit today as its effect.  If we don’t like to receive misery, unrest, frustrations, etc., then we need to realize that these are the echoes of our own previous misconduct.  If we desire happiness, comfort, and peace, we need to correct our opinions and start imparting what we want in return in the future. 

    If we sow the seeds of mangoes (happiness), we will receive many mangoes, and if we sow babul (a thorny plant, representing misery), we will receive many thorns.  Similarly, we should abstain from cheating, stealing, adulterating, killing, etc., for ultimately we will suffer by receiving the same.

     - Dr. J. P. Amin

  • Holistic Science of Blissful and Positive Living

    by Manish Shah | Aug 02, 2014
    In today’s world, every human being ultimately wants to be permanently happy in their material and spiritual pursuits however they go after material sources which only give temporary happiness. So the question arises “If materialistic approach gives temporary happiness, where can we get permanent happiness? To experience permanent happiness, one must aim to seek the permanent source of happiness. Only then, our journey to experience permanent happiness begins. For blissful and positive inner living, it is important to understand ‘Who we are’ and the significance as well as the reason for our own existence in this world as a human being. The Holistic Science ‘Akram Vignan’ as revealed by “Dada Bhagwan” and Holistic Scientist “Kanudadaji” who have experienced Absolute Divine knowledge and Bliss, provide an exact knowledge and understanding of this Science of human living.

    Human Life – Existence – Our existence in a Human form is nothing but the echoes of our own projections through verbal ‘opinion’ and ‘expressions’ created in an illusionary belief state of ‘I am the name bearer’. All the worldly day to day affairs are carried out with a strong conviction and belief that ‘I did this’, he/she did this to me etc. which become a root cause of bondage of karmas that ultimately results in the cycle of birth and death. We are part of this Mother Nature in the form of our own echoes. However, we take the power in our own hands in various activities of life that is being lived out and create more echoes in Mother Nature only to be born again.

    Human Life – Purpose and Importance- The purpose of human life is to know ‘who we are’ and ‘who we are not’ so we can live our inner life with positivity and human qualities in every facet of our life. This helps us overcome obstacles, conflicts and experience permanent happiness. Intellectually, we have made significant advances in medicine, science and technology, however we do not know the prime source, our “Pure Soul”, from which our body derives energy. To be born as a human in this era is the greatest natural miracle. From the human platform, we can elevate ourselves to a higher spiritual form as well as downgrade to a lower form. We are solely responsible for our own actions. The Divine nature has bestowed upon us a golden opportunity, hence we owe it to ourselves to understand the human life living ‘correctly’ so we can live without conflicts in our material and spiritual pursuits. Human body is wrapped with a packaging of mind, speech, intellect and ego that are scientifically timed to be emptied out in a natural manner. It is the result of past life ‘causes’ that were generated by way of opinions and expressions in the form of molecular subtle seedlings. Human body is a wonderful ‘instrument’, however out of ignorance we take the ownership of it and fail to make the best use of it. If there was a price of human breath, everyone will empty their bank accounts and take as many loans as possible and pay whatever price that is being asked to live. This most expensive gift to us is free but we are not aware that we have paid a very big price for it. Every breath of our life living should be such that we make the best use of our body by reading one’s own mind-speech-body. This will help us to understand our own self better and be instrumental in serving the mankind for spreading peace and harmony.

    Holistic Science ‘Vitrag Vignan’ in our daily living – The Holistic Science of human living helps us to understand who we are ‘Pure Soul’ and who we are not ‘the body’. ‘Pure Soul’ is permanent and ‘Body’ is temporary. Soul and body are together like milk and water and yet, they are distinctively separate from each other. Both can co-exist in harmony; however the conflict and confusion arises when we take the ownership and possession of everything that is temporary including the body. This gives rise to our inner enemies i.e. Anger, Pride, Greed and Attachment and creates obstructions in our blissful living. Our human body can experience liberated inner living only if we understand that it is a ‘natural’ state of existence. We can live with our body like a best companion by dealing with our mind and intellect in a positive manner. We can see our own mistakes and understand our own nature by remaining precisely focused on our mind, body and speech. This helps us to better understand and respect other’s viewpoint and make required adjustments to avoid conflicts in our day to day living.

    So the question arises, ‘how to deal with our own mind’? Our physical mind is nothing but knots of opinions about likes and dislikes, good and bad etc. When we are faced with any situation, our intellect tries to support these opinions without accepting the situation ‘as it is’. If we observe and accept whatever comes to us without any opinion and quarrel, it is the surest way to inner peace. Our mind will display both positive and negative thoughts however with sincere efforts and determination we can channelize those negative thoughts into positive ones. For example, if someone’s attitude towards us is unfriendly and insulting, we can put this human science to work with an understanding that the person who is insulting us is merely an instrument in delivering the effects of our karmas; so he/she is not at fault. Our mind will display the bad opinions created about that person however we should not support that and stay positive with an understanding that ‘after all, he/she is a nice person’. As soon as we say that, our intellect subsides and does not provoke inner enemies of anger and pride. If we continue practicing this each time during the unfriendly encounter with any person, our positive inner vibrations touch the person who insulted us and his/her attitude towards us will gradually change. If someone picks our pocket, we become restless and start blaming the thief but do not think why only our pocket was picked and not anyone else’s from the crowd of people. The rationale is that, if we are not at fault, not a molecule in this entire universe can touch us. However, our mistake of seeing other people’s faults has been carried forward from countless lives and the same mistakes in this human life continue and create conflicts.

