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  •     When the Knower is Known, Everything is Known  

  •     Who can go beyond the mind? The one who has conquered the mind.  

  •     When there is no argument [dispute] over a talk, it is called 'Principle'.  

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  • The much anticipated 2015 Holistic Science (Vitrag Vignan) Seminars will feature expert talks on how you can
    use Unique Tools of Holistic Science for Purposeful, Happy, Harmonious and Rich Inner Living . Please click here to register for Seminar.
  • In January we will be starting a monthly talk on the last Sundays of each month. The talk will be held on Google Hangouts
    for an hour starting at 9 p.m. EST. We will be introducing Holistic Inner Science and how it can be applied to live stress free
    and happy life. An overview of the topic will be followed by Q&A. The audience will be able to hear the talk live on HSCRF's
    YouTube channel. The first topic will be "Introduction to Holistic Inner Science and its application in daily life". Our guest will be
    Dr. Shaileshanandji Mehta, a practicing Opthalmologist, and an experienced  Holistic Science practitioner. Click here to learn more about his background.


The world is the puzzle itself. There are two view points to solve this puzzle, one relative, the other Real.
We are confronted with many puzzles related to our outer and inner (mind, speech, body). How do favorable and unfavorable circumstances grip us? How do events unfold? Are we independent doers?? How do we live in harmony with others? What is changing within and without? What has a beginning and an end and is temporary? What is permanent, never changing or constant?
With two viewpoints: relative, that is changing and temporary, and real, that is permanent, non- changing, all puzzles are solved. Mind, speech, body, name, personal attachments, karmas and feelings are all relative where as pure soul self is permanent. Pure self is a knower, a seer and embodies bliss.
Doer is relative and knower is real.  There are only two things in the world: self and circumstances. Having realized this we can deal with the world with these two view points. By relative view point we are sons, parents, professionals and so on. By real view point we are pure self. We also see others, by relative view point as a man, a woman, a tree, an animal, a wife, a son or a customer but by real view point we see them as pure self.
These two viewpoints become functional in us after we realize ‘who am I’.      

Only two things happen in the world, either one’s ego is boosted or hurt.
One cannot be happy by hurting another person's ego. Ego is a life line for everyone.
What is egoism? Believing that I am John, or in other words identifying oneself with the name bearer, is egoism.
Everyone identifies with their name. ‘I am’ is attached to so many things such as: I am a professor, I am a father, I am elderly, I am a daughter and so on. Whenever someone’s ego is boosted or gratified he or she becomes happy and becomes positive, cooperative and cordial. But when someone’s ego is hurt, he or she becomes unhappy, negative, non cooperative and even at times revengeful. The inner harmony and energy levels are also adversely affected. Whenever we hurt someone’s ego, we are also hurt or disturbed within. So we should resolve that our mind, speech and body not hurt, cause anyone to hurt or encourage anyone to hurt the ego of any living being.        

Questions can be send to: Dr. Swami Shaileshanandji- drmehtashailesh@gmail.com

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