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  •     When the Knower is Known, Everything is Known  

  •     Who can go beyond the mind? The one who has conquered the mind.  

  •     When there is no argument [dispute] over a talk, it is called 'Principle'.  

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Monthly Talk
We have been conducting monthly talks on a variety of Holistic Science topics. These talk are being held on Google Hangouts for an hour starting at 9 p.m. EST on the fourth Sunday of each month. The format of this talks is an overview of a topic followed by Q&A. The audience can view the talk live on HSCRF's YouTube channel. Our Holistic Science expert is Dr. Shaileshanandji Mehta, a practicing Opthalmologist, and an experienced Holistic Science practitioner. Topics we have discussed so far include Holistic Science Principles for Happy and Harmonious Living, Mind and its Mysteries and Dietary Principles for Healthy Living - Food for Mind, Body and Soul. Please join us for these monthly talks and let us know if there is a topic we should consider.


The world is the puzzle itself, but is always in principle.
The world around us is a puzzle. This puzzle manifests in form of questions. How do favorable and unfavorable circumstances grip us? Why is this happening to us? What is in our realm and what is not? Is everything around us random, chaotic, or in perfect order? Who is its creator?

Our world, both inner and outer, is always in principle. Our inner world consists of mind, reflective conscious, intellect, ego, speech, body, beliefs, psychological effects and pure conscious. Everything inner or outer is governed by perfect scientific rules of natural regulatory system.

One who can solve this puzzle gets the degree of supreme self; if not one gets dissolved in it.
Scholars in various disciplines have tried to solve the worldly puzzles. But still there are several that remain unsolved. Who can solve the puzzles of our inner self? Holistic scientist or ‘Jnani purush’ who is the enlightened and experienced can solve these puzzles. In the light of his pure knowledge that emanates from the real self, all the mysteries are solved. Holistic science, as experienced and revealed by enlightened holistic scientists can lead us to the resolution of these puzzles.

Everyone is puzzled. If this science is known to people, it would solve all puzzles.
Holistic science or ‘Vitrag Vignan’ deals with all facets of life. ‘Vitrag’ is the highest possible state of inner development in a human form wherein one is completely free of attachments, aversions and human weaknesses of anger, greed, pride and deceit. In this state absolute, pure knowledge light and perception light of pure self is opened out. Vitrag Vignan is the holistic science which is experienced and revealed by the “Vitrags” and can also be experienced by one and all.  
It is the science of ‘I’ with mind, speech, body, surrounding circumstances animate or inanimate along with natural regulatory system. It offers us the vision to understand everything that is happening around us. It also enables us to understand our mind, reflective consciousness, intellect, ego, and beliefs. It leads us to have a happy, harmonious, and meaningful living with ultimate aim of liberation. Ignorance leads to puzzles whereas knowledge resolves everything. In other words, wrong understanding leads to misery and right understanding leads to happiness.  

Questions can be sent to: Dr. Swami  Shaileshanandji- drmehtashailesh@gmail.com    

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