    It is the outer package, the Prakriti (mind-body-speech) that the world believes to be ‘doer’ whereas in reality no one is at fault. The Prakriti is under the influence of unfolding karma which sometimes makes people do things against their wishes. We see the same person in different light and give different opinions in different situations. One day he may appear to be very good and the next day he may appear to be disrespectful and the third day he will appear to be very helpful. Why does this happen even though he is the same person? It is because of our incorrect vision tainted with intellect that makes us see faults in others. The intellect creates differences and division of ‘me’ and ‘you’, ‘mine and yours’ whereas in reality, we are ‘One’ as ‘Pure Soul’ in every living being. To see our own Pure “Self” (Atma) in us and in animals, plants and any living creature is the greatest and invaluable gift we can give ourselves and to all living beings. Our progress towards perfection of flawless vision and harmonious living begins when our inner intent becomes positive and when we start seeing all day to day worldly happenings ‘as it is’ without building any opinion or seeing anyone’s faults. Whole-Hearted acceptance of any situation as it stands without any opinion leads to blissful and natural inner human living. When we are happy inside, then only we can make others happy outside. Our birth as a human being is our greatest asset however it can be called a ‘real’ asset only if we use it wisely and properly. The Holistic Science ‘Vitrag Vignan’ helps us to understand ‘who am I’, ‘who is the creator of this world’, ‘why do circumstances arise’, ‘why there is suffering’, ‘what is the purpose of life’ etc. This science helps us to solve the problems of day- to-day life most importantly at home, business/work and at other places, resulting in blissful living.

    The essence of human life regardless of any religion, caste, creed or nationality is to:
    - Understand and appreciate our existence as human beings in the Divine nature
    - Live inner life very positively with human qualities to benefit our own self
    - Become a valuable instrument in the Divine cause of spreading peace and harmony in mankind

    - Sanjiv Patel (Pa, USA)
  • Maintain Peace at Home

    by Manish Shah | Aug 02, 2014
    • It is up to us to make our home a “Home Sweet Home”
    • Peace & relationships with each other far more critically important than being right. If it comes down to saving a relationship over being right, the logical and practical choice is always the relationship! 
    • Practice active listening from the heart center rather than from intellect helps us to understand what is causing any abnormal behavior and will help us to cultivate compassion, caring and empathy towards our loved ones rather than judgment, agitation or antagonism.  The goal is to cultivate true harmony, caring and affection in the home.
    • People are far more important than money and things especially in the home.  If it comes down to avoiding conflict for the sake of $$$; avoiding conflict is always our best choice.  $$$ comes and $$$ goes, however, relationships can be extremely difficult to mend once broken; broken hearts and fractured minds are tremendous liabilities to harmony and peace in the home.
    • Do not be afraid to admit mistakes to smooth-out strained relations in the home. Just simply admonishing to a mistake with humility and genuine remorse can really open the channels of communication that were seemingly shut down.  The other person will feel in the heart center the genuineness of our intention to connect and relate with them.  Their ego will soften and their heart will start to open-up. 
    • A positive attitude from within helps lift everyone in the home – actively cultivate a positive attitude of gratitude, giving and humility from within through introspective affirmations and cleansing.
    • Make a list of all the virtues of each person in the home environment and remind yourself and them of those virtues when the opportunities arise for empowerment.  When we magnify and accentuate the positive traits and qualities of a person, they become stronger and can even serve to diminish negativity.
    • Validate, honor, respect and uphold the virtues and divinity within each other.   It is a domino effect!  If we continually validate, honor and respect the virtues and divine in the people around us; they will, in turn, learn to do the same with us and each other.
    • Focus on serenity, healing and empowerment from within rather than expectations and standards that lead to conflict, clashes and dissention.  Our family members are more likely to be relaxed and empowered when they know they are loved for who they are unconditionally rather than who we want them to be. 

    - Shaila Bharat Mulji

  • Holistic Science Personal Experience - Patience: Find your Way to Emotional Freedom

    by Manish Shah | Aug 02, 2014
    It sounds too good to be true right? Well it’s not but it is very much possible. Let me tell you how being patient in certain situations can really benefit us and our inner happiness. One of the most important qualities a person can have if she or he wants to spiritually grow is to be patient. With patience and persistence one can overcome pretty much anything one want and have inner rich living.

    But then there will be questions. Why is it hard to be patient? How can you improve your patience? And how can patience help you out practically in life by applying the principles of holistic science? Here are some thoughts that may give you some answers to such questions.

     “How can a society that exists on instant emails, frozen dinners, instant connection around the world teach patience to its young?”
    The perception to people is that patience is disappearing from society, before they wait or have any effort they want results. Everything is moving fast in today’s society. Instant gratification is default setting in our lives and in our minds due to the rise in fast moving technology.

    I’m not saying this to put down today’s society. I’m just saying it to give at least a partial explanation why patience is hard to understand and use to your advantage in this society.

    Social programming doesn’t pay much attention to patience. It wants you to do more right now instead. And after a few years in this society, it may seem normal to get things instantly. And the thought of delaying instant gratification may seem like can’t be an option. Many people in this fast moving world do not see and practice patience on a regular basis. But we will discuss how it can benefit us in your daily life. Patience is important because we all must come to terms with the fact that many things won't happen as soon as we would like them to, but using the  key principles of holistic science we cultivate patience e.g. Adjust everywhere, avoid clashes for inner happiness, sufferer is at fault, have positive vision, one cannot be happy by hurting anyone's ego, ego is a life for everyone,  i am fully responsible for myself and what happens to me,  do not blame others, be positive even in the negativity, Insistence and adamancy lead to sufferings or sorrowful states,   Do not try to improve others but try to improve your own self.

    Imagine you are a person who prefers summer and it is currently a cold December. Right now, you are very unhappy. What you have to realize is that your unhappiness is your own choice. What will being angry over the slow turning of the seasons accomplish? Eventually, it will be Summer. There is nothing that you can do to make it come faster, so why not sit back and wait it out happily? This will even lower your stress levels. Learn to accept the things you cannot change, and you will be free of emotion and much more in tune with your inner peace.

    There is a second reason why patience can be important. Some things in life get better the more you wait. For instance, when I had graduated college I had a consulting job lined up. The company is large and getting staffed on projects is not necessarily easy, you have to reach out and show your skills to get staffed, and If you are not staffed for x amount of months, this could lead to termination. I observed my colleagues, whom have not acquired self realization from holistic science, and noticed a lot of them panic and show negative attitudes. After 3 months, many people were angry with the staffing team and became discouraged, many stopped trying to learn technical skills that would help them get staffed on projects, and many even said they will quit and look for a new job.

    However, my perspective was very different from my colleagues because I had applied the principle of holistic science in this situation. Although it was a time where I could have panicked or could have been impatient and started looking for another job, I tried to be patient which allowed me to think more rationally. I prayed to get the strength to be patient, and I took this time to get certifications and gain the skills that could help me get staffed. I started to reach out and network with the company’s community to present my skills, and I remained persistent. I looked at this time as a period of learning, instead a period of panic and impatience. I was not angry or discouraged, and instead I was free of emotion and kept a positive attitude while waiting. As an individual with holistic science vision, I had applied the practice of patience to allow things to fall in place and certainly soon enough I landed a project.

    The final way the patience can help you is that it will remove the incentive to act rashly. If you sit back and think before acting or speaking, you may realize that there is an alternative solution that would benefit your inner self. This will prevent you to do anything negative and prevent yourself from binding new karmas. The longer you wait, the more you will be able to control your emotions so that you can think rationally. I am sure we can all think of a time in our lives where we may have acted or spoken out rashly without thinking, and if we had applied the principle of patience, then the outcome would have resulted in inner peace and satisfaction.

    At the end of the day, in my experiences I have truly learned how to apply the principles of holistic science in my daily life. There is not a single materialistic thing in this life to truly get aggravated over. If our lives consisted of 1000 year life spans maybe it would be worth fighting for something, but in theory our human life is too short to hang on to lingering emotions.

    Patience is necessary in our short lives. Our lives are tools for liberation, we are to use them to live our destiny, and we are to remain neutral without binding new karmas. So be patient, and free yourself of emotion.

    - Trupti Patel, Chicago
  • Experience the Happiness, Bliss and Inner Peace through the Science of Pure Real-Self and Relative-Self

    by Manish Shah | May 30, 2014

    Compiler and Expositor: Dr. J. P. Amin

    It is generally believed that the transempirical self is attained only through undergoing a special kind of spiritual discipline called yoga, meditation and concentration. Such practice enhances the physical or material energy.

    People who have experienced all sorts of pleasures and luxuries of the highest kind are still away from ultimate eternal bliss!

    Whatsoever relative happiness one may have, by its very nature can’t give real permanent peace or happiness.

    In the Yoga path there is salutary, soothing effect, of course, physical through practice of yoga. It pacifies the burning pain of mind, speech and body. But it does not lead to experience of Bliss of Liberation because what people practice is the deluded action leading away from ‘Reality’, basically egocentric activities, so they reap the harvest, in form of misery or happiness. Liberation is for those who are ‘egoless’.

    ‘Yoga’ is a word derived from the root, “Yuj” which means to join (i.e. joining through meditation).

    Holistic Scientist: For what purpose do you practice Yoga? For the object known or unknown?

    Aspirant: …

    Holistic Scientist: See, I will explain to you. You believe the “Non-Self” as the “Self”. You are unaware of the “Real-Self”. So knowing the body alone, you have practiced yoga to discipline your body. It is a physical discipline.

    Holistic Scientist: Can you think of carefully and deeply about a person that you do not know?

    Aspirant: No.

    Holistic Scientist: Similarly, how can you meditate upon the “Self” when you are ignorant of the “Self”? What good have you accomplished in regards to the ‘Atma’ (Pure-Self)?
    There are four types of ‘Yoga’.
    (i)                 Deh-yoga : Concentration on the nerve centers in the body.
    (ii)               Vani-yoga: Uttering mantra (invocation) of God’s name for a period(iii)             Mano-yoga: Contemplating or meditating.
    (iv)              Atma-yoga: Realizatio of “Pure-Self”.

    Only Atma-yoga leads to Liberation whereas Deh-yoga yields wordly rewards. Atma-yoga, i.e. attunement with the Pure-Self itself is the realization of one’s own identity.

    Knowing anything other than one’s own ‘Real-Self’ is all ignorance and anything known after self-realization is the ‘Real Knowledge’. Hence, Atma-Yoga (Attunement with the Pure-Self) is the only real yoga and others are meditational exercises of the Non-Self termed as ‘Ayoga’.

    Holistic Scientist: Who practices concentration? One who suffers from the disease of mental confusion and perturbance tries to apply the ointment of concentration on it. If asked the aspirant, did any of his/her worries become less intense? Reply is ‘No’.

    When is meditation possible? Then, when the ‘Real-Self’ becomes meditator. Not the meditation but the motive behind it should be fixed. Meditation is the outcome of the fixation of the motive or goal.

    Elsewhere, at any given moment, every individual may be in one of the following four Dhyanas – viz. Arta Dyhana (Repressive Vision), Raudra Dhyana (Oppressive Vision), Dharma-dhyana (Relative Vision) and Shukla Dhyana (Real Vision).

    Arta-Dhyana means one causes suffering or pain to himself. Here, one does not inflict pain on others, but suffers himself.

    Following examples will give an idea of how Arta-Dhyana prevails in one’s life.

    • You agonize over a piece of precious glassware slipped from the hand and broke into pieces.
    • You lose your wallet and it results into a sleepless night.
    • You are anxious about the future of your children.

    Anger, pride, attachment and greed don’t figure in Arta-Dhyana. Arta-Dhyana is not seen in the present times because Raudra-Dhyana is pre-dominant these days. The result of Arta-Dhyana is an animal form in the next birth.

    Raudra-Dhyana means no one causes suffering or pain to others. To covet what belongs to others and to think of seizing even an iota of someone else’s happiness for one’s own is also Raudra-Dhyana.

    The classic examples of Raudra-Dhyana are:

    • Deceiving a customer by selling poor quality goods.
    • Getting in confrontation with a co-worker and hurling insults at him.
    • Taking undue advantage of people.
    Dharma-Dhyana means to make others happy. In this state one has no worries and inner state is devoid of conflicts. In this state, one avoids the occurrence of Arta-Dhyana or Raudra-Dhyana using proper understanding.

    In Dharma-Dhyana anxieties, worries, inner clashes or anger subside and one remains calm, steady, fearless, restrained and composed.

    Following are some examples of Dharma-Dhyana.

    • A huge loss in business is countered by the understanding that whatever happened is just and correct. One remains composed despite the adversity.
    • Someone insults me but I understand that the person who insulted me is just an instrument. This is nature’s way of settling my karmic accounts. With this understanding, I do not retaliate.
    Dharma-Dhyana overcomes Arta-Dhyana and Raudra-Dhyana. The result of Dharma-Dhyana is a God form if it is pure or a man form if Dharma-Dhyana is mixed with Arta-Dhyana.

    Arta-Dhyana and Raudra-Dhyana result in entanglement in the worldly affairs while Dharma-Dhyana results in equanimity in the worldly affairs. Shukla-Dhyana leads to the path of liberation. It has four stages.
    Stage 1: Aspirant gets indistinct experience of ‘Pure-Self’. Indistinct experience means to feel the coolness of the ice when the wind blows over the ice block
    Stage 2: In this stage, there is a distinct and clear experience of the “Pure Self”. This means that “Pure Self” is known or realized.
    State 3: This is the state of an absolute (Kevli).
    Stage 4: Liberation.

    Shukla-Dhyana begins after one realizes the “Pure Self” through the grace of a Holistic Scientist.

    This article was originally published in December-January 2014 edition of the Akram Vignan magazine. It has been lightly edited to suit the audience.

  • Transcript of Andy Brine's interview with Dr. Shailesh Mehta on Holistic Science

    by Manish Shah | May 30, 2014
    Hello and welcome to this interview today. I am Andy Brine of ‘Become authentic on video’. Today I have the pleasure and privilege to interview Dr. Shailesh Mehta. We are going to speak about Holistic science and integral living. So please welcome Dr. Shailesh Mehta.

    Andy Brine- How are you?

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta - I am fine. I also heartily greet all of you and the holly self of all of you. I bow to holly self that is pure self of all of you and am very happy to meet you all.

    Andy Brine- fantastic! So as first question, it would be great to find out more about you and what first got you interested in Holistic inner science and integral living?

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta- Yes well, as I was a medical student, I knew quite a bit about modern science and different facets of modern science. All of you also know and experience that the progress and developments in the various disciplines of modern science have gifted us with lot of amenities and comforts. There is phenomenal progress in fields like Nano technology, stem cell, genetics, neutrinos, god particles and much more. But when I was looking within me and looking around I was finding that I do have stress, inner unrest, lack of harmony and sometimes clash within me. I was in search of happy, harmonious, rich, meaningful inner living. I had many unanswered queries within. 

    As a doctor I would try to help people but I would be able to help them only physically or ailment wise. I would not able to alleviate their anxiety, inner clashes, and many inner issues.

    I felt the need for   the Holistic inner science which can provide   answers to all such inner issues and enable me to have happy, harmonious, rich, inner living even amidst difficult situations. I realized that it makes me experience inner freedom, better use my inner potentials and progress on the way to ultimate aim of liberation. Being an eye doctor now I enjoy the privilege of dealing with both visions, physical or outer - as an eye doctor and inner with this Holistic inner science.

    Andy Brine - How would you best describe Holistic science and integral living for those who are watching today?

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta - Holistic Inner Science is all inclusive and all comprehensive science of my own life and living which includes mind, body, speech, inner processes going on within me as well as all the outer circumstances and happenings, governed by natural laws, natural regulatory system and universe as a whole. In other words it is the science of ‘I’ as ‘I am’, whatever way I am living along with my mind, body, speech and everything around me. To say more, it is science of pure conscious in relation to matter, prakruti- purush , anatman- atman- or relative self and real self. It does include   other areas like, functioning of relative   inner self in the form of mind, reflective conscious, intellect and ego, science of speech, science of nature and human living and much more.

    It gives me science and art for daily happy, harmonious, rich, human living and leads me to ultimate knowledge or ultimate aim of my life which is salvation or liberation. Thus it includes everything.  In fact, I would go a step further and say that outer science or relative sciences and holistic Inner science are not different but they are continuation  of one spectrum. So far the world not knowing holistic inner science was not  focusing within so we are dwelling on to it with little more attention for one to have integral living.  

    Integral living is over all balanced and whole some living. I need to look or pay attention to all corners of my living and not only one corner of wealth or money.  Different corners like health, wealth, personal development, inner or spiritual progress, my relations with my spouse, my kids or children, my parents, my colleagues or my clients need to be looked upon. In other words I do need to look at personal, familial, social, professional, national, global and ecological aspects of living .Everybody must be aware that initially we were only focusing on physical health but even WHO now say that it is the total heath of mind- body- soul, which matters .Instead of only intelligent quotient (I.Q.) now we do speak about Emotional quotient (E.Q.) as well as Spiritual quotient (S.Q.). The world is moving towards whole, wholesome living or the overall balanced living looking to all facets of life and living.

    Andy Brine – Very very interesting. So you are talking about internal environment and external environment and would you say there are two separate parts or very much a whole in terms of living an integral life?

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta- Yes, initially when I had not acquired these visions, I was feeling that my outer world or outer circumstances are playing the major role to make me happy or unhappy. But   after having understood Holistic inner science visions, now I feel that my inner world is more important in one way. In another way my inner and outer is not separate, but in continuation. Do the circumstances really make me happy or unhappy or is it my attitude, my outlook or my vision of looking at the circumstances, which make me Happy or unhappy? Of course, later ones.

    There is darkness, i.e. no light and if I am trying to go out, I may have many stumbling. But even if there is one light I will have no stumbling. In other words, I am doing an experiment and if I do not have the correct knowledge or correct understanding, no matter what efforts are being put in, I will not be successful in achieving desirable results. But as soon as I have correct understanding or a right methodology, results will be favorable effortlessly. How does this concept apply to my life and living? I would say that as long as I have stumbling in the form of disputes, clashes within and lack of harmony inside or outside, I would feel that I have still to search for something, I have still to search for Holistic inner science visions. Against that if I have correct visions, right beliefs or correct understanding; I will become happy, harmonious from within. I would have effortless desirable results in my life experiment.

    If you wish I can share the experiment with you?

    Andy Brine –Yes definitely I will be interested. 

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta - So let’s start with very simple thing. all of us, in fact every human being ,why to say every human being ,all living beings are in search of happiness and nobody likes unhappiness, I think that is the basic truth, right?

    Andy Brine – Certainly.

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta - Now let us further research on happiness. Initially I believed that plenty of things would make me happy and well there is nothing wrong in it. One can enjoy whatsoever is available and in front of you. But then I started realizing that it is at the level of my mind and ego that I am trying to compare and compete with others. E.g. I am  a doctor  practicing since 25 years , my income is x, I am doing y number of surgeries per month but my junior colleague is having double than me and having bigger car than me . My mind was going into race course but then through this Holistic inner science vision I could realize that in a racecourse all the horses are running but only one horse gets to be number one and all the rest will be breathless. So, the correct key is to have a normal and natural living. What is meant by a normal and natural living? Rose flower doesn’t blossom up in competition with anyone, a mango doesn’t become a beautiful fruit in competition with anybody, but it’s just natural. So if I allow my natural abilities to excel, I would be competing with myself, I would be naturally trying to be excellent and still saving myself from miseries or problems of the worldly competition or comparison.

    Further to it, what can give happiness or unhappiness at the level of heart? What can give me fulfillment? If it would be coming from abundance of things, at least people having couple of cars , extra fridges and many number of clothes in wardrobe should not have any tension on the face. But here the free smile is very hard to find. Even if somebody is taking the photograph, someone has to instruct 3 times please smile please smile, please smile and then the smile comes.

    Andy Brine – yes.

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta - So what does really make me happy or unhappy?

    I found in this science that no sooner I decide to help somebody, to make somebody happy or suppose somebody is sick and I decide that I will render some help then even before I go out and help, my heart is full, I experience fulfillment and I become happy first. Let us take a small instance like our grandson’s birthday is coming up after 15 days; we decide to invite a few children and throw a small party. Here even before we invite anybody, we start feeling happy in the heart. Therefore, what is the secret? The secret is whatever action of my mind, speech and body which is going to make others happy will make me happy first. Before obliging others, I am being obliged first and before helping others I am being helped. In the worldly language I can say I have helped others or obliged others, but the natural secret is ‘I am being obliged or being helped first’.

    So I decide that let me open a happiness shop if I want to become happy. If I have shop of sweets I will never be in shortage of sweets. You will ask me how to open happiness shop? Have you ever seen a happiness shop anywhere in the world? We see big board’s like Kmart’s, Wal-Mart’s and what not but we hardly see the happiness shop. Do we?

    Andy Brine – No.

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta - So how can one do that? Who would give the loan or credit? What would be the inventories?

    My mind, body and speech is the natural asset with me which is my inventory and it is my inner resolution, inner decision or inner inclination at the level of heart that whosoever comes across my life, from morning to evening let me try to offer some help, let me try to soothe someone’s heart, let me try to give some happiness to someone and in the process I will never be in shortage of happiness. Let us examine the reverse scenario. If I receive phone call that when you were away from your clinic your staff was non-disciplined and was not coming to the clinic on regular time. Then my mind may start revolving that let me go there, I will fire them, take them to task and what not. They may be enjoying but what happens to me before firing them? A fire within me starts or I am getting burned within. If I look at my face in the mirror at that moment, it would not be a smiling face and if someone took my photograph I will not love to see that photograph because it will be a frown faced. The secret is that whatever actions of my mind body and speech which are going to hurt or disturb others would disturb or hurt me first. Having realized such simple truth I resolve in the morning that let me my mind body and speech not hurt any living being in the world and let my mind body and speech make one and all happy to the extent possible. Let us explore the science behind this. Every religion, every visionary has suggested to do unto others what you like them to do to you and do not do to others what you don’t like them to do to you. However, my modern intellect was not accepting it and was rather asking, “Why to bother about others? I need to care for myself; I have enough problems of my own. Who cares for me?”But when I understood this science, I realized that I am not doing for others but I am doing for myself and it is affecting me first. Each action of my mind body and speech even before affecting others is affecting me positively or negatively and having understood this it is very simple for me, that there is no other in the world, but world is ‘me’ only; it is my extension, my projection and my continuity only. That’s where not only my ‘inner and outer self’ are one but the whole world with whom so ever I am interacting or coming in any relation is ‘me’ only. World is my own echo, my own projection. Now you will say what do you mean by echo? Normally people understand that when I say Andy you are very nice and good person you will also tell me Shailesh you are also a very good person. People believe that echo comes from outside which is true in a way, but the truth is, even before I say you are a nice person as soon as it comes to my mind to say you are a nice and good person, my face will become smiley. Why is that so? Because the inner reflection of my action even at the subtle level of mind makes me happy or in   reverse way if I decide to say you are stupid I will be negatively affected. So inner echo affects me first and then there may be outer echo coming from the world. So my world is made by my own self and I am  whole and sole responsible for my own self and world is nothing  other than my own echo’s and my own projections.

    Andy Brine - I mean that is definitely very interesting dwelling upon echo and how we internally view ourselves. I want to go back slightly because I was interested about what you talked about clashes that often we can have external clashes which may be something that happened in our life, experienced clashes with work, collogues, friends may be and we have internal clashes as well don’t we? How would you say best way to deal with those clashes in terms of integral living?

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta –This is a very good question.  Let us first understand what happens when there are clashes? What is science of clashes?

    I have realized that whenever I have clashes outside or within me, for whatever reason - right or wrong, I lose my inner harmony. I lose my inner happiness, my energy level goes down, and negativity creeps in. Sometimes if there is a significant clash my mood goes off for hours together. If something comes up I will say please leave me alone for a while till my inner energies are replenish back then I will take care of it.   Therefore, the clash harms me; it takes away lot of my inner energies or spiritual energies. With this Holistic inner science vision, I decide to avoid clashes and no sooner I decide to avoid clashes my inner vision light, my inner understanding light will show me the way how to sail through  the situation smoothly without having clashes. If you do that, then somebody may ask, “Is it always to let go things or always to surrender?” No it is not surrendering or I am not letting go things like that because if I do that it is like pressing a spring and a pressed spring may rebound anytime, so it is not that. It is resolving the situation with correct understanding, with right belief and with correct vision.

    Why do the clashes happen? Most of the times there are clashes due to two to three common reason. First and foremost I believe that I am right on this particular issue or in this matter. I have all the right to convince, persuade, state my case and have representation but no sooner I become insistent or adamant about my views clashes would start. The other fellow also believes   that he or she is right and he or she will also pull the rope. If all of us start pulling the rope what will happen? So I should realize that as I am right in my own way, the other   may be right by his or her own view point. If I start realizing that everyone is right by one’s own viewpoint then I will try to listen and respect it. I will decide “let me resolve the situation amicably with equanimity”. It will be in everyone’s benefit which will save all of us from lot of animosities or wasting energies.

    Another interesting aspect is suppose I am a CEO of some company, I instruct my clerk or lower level staff to do a task and after a while I go back and ask them whether the work is completed or not? Unfortunately, I find work hasn’t been done and I may go mad. Here I do not realize that I gave instructions at my pace.  My revolutions may be 5000 per minute but the clerk may have just 500. Revolutions mean my thinking speed, my speed of comprehension is fast at 5000 per minute where as that speed for the other person was low. So how can he understand at my speed? If I do not realize and do not go down to his or her level I may not get the work done and it may lead to clashes. So not understanding a few basic things of life I may have clashes outside.

    Now what about inner clashes occurring at level of my mind or heart?  When something happens, my intellect always asks why it happened to me. Why to me only? I am always helping everyone or caring for others and still why others are reciprocating in different ways? Why and to me only? Here Holistic Inner science vision gives me the correct understanding how my life experiment is running. My own human life is an ongoing, continues experiment. I am living as I am name bearer Shailesh and in that capacity ‘I am’ is an experimenter. If I have correct understanding of life experiment along with natural laws and natural regulatory system, I will have resolving vision for all happenings within and without. (One such vision is whatever has happened is just and correct as per natural laws which we would discuss and understand later on) . Our mind always seeks resolving answers, so as we go ahead we will also see different types of vision which will help me resolve my inner clashes and keep me happy and harmonious from within.  

    First we talked about ‘Avoid clashes’; if we go further than that another golden key is ‘Adjust everywhere’. One who masters the art of adjusting everywhere with all different personalities and in all different situations will not only be happy in this world but would progress towards the doorstep of liberation. Does that interest you?

    Andy Brine - Yes it’s hugely interesting definitely. I think we all are here to live happy, harmonious life and to get on with it everybody with whom we are in contact with, it’s very interesting. I think when you  did drove on point of external conflicts or clashes and internal conflicts, they seem like you deal with them very much the same way and externally its go inside and understanding everybody has their points of view and has their views or visions, we need to respect that. At first you are going down to that level of thoughts?

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta -Yes it includes thoughts but more importantly my beliefs and my vision. Have we ever focused on what beliefs I am harboring inside? If I go a step ahead, human life is nothing but bundle of beliefs and effects thereof. Suppose if I look within myself, I have peculiar, particular beliefs about everything regarding food, lifestyle, about how the things should be happening, how others should behave, what is good and bad   and so on. Now the other fellow may have different beliefs and it is my belief of looking at the happening or at other people which is making me positive or negative. So if I become aware about all those beliefs I can change the beliefs which are disturbing my harmony for better leading to happy, harmonious living. If I can become aware of the beliefs being harbored, I can always try to see whether they are doing me harm or good. Not only to me but to all, because world is not different from me. The second vision which we were talking ‘adjust everywhere’ is in line on this thinking.

    Now if I see I do not have problem with my basic necessities. However, in my childhood I have seen those days when my father used to worry from where he will get my fees for school and I had only two pairs of uniform, so I had to wash them on Saturday and use them on Monday. But today even our grandson gets instead of one, three pairs of reebok shoes. The issue is not of basic necessities, but today the problem is difficulty to adjust with each other, in our family, we may have husband or wife, may have kids and our parents. We experience that all personalities are different and even though we want to live happily sometimes we find it is difficult to adjust with each other. It is so much so that one person in family will like to talk more, he may be talkative or extroverted personality, the other one likes to talk very less and may be an introverted personality. Now the talkative fellow will ask the other person at least speak something, house should be lively place and other fellow says to this person why are you talking and bluffing all the time, remain quite. Another example of difference is that in a bed room, one person has to keep air conditioner at 75 Fahrenheit and the other may have to use a blanket. Today nature has made our families and workplaces like a garden whereas previously they used to be like farms. What is the difference? In farm for miles together everything is alike, if it is almond all almond, if it is wheat all wheat, if it is rice all rice. Hence everyone used to feel that others are also like me and adjustment was easy. But in today’s life there are gardens in family meaning there by one is rose, one is orchid, one is jasmine, one is mango, one is blueberry, one is strawberry …that means each plant or tree is different but none without a fruit or a flower. Rose never complains to mango why you do not have beautiful flower like me? Mango doesn’t go ask rose why you don’t have a lovely fruit like me. Do we go and complain to Rose plant that why do you have thorns which pricks me? Similarly if I have such simple vision of my family, I will be able to look what are unique fruits and qualities of each personality in terms of ability or skills. I will make good use of that and never complain about what other members don’t know. A good manager is one who knows what are the positive abilities of all people with whom one is working and would make best use of them and never complain of what are the shortcomings. So with such simple visions my inner vision and beliefs get changed, which not only makes me happy and harmonious but it also changes my outer world also with whomsoever I am working. Ultimately it is my attitude which shapes my world.

    Suppose we take a scenario of workplace. There are so many management courses going on everywhere across the world that charge thousands of pounds and dollar’s to teach management skills. But I realized with this science that if I can manage myself I will be able to manage others. One who can manage one’s own self best can only manage others.

    At work place what should be the best way of handling or dealing with others?

    It is primarily ‘ego’ management, if I know how to handle my ego and how to handle others ego in a productive, friendly and caring way it will be win- win situation. People will love me and put their heart and souls with me in whatever work is there to be done. It is said that human are nothing but different forms and manifestations of ego. Two things happen in the world - either the ego is boosted it gets positive boost or it is hurt .If I want to live happily , get good productivity, I should be knowing how to handle everyone’s ego positively  and never to hurt anyone’s ego. If we explain further, the people say ego is a bad entity. No, ego itself is not a bad entity since without ego no action can be done. It is how you use ego which matters. If you are using ego in a positive way to help, care, share and do the constructive things it will be a positive world. If you use ego negatively to do bossism, criticize, to put blocks in someone’s path, you and the world around you will be unhappy.

    This is how different simple visions or beliefs go and function at the level of mind, reflective consciousness, Intellect and ego which comprise my inner self machinery. This brings us to another dimension, ‘who and what is driving our life?’ Suppose there is a beautiful car like a powerful Mercedes Benz. This car is important well and good but who is more important the driver or the car? Till driverless cars hit the road, a driver is more important. We always see if driver is awake and not drunken to be able to drive properly.

    In my own life I realized that it is my inner-self in the form of mind, relative consciousness, intellect and ego which is driving the outer self or body. This inner self is not stand alone but it is under the influence of my opinions, beliefs, values, my visions of looking at things along with intent, ultimate purpose or goal and my awareness level. It is also affected by inner weaknesses of anger, pride, greed, deceit, attachment and aversions. Holistic science or Holistic inner science  have changed my visions or beliefs for better understanding and that affects my inner self machinery to function properly for inner as well as outer.

    Andy Brine -  It will be probably interesting to look how it is related to corporate world or corporate environment in terms of managing leadership like you said if we can learn to manage our self then we can  more effectively manage others, very interesting.

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta – Yes, it is overall ‘vision light’ which would guide and lead us and in turn every one. If I add on to that scenario at work situation my attitude should be positive. World can be won by pure love.

    What I found is when I go to church, I go to temple, I go for meditation; I do find some tranquility and some positive energy for me. That happens for few minutes only. Why not to convert my work place into a temple or a church or a place where I get positively energized. So with my attitude changed, that today I have an opportunity to oblige people, to smile, love and care all with whom I interact, see god in them, to see holy self into them then my very work place becomes a place where I would be not only happy but energized all day. So it matters how I change from within and the whole experiment becomes a very fruitful thing. I am just changing my software drivers   for better to give me better results.

    Therefore, my vision always remains positive in whatever circumstances I am into. Sometimes even If the nature may give me challenging circumstances, so to say from worldly view point nature may give the circumstances which are challenging or difficult. But It is not the circumstances that are making me suffer or make me happy or unhappy altogether but it is my vision of looking at things which really make me happy or unhappy, positive or negative. So If I have ‘positive vision’ functioning in all situations, I would always be a gainer and never a loser. Difficulties would give me opportunity to develop from within.

    Andy Brine – Fantastic, thank you very much for sharing this today. It’s been a privilege.

    Dr. Shailesh Mehta - More so even scientists are  trying to document all these things by way of functional MRI, brain scanning and other tools. Sometimes we can share those findings also but everything is really being studied as a whole. Thank you very much. Good  bye.

    Andy Brine -Thank you very much and will see you soon, bye for now